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    Previous News

    More FAQs added - July 2, 2020 by aldo
    Added the questions about ISO and the black gap on VGS 1.4 and another possible solution about the VxD problems. Added a new site to the list of save game sites.

    Related link: FAQs

    More PSX Toolz - July 1, 2020 by aldo
    Not my tools, but in this link you will find a lot of very interesting tools for converting images, videos, from PAL to NTSC, PSX speech, CD version of GameShark, PSX Menu, etc. I do *not* support these tools.

    Related link:

    Save Games Links - June 30, 2020 by aldo
    I added to FAQs useful links to some sites with saved games for use with VGS and other PSX emulators.

    Related link: FAQs

    Speed up tip? - June 30, 2020 by aldo
    According to Lockergnome's newsletter, adding CPUPriority=1 in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\BIOS may help speeding up the CPU priority. However it may not be noticeable on some systems. You may try this tweak downloading the Speedup.reg and double-click it. The changes are done after rebooting.

    Download: Speedup.reg (1KB)

    *updated* PEC Database Editor 1.1 - June 30, 2020 by aldo
    PECEdit is an advanced database editor for PEC the best cheating software available for PSX emulators. PECEdit lets you add or import new cheats not available in the current database, and the favorite feature let you have a smaller database with only the games you own. New in this version: Support for the new format of code extensions lists on PEC 1.0c

    Download: PECEdit 1.1 (57KB)

    Mac ModChip for VGS 1.4 - June 28, 2020 by aldo
    I added the Mac version of the ModChip for VGS 1.4 to the FAQ. Notice that I haven't tested it (I don't have a Mac). I just added it because all requests from Mac users.

    Related link: FAQS

    Problem VGSJoy + 2 joypads? - June 28, 2020 by aldo
    If you're experiencing problems with the VGSJoy 1.8 using it with 2 or more joypads, download it again. I did a small bug fix and added the option to disable the joypads. Note. The file has been available for download since June 26.

    Download: VGSJoy 1.8 for DirectX7a

    *updated* IGN Reviews - June 28, 2020 by aldo
    I updated list of IGN reviews and sorted them by Title/Rating/Genre. It's very useful to find which are the best games to rent/buy/borrow from a friend/download from "backups" sites. IGN only provide this list sorted by title :o(

    Related link: IGN Reviews sorted by Title/Rating/Genre

    *updated* VGSJoy 1.8 in Polish - June 24, 2020 by aldo
    The VGSJoy 1.8 is now in Polish language, in addition to English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Italian and Portuguese. Thanks Lord Kiwak for the Polish file!

    *updated* VGSJoy 1.8 for DirectX7a - June 23, 2020 by aldo
    VGSJoy adds joystick support for the emulators Connectix Virtual Game Station and virtually any application that not use DirectInput. New in this version:

      - VGSJoy now supports up to 8 joypads.
        * By default all joypads have the same keys, so you can play as player 1 with any joystick.
        * You must config the keys for the joypads 2 and above for player 2.
      - Joypad config display the assigned keys
      - Small bug fixes in the joypad config :)

    Download: VGSJoy 1.8 for DirectX7a (158KB)

    *New* VGS Macro (Experimental) - June 23, 2020 by aldo
    This tool records the keystrokes on your keyboard and replay the keys in the "same" order/time you pressed them. It may be helpful for creating combos for fighting games, activate cheats and perform repetitive tasks found in games.

    Download: VGS Macro (15KB)

    *updated* VGSJoy 1.7 in Portuguese - June 23, 2020 by aldo
    The VGSJoy 1.7 is now in Portuguese language, in addition to English, German, Norwegian, Italian and Spanish. Thanks emulatron and Jenner for the Portuguese files!

    *updated* VGSJoy 1.7 in Italian - June 23, 2020 by aldo
    The VGSJoy 1.7 is now in Italian language, in addition to English, German, Norwegian and Spanish. Thanks Andrea Calabrese for the Italian file!

    *updated* VGSJoy 1.7 in Norwegian - June 23, 2020 by aldo
    The VGSJoy 1.7 is now in Nowegian language, in addition to English, German and Spanish. Thanks Christian Auby for the Nowegian file!

    *updated* VGSJoy 1.7 in German - June 22, 2020 by aldo
    The VGSJoy 1.7 is now in German language, in addition to English and Spanish. Thanks Bobbi from for the German file!

    *new* Tools Voting Booth - June 21, 2020 by aldo
    As you can see, I have been playing with the CGIs today. Now the page have a poll, so you can vote which is your favorite tool. This will help me know which tools people like and what I should improve.

    What are you waiting for? Vote now!!!

    *new* VGSNet Players Room - June 21, 2020 by aldo
    I have setup an online chat room so you can meet of other users around the world wishing to try netplay with VGSNet.

    Related Link: VGSNet Players Room

    Fixed VGSlide Show Download - June 21, 2020 by aldo
    I just fixed the link for downloading VGSlide Show. If you don't have it yet, go and download it now. It's my one of favorites tool!!!

    Download: VGSlide Show 1.3

    *new* Message Board - June 21, 2020 by aldo
    I just added this message board for sharing your problems, suggestions, frustrations with my tool. It's way uggly, but worse is nothing :o)

    Download: Tools Message Board

    Statistics - June 21, 2020 by aldo
    Hehehe I guess you was expecting for a release today :) Well today is rest day: not for me, for you!! Maybe tomorrow I will release something new or update a tool.

    BTW today I was checking the statistics and found the surprise that the major referer to this page was not Emulatronia, EmuHQ, PSXEMU or my page at geocities, but HKEMU!!!

    VGS AutoMem Detects More Games - June 20, 2020 by aldo
    I updated the list of games for VGS AutoMem with more than 900 codes. This is included in the VGS AutoMem 1.0b. Remember that you have to create the memory card file in order VGS work properly with the selected game.

    Download: VGS AutoMem 1.0b (42KB)

    *updated* VGS AutoRun 1.1 - June 20, 2020 by aldo
    VGS Autorun automatically launch your PSX emulator only inserting your PSX disk on the CD-ROM, the same way your music CD autoplays. Additionally you can configure up to 3 additional utilities that may also start when you insert a game.

    New in this version: Configure which games you want to run with Bleem! or PSEmu Pro instead of VGS. Also prevents loading the utilities twice. Now you can run *automatically* your PSX games with the emulator that run it better!!!

    Download: VGS AutoRun 1.1 (34KB)

    VGS AutoRun vs VGS AutoLauncher - June 19, 2020 by aldo
    I just included a comparison of VGS AutoRun vs VGS AutoLauncher, so you can see the differences and advantages of using VGS AutoRun :o)

    Related link: VGS AutoRun 1.1

    *new* PSX Selector 1.0 - June 19, 2020 by aldo
    A very simple and easy to use front end for those users undecided of what emulator want to use :o)

    Download: PSX Selector 1.0 (14KB)

    *updated* SW Profile for VGS 1.02 - June 19, 2020 by aldo
    I added the SideWinder Profile page and updated the file with a better layout of the buttons, more similar to the one of the PSX pad.

    Related link: SideWinder Profile for VGS 1.02

    *new* Memory Tools Front End - June 18, 2020 by aldo
    All the memory cards conversion tools are now together with a very easy to use front-end.

    Download: MemTools (75KB)

    *new* FAQs about VGS - June 18, 2020 by aldo
    I just created a list of answers for Frequent Asked Questions found on some forums. This is not an official FAQ and it's not supported in any way by Connectix. It's intended only to help users solving some problems.

    Related link: FAQs

    *new* VGSJoy 1.6b Debug Version - June 17, 2020 by aldo
    This is a special version of VGSjoy that display the status of the joypad buttons and D-Pad. Use this program to verify if your joypad is working properly.

    If the values change when you press the buttons, then VGSJoy should work with your VGS. If you're still having problems with your joypad, send to me by email the different values displayed when you press each button in your joypad and I'll try to find a way to fix it (if possible).

    Download: VGSJoy 1.6b Debug Version

    *updated* VGS AutoMem 1.0b - June 15, 2020 by aldo
    The features that Connectix forgot to include: VGS AutoMem tool auto-selects the appropiate memory card when you insert a PSX game in your CD-ROM. Forget having several games mixtured in a single memory card, VGSAutoMem keeps your memory cards clean and organized! Ideal for keep an inventory of your memory cards. New in this version: Monitors multiple CD-ROMs and fixed a bug related to changing PSX disk with VGS running.

    Download: VGS AutoMem 1.0b

    *new* - June 15, 2020 by aldo
    This new site is dedicated exclusively to all the tools that I have programmed for helping emulation. Here you will find all the updates and new releases of my tools. Bookmark it now and enjoy my new site!

    Thanks Bobbi and Thorgal for the space :o)

    Related link:

    This page is still in development

    Meanwhile visit: