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Latest PSmplay Public Test.

PSmplay Public Test 06/05

06/01, 2000  Now, Public test start.

Please cooperate with the test though many problems don't solve it.

BTW - Thank you for correcting my mysterious (and very poor) English > mathew2

05/25, 2000 Announcement.

STR and XA finished implement like the half which I am thinking about. Much time still becomes necessary to release it. But, a public test will be begun the next week.

Easily, the time when the answer of the mail is being written can't be taken. Please see the implement of function by the public test. I wish that the implemnt are instead of the answer from me.

And, the request of the function which it wants you sent to is accepted.
# I don't say that it is surely implement :p

05/12, 2000 Hehehe....

The DeskTop of one day.

05/03, 2000 [W.I.P] Current status.

Large Panel for STR Mode (Image Screen) Large Panel for XA Mode

Time is more necessary :)

BTW - The link of Spanish version of PSmplay is update.
Sorry DJRoman and SK50. It is too late .

03/17, 2000 big problem.

Data were being examined to increase the play-back ability of the XA file. It seems that all can't be play-back properly by the specification of current PSmplay. Because a big change becomes necessary, a current test version is introduced to the public.

However, the data which couldn't play-back with 0.3 can play-back.
From here.

Though a written thing was delayed, the source code of BS decode which is the part of the core of PSmplay is introduced to the public in the page of FPSE.
Try it if you are interested :)


03/07, 2000 Japanese edition was made.

Musuke translating PSEmu Pro, Bleem! and so on into Japanese made a translation patch to Japanese of PSmplay. The one which needs Japanese edition is to access Musuke's PICKUP.

PSmplay sometimes indicates it "Your CD-ROM Drive can't use the RAW mode". When this message is indicated, your CD-ROM drive isn't available with PSmplay. The CDROM drive of PLEXTOR which this message is shown in was borrowed, and modification was done. Expect the next release if you seem to apply.

03/06, 2000 I received the patch of Spanish edition :)

The version being translated though URL of the page of the patch author isn't clear is introduced to the public. Spanish edition is here. A used person is to appreciate DJRoman ;)
I hopes for the patch to many languages.

Next expect a version if there is a CPU that PSmplay of the present edition doesn't work. First, the automatic decision of the CPU was strengthened. Because still not working is considered, the edition which MMX shouldn't be necessary is prepared for.

WWW.PSXEMU.COM is back, and my worries disappeared.

see you.

03/01, 2000 Ready?

A test isn't sufficient. But, WWW.PSXEMU.COM came back. A celebration edition PSmplay v0.3 is released.

I was relieved :)

02/26, 2000 PSmplay Analyze Data Library was Started! (But, Japanese Only)

The "Analyze Data Library" of PSmplay is start in Japanese site. But, it can be used only in Japan because data are different in every country. I hope that Analyze Data Library of PSmplay is started in the country except for Japan.

Information about the next version is written incidentally. PSmplay copes with L.A.M.E in the next version. It becomes possible that MP3 output is done at the time of the Wave output if LAME ver 3.60, LameEnc.dll after the DLL version 1.5 can be prepared for.
There is a problem of the copyright in MP3 Encode. Therefore, it is difficult to distribute it in my page. Prepare for it with each one.
Don't do the question to L.A.M.E DLL to me.

02/20, 2000 Big Mistake.

When it was converted into AVI File, a release of the memory was forgotten. Therefore, 0.2a was released.

02/20, 2000 PSmplay ver 0.2 online ;)

It was made to wait. PSmplay ver 0.2 was introduced to the public.

Work confirmation for Win2K and WinNT4.0 is done this time. Though both work fine, MFC42.DLL may become necessary in the case of WinNT 4.0 (SP5). And, I thinks that Adaptec ASPI32 becomes necessary when it is used with Win2K.


02/14, 2000 I found bugs. (PSmplay)

Some serious bugs are found.

It is repaired in the next version. (maybe)

Now online, PSmplay's Manual. Thanx Zoomy. Thanx Bobbi.

02/13, 2000 First Public Release.

The Alpha version of the new tool PSmplay was introduced to the public. Page composition is changed, too, and it is a start newly.

I think that it will be renewed in poor English from this as well. Expect to be easy to read little by little. Of course, I can't promise :p

Now, enjoy begin ;)