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    VGS Autorun 1.1

    Release Date: June 19, 2020

    VGS Autorun resides in your system tray and automatically launch your PSX emulator only inserting your PSX disk on the CD-ROM, the same way your music CD autoplays. Additionally you can configure up to 3 additional utilities that may also start when you insert a game. Only place a link to VGS Autorun in your StartUp.

    Download: VGS AutoRun 1.1 (34KB)

    Differences of VGS AutoRun vs. VGS AutoLauncher?
    - I can improve VGS AutoRun, not AutoLauncher :o)
    - VGS AutoRun can launch VGS, BLEEM! and PSEmu!, AutoLauncher launches only VGS!
    - VGS AutoRun can start automatically the emulator that run your PSX game better, AutoLauncher no!
    - VGS AutoRun launch up to 3 additional utilities when VGS starts, AutoLauncher only starts VGS!
    - VGS AutoRun prevents freeze if eject the CD while VGS is running, AutoLauncher no!
    - VGS AutoRun can be hidden from the system tray, AutoLauncher no!
    - VGS AutoRun may start inmediately VGS if a PSX disk is present at Windows start up/log on, AutoLauncher no! (To enable this uncheck the "Start only on disk mount" on VGS AutoRun)
    - Click on the system tray icon with VGS running switch to VGS, AutoLauncher no!

    What's new in 1.1?
    - Now you can configure which games you want to run with Bleem! or PSEmu Pro
    - Non VGS users: Place VGS Autorun in Bleem or PSEmu directory for autolaunch on these emulators.
    - Use Ctrl-F to find a game in the lists. F3 for find next.
    - Bug fixed: Prevents utilities running twice.

    What's new in 1.0c?
    - Auto reset VGS on disk eject

    What's new in 1.0b?
    - Detect and monitors multiple CD
    - Bug fixes :o)

    Features in version 1.0?
    - Press SHIFT while inserting the PSX disk to prevent VGS Autorun start the emulator.
    - Double click on the system tray icon to start the emulator at any time.
    - Up to 3 additional utilities can be launched at same time.
    - Utilities launch can be disabled
    - Autorun monitor can be disabled
    - If the option "Start only on disk mount" is *NOT* checked, the emulator will be started inmediately when VGS Autorun starts with a PSX disk mounted. I suggest leave it checked.
    - Hide icon. Hold SHIFT for 3 seconds to restore the hidden icon.

    Older Version: VGS AutoRun 1.0c (17KB)