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    VGS AutoMem 1.0b

    Release Date: June 14, 2020

    VGS AutoMem automatically selects the memory card in your VGS every time you insert a PSX game in your CD-ROM. Also useful to keep an inventory of your Memory Cards collection. Forget having several games mixtured in a single memory card, VGSAutoMem keeps your memory cards clean and organized!

    Now including +900 codes for games.

    Download: VGS AutoMem 1.0b (42KB)

    What's new in 1.0b?
    - Detect and monitors multiple CD
    - Fix bug where memory card was set in registry, but not loaded by VGS if change game with VGS running

    - Start VGSAutoMem and it will automatically select the appropiate memory card every time you insert a PSX disk in your CD-ROM.
    - You may choose a memory card manually using Select button.
    - Press F for find a game, F3 for find next.
    - Press Del to delete a game.