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    Tools News

    *new* Bleem Statistics - August 2, 2020 by aldo
    Idem to VGS Statistics but with bleem! in mind.

    Download: Bleem Statistics 1.0 (22KB)

    *new* VGS Statistics - August 1, 2020 by aldo
    Well seems that I'm not having much bright ideas lately... well here you have a new tool for your collection. VGStat maintains statistics of VGS usage: times you start VGS, time you play, days you play it more, total of time you played, times you play games, last time you played the games and how long you played it.

    Download: VGS Statistics 1.0 (22KB)

    Membackup Ultra by Alan Martin! - July 26, 2020 by aldo
    Alan sent me an new email indicating that he has developed "Membackup Ultra...Follow on from Membackup".

    Related Link:

    Leaked DirectX 8 - July 25, 2020 by aldo
    KOC2000 has posted an interesting link for DirectX 8 leaked beta. According to this article: "...DX8 it obvious that Microsoft will need to tweak these drivers to make a substantial difference against DX7".

    Download: DirectX 8 beta (build 85) (10.2MB)
    Download: DirectX 8 beta (build 85) (10.2MB)

    Convert PSX Music to WAV - July 23, 2020 by aldo
    Many people have been asking how to convert PSX music to WAV!! Well here is a link where you'll find a couple of tools that should help you. Also you may want to try PSMConv 0.91a.

    Download: XA2Wave
    Related Link: MP3 Encoders (Convert WAV to MP3)

    Even more PSX Tools! - July 23, 2020 by aldo
    Still hungry for PSX tools? The links below are some sites where you will find tons of additional PSX tools for download. Enjoy!!

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    Related Link:
    Related Link: Hitmen tools
    Related Link: Pure Pure PSX Utils
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    *new* VGSCapture 1.0 BMP - July 22, 2020 by aldo
    This tools is identical to VGSCapture 1.0 except that captured images are in BMP instead of JPG. The images are bigger in file size but it doesn't lose quality on resolution.

    Download: VGSCapture 1.0 BMP

    Emulators for PSX is back - July 22, 2020 by aldo
    Emu 4 PSX is back with many emulators for PSX, that include GameBoy, NES, MSX, ZX Spectrum and many other stuff. Well I wouldn't play them in any PSX emulator, but it's cool for playing in a real PSX when daddy is using the PC :) Thanks bwb for the news!

    Related Link:

    Save Games by Bleemer - July 20, 2020 by aldo
    Bleemer has released a saved game that is supposed to make Seiken Densetsu 4 (Legend of Mana japanese) work with VGS. Also bleemer has released a new save game for Final Fantasy 9 (japanese too) for use *ONLY* with PSEmu Pro.

    Download: LoM_jap.mem by bleemer
    Download: FF9 save game for PSEmu Pro by bleemer

    PSX Video Players - July 19, 2020 by aldo
    PSMConv 0.91a is a new version of this DOS program that play PSX videos, convert PSX videos to AVI and XA audio files to WAV.
    PSXplay 1.45 is a shareware PSX player that works on Windows.
    PSmplay 0.4 is a freeware PSX player developed by Segu the creator of many plugins for PSEmu Pro.

    Related Link: PSXplay 1.45
    Related Link: PSmplay 0.4
    Related Link: PSMConv 0.91a

    Download sites for even more PSX Tools! - July 19, 2020 by aldo
    Hungry for PSX tools? The links below are some sites where you will find tons of additional PSX tools for download. Enjoy!!

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    Related Link:
    Related Link:
    Related Link:
    Related Link:

    More tools by Alan Martin! - July 18, 2020 by aldo
    Alan sent me an email indicating that he has developed "some more new tools inspired by" my tools. These include b!2VGS, b!2Pro, Pro2b!, Pro2VGS, VGS2b!, VGS2Pro and MemBackup. You can find all them in the Emulation section of his page. These are new alternatives for all of you that are looking for new PSX tools.

    Related Link:

    One Click Emulation by Alan Martin! - July 18, 2020 by aldo
    This tool, inspired in one of my tools (PSX Selector), let you start different PSX related tools like Bleem!, PSEmu Pro, adripsx, cheet!, etc. You will require Visual Basic 4 runtime. Questions about this tool should be asked to its author. Thnks for the news.

    Related Link:

    Napster that makes Resume - July 15, 2020 by aldo
    This is *NOT* the newest version, in fact there is a Napster 2.0 beta 7 released today. However this version 2.0 beta 4 (originally called 2.0 final) has the resume feature, removed since beta 5. This version that resume the downloads of MP3 files is very difficult to find in the net, because many sites opted to point directly to the download page on Napster site.

    Download: Napster 2.0 beta4 (with RESUME feature) (619KB)

    *TIP* PEC Edit with Cheet! - July 14, 2020 by aldo
    Use the PEC Database Editor to import cheats from GSCCC and convert them to Cheet! with the new Convert PEC Database to Cheet!.

    *new* Convert PEC Database to Cheet! - July 14, 2020 by aldo
    This tool converts the cheat database from [PEC] for use on Cheet!. As Cheet! does not have all the advanced features found on PEC, the joker codes and extended codes cannot be imported.

    3 files are generated from [pec]'s codelist.inf: pale.dat, jap.dat, us.dat. Replace these files on Cheet! directory. Remember to backup the cheet files before any change!!

    Download: Convert PEC to Cheet! (13KB) (BETA)

    VGSMod Page - July 13, 2020 by aldo
    For an easier access, I created a page dedicated to all the VGSMod patches for Windows, Mac and DOS versions.

    Related Link: VGSMod Page

    *updated* VGSJoy 1.8 in French - July 13, 2020 by aldo
    The VGSJoy 1.8 is now in French language, in addition to English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Thanks Sebastien Tournier for the French file! Remember that you may translate it to other languages. I will give you here the credits for the translation :o)

    Final Fantasy 9 on Emus - July 13, 2020 by aldo
    *Even more* Read Bobbi's explanation at for a good summary about all this stuff of running FF9 on PSX Emus.

    *more* According to EazyE post: "PSemu can play ff9.. but u can only use Kazuyas Softdriver to play it.. or it will crash".

    And K.K. posted: "The problem is basically caused by movie playback.When VGS try to play a FMV in FF9,it will crash.The only way to solve is to play in PSemupro.After the intro movie,save.Convert memory card to vgs format,play in vgs.This should work.But every time it plays movie,you need to use psemupro..."

    *update* This is a FF9 screen shot posted by bleemer. And this is the bleemer's post about the code, where you can complain. According to Wong it's not for VGS, only for PSEmu Pro.

    *original* According to Bleemer, use the following GameShark code with PEC 1.0 rebuild c to make FF9 works on PSX emulators. You may use PEC Edit to add this code to the PEC database.

      8008DCB0 967F
      8008DCB2 0098

    Working CD Emulator with VGS - July 12, 2020 by aldo
    The commercial software Paragon CD Emulator is the unique CD-ROM emulator that seems to work with VGS. Not all games work on VGS though. It also works with Bleem!

    Related Link: Paragon CD Emulator

    Connect a PSX Pad to PC - July 10, 2020 by aldo
    This is not new, but a very interesting report from Emulatronia that you must read. It explains how to connect by yourself a PSX pad to your PC.

    Related Link: Connect a PSX Pad to PC

    VGSMod 1.2 for Mac - July 8, 2020 by aldo
    I didn't program this patch, but it may be useful for some Mac users that are still using the VGS 1.2. Thanks SK for the file.

    Download: VGSMod 1.2 for Mac (200KB)

    *new* VGSMod 1.3 for Windows - July 7, 2020 by aldo
    This is another Windows port of the VGSMod created by SunTzu7. This one is for the VGS 13.

    Download: VGSMod 1.3 for Windows (10KB)

    Differences between PSX Models - July 7, 2020 by aldo
    Over MacIntoast message board I found these interesting post from a guy with the handle: MaRk.
    "The SCPH-1001 had the ROM chip which allowed imports to be played with the Swap Trick. Later on, Sony Re-wrote the SCPH-1001 ROM chip and disabled the Swap Trick. The SCPH-1001 also had BAD heating problems and poor Lense Calibration. Then they made the SCPH-5000 series and the 7000 series. This fixed the Heating and Lense problem. They made the 7500 series to make it Harder to MOD Chip, but they figured out." "... [SCPH-9001] the Audio CD PLayer has the Sound Scope function when you play audio CDs. This function started with the SCPH-7xxx series... [Sony] took out some useless components to save cost. That's why there is NO Parallel I/O port... also made the logic board smaller to make it harder to MOD Chip."

    Original posts: 1 2

    New Message Board - July 5, 2020 by aldo
    Thanks to the really bad service of CGI for Me, the message board has been down for more than 3 days. Now I have a new message board, and I hope this one last longer.

    Related link: Message Board

    *new* VGSMod 1.4 for Windows - July 3, 2020 by aldo
    This is a Windows port of the VGSMod 1.4 created by SunTzu7 that should be easier to use than the DOS interface. All the credits should go to SunTzu7, who is the real cracker. I made a slight modification to reduce the patch code, so files patched with SunTzu7 version will not be 100% identical to mine.

    Download: VGSMod 1.4 for Windows (11KB)

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