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    FAQs about VGS

    This is not an official FAQ and it's not supported in any way by Connectix. I don't take any responsibility for any damage that some of software below could cause in your system.

    Q: Does VGS run in Windows 2000?
    A: I don't think it does *yet*. Try using dual boot Win9x / Win2K.

    Q: Where can I download VGS 1.5?
    A: From Connectix when it's released!!!

    Q: How do I run in window mode or change the screen resolution in VGS?
    A: It's not possible in the current versions of VGS.

    Q: I get a black gap at the bottom of the screen in VGS 1.4
    A: It's a bug in this version and Connectix is aware of this problem. Read here the post from one of the VGS programmers.

    Q: What CD Emulator can I use with VGS?
    A: Only bleem! seems to work with the CD emulator that comes with WinOnCD 3.7 Power Edition. Also Paragon CD Emulator works with bleem! and with some games of VGS.

    Q: Why my "original" PSX CD are ejected on VGS?
    A: Use the VGS ModChip patch from SunTzu7:
    Patch for VGS 1.3 (DOS) and Patch for VGS 1.4 (DOS)

    Q: Does VGS work with backup CDs?
    A: Try using the VGS ModChip patch from SunTzu7:
    VGS 1.3 for Windows: Patch for VGS 1.3 (DOS)
    VGS 1.4 for Windows: Patch for VGS 1.4 (DOS)
    VGS 1.4 for Mac: Patch for VGS 1.4
    VGS 1.2 for Mac: Patch for VGS 1.2

    Q: Does VGS support 3D hardware acceleration?
    A: Right now, although bleem! and PSEmu Pro use 3D hardware acceleration, VGS is software mode only.

    Q: I receive a VxD error. Now what?
    A: Several users have reported errors with memory modules, specially with 192MB RAM or above. Try using only 128MB RAM.

    Another solution for some VxD errors is disabling the Direct3D acceleration in the Display tab of DXDiag, that is found in C:\Program Files\directx\setup. Remember to enable it again, if you plan to run other emulators or games that use Direct3D.

    Q: Why I get "The CONNECTIX VGS.EXE file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6663"?
    A: Try downloading the latest MFC42.DLL.
    To replace this file with a newer version:

    1. Download and unzip the in C:\Temp
    2. Shutdown and select Restart in MS-DOS mode.
    3. From the DOS prompt type:
       copy c:\temp\mfc42.dll C:\windows\system\mfc42.dll
    4. Type EXIT and press ENTER to return to Windows

    Q: How do I copy/delete my saved games in the memory cards?
    A: Try using ConvertM from Paul Phoenix

    Q: Where to download save games?
    A: These are some links where you will find saved games, mostly for bleem and GameShark:>

    You may try to convert them to VGS with my conversion tools.

    Q: My joypad isn't working with VGS?
    A: Try using
    VGSJoy Debug version.

    Q: How may I speed up VGS?
    A: Obviously with a faster hardware. But there are some speed up tips through software that may help a bit:
    - Gamespot has some tweaking tricks here.
    - Try incresing the available memory.
    You may use RamBooster
    - Try adjusting your CD performance
    You may use Winboost 2000 or manually through Control Panel\System\Performance\File System\CD-Rom
    - Try increasing CD cache
    You may use CD-Quick Cache
    - If you have a Voodoo card, try tweaking it:
    There are some tools at
    - Try using VGS without any other background application.
    You may use GameBoost

    Q: Any other way to speed VGS?
    A: Some users report that turning off the sound inside some games reduce the frame skipping.

    Q: How do I connect 2 PSX pads to the PC?
    A: Emulatronia has an interesting article of how to do it right here
    Also you may try DirectPad Pro

    Q: Why my Dual-Shock controller does not vibrate with VGS?
    A: VGS doesn't have implemented the force feedback. I've heard that some joypads can emulate it through the volume level of the sound FX.

    Q: How do I know if I have DirectX 7a installed?
    A: Run C:\Program Files\directx\setup\DXDiag
    It must show: DirectX Version: DirectX 7.0 (

    Q: What is a PSX ISO?
    A: PSX ISO is usually refered to an image backup of a PlayStation CD. They are created with CD-R software, like: BlindRead (*.ISO), WinOnCD (*.C2D), CDRWin (*.CUE + *.BIN), Nero (*.NRG), CloneCD (*.IMG). An ISO file may contain both data and audio tracks in a single file. And it is usually of hundreds of MB.
    ISOz is also the term used to refer pirated copies of CDs. You may use IsoBuster to read/extract the content of a ISO without burn a CD.

    Q: What is tnkXfs.dat in VGS?
    A: tnkXfs.dat is a file created every time you run CVGS and removed when you exit.
    However if VGS crashes, this file of 1804KB remains in your C:\Windows\Temp until you delete it or execute VGS again.
    You should not mark this file (or create one in Temp) as read only, VGS will not work if tnkXfs.dat can't be created.

    Try renaming tnkXfs.dat to tnkXfs.exe. You will discover that it gets the VGS icon!! It seems that VGS is compressed in some way and this file is the uncompressed one.
    However tnkXfs.exe won't run if you double click it.

    Another trivia note: Using a WindowSpy utility, it shows that the name of Windows Class of VGS is "CVGS Double-Secret-Probation Mutex"