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Current version : 1.4.1
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Additional tools

Important addons

VGS modchip for 1.4

This small utility patched your VGS executeable in order to let it run backup games and heavily scratched games. On some PC's, this patch is even necessary to run VGS at all (when your CD-Rom always reports that no CD has been found in the drive). The patch is originally by SunTzu, the interface is by Aldo.

Daemon Tools

Daemon tools is a smart utility (and the only utility) which is able to emulate a CD drive in order to work with VGS. The advantages ? You don't need to burn ISOs in order to play them and you can avoid speed problems with scratched CD's or bad backup CD's !

Cheating utilities / addons


[pec] is a gameshark like addon for bleem!, Virtual Game Station, and PSEmu Pro. It allows you to enter any gameshark code that normally is used on your playstation and then use it with the listed emulators. The [pec] cheat database, now included in the .zip file, meanwhile features 1000s of pre-entered codes.


Cheet! is a program which allows you to cheat in any game which is supported by bleem!. It uses the normal Gameshark codes which can be found widely spreaded over the web. Cheet! now also supports Virtual Game Station as well as bleem! The demo version only allows three codes, the full version costs around $12.

[pec] to cheet! database converter

This utility by Aldo just converts the [pec] database so it works with cheet!. Advantage : [pec]'s database is much bigger than cheet!'s.

[pec] edit

This is a database editor for the freeware [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station. This tool imports directly to [PEC] the cheats from the Game Shark Code Creators Club and GameBuster's Paradise which are two the most complete online databases of Game Shark codes in the world, with hundreds of PlayStation games listed.

Memory card converter

Aldo's converter

Aldo Vargas did memory card converters, which can convert 3 different formats. The last download is a nice to use fronted, which combines all those in one. Every tool also supports batch converting !

    Dexdrive to VGS
    VGS to Dexdrive
    VGS to bleem!
    Bleem! to VGS
Fronted for Aldo's converters


Supports bleem (*.mcd), vgs(*.vgs), DeckData(*.ddf), DexDrive(*.gme), MemImage File(*.mc) and Memory Library file(*.mlb). mlb is the authors own format, it has unlimited blocks and can exchange single memory with other type.Can copy memory to a different type. And also can Convert A card to each type. Features a easy to use interface. Written by Paul Pheonix.

Memcard Tools

This file contains two different DOS programs, bleem2vgs and vgs2bleem. The program searches your hard disk for memory cards files, converts them between VGS and bleem formats, and places them in a directory you choose.

Misc things

VGS Macro

VGS Macro is a tool that records the keystrokes on your keyboard while playing VGS and then replays the keys in the "same" order you pressed them. It may be helpful for creating combos for fighting games, activating cheats, and performing some of the repetitive tasks found in some games.

PSX Selector

PSX Selector is a frontend which allows you to start your favorite PSX emu with just the click of a mouse. While the frontend only has buttons for three emus (bleem!, Virtual Game Station, and PSEmu Pro), you can start any emulator from it.

VGS AutoMem

The VGS AutoMem tool, made by Aldo Vargas, auto-selects the appropriate memory card when you insert a PSX game in your CD-ROM. Normally you would have several games mixed into a single memory card, but VGS AutoMem keeps your memory cards clean and organized. Ideal for keeping an inventory of your memory cards.

VGS Autorun

VGS Autorun is yet another useful tool from Aldo Vargas. This tool autoruns any PSX CD's you put in your CD-ROM drive but automatically starting VGS! It can also be configured to start other utilities when a PSX disc is inserted into the CD-ROM drive. It can also autorun bleem! or PSEmu Pro when a PSX disc is inserted!

VGSlide Show

VGSlide show is another tool from Aldo Vargas that lets you take screenshots while you play games in VGS, and then allows you to compose those shots into your own screensaver! You can even include backround music! This tool is great for showing of some of your greatest (or worst :P) in-game moments to your friends. It can even be used with other emulators like SNES9x or Nemu64!

VGS Lazy Racing

VGS Lazy racing is a simple tools which allows you to accelerate in racing games without using the button. It's true to it's name, since you have to be very lazy not to be able to press one button ;) The tool is helpful though as it helps allow 2 players on a keyboard, because 4 hands on a keyboard is way too much!


VGSNet is an attempt to add network play support to the PlayStation emulator Connectix Virtual Game Station and many other emulators. In its current state we have been unable to yield results with this program. VGSNet was, as many of these tools were, written by Aldo Vargas.

VGS Capture

This new tool takes snapshots of your whole screen on VGS and practically any other Windows application by simply pressing PrintScreen. The snapshots are created in JPG format with a very high compression and stored inmediately in the VGSCapture directory. A beep notify you the capture is done. Ideal for sharing snapshots through email or for posting them on the web. Written by Aldo Vargas.

VGS Sidewinder Profile

Use this small file to use your Microsoft Sidewinder Joypad with Virtual Gamestation. To use this, you'll need the Sidewinder Software from Microsoft and at least version 3.02 - If you don't have it yet, get it here. For another tool which adds sidewinder support, check out VGSJoy below.


VGSJoy is done by the same programmer as the Sidewinder profile - It's only much easier to use. You don't need the Microsoft software running when using this, so if you don't want to download the 8 MB software, you might want to try this tool. It requires DirectX. VGSJoy now add multi-language support! It includes such languages as: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Polish! BTW - It also works with other emus such as SNES9x!

VGS Autofire

VGS Autofire is yet another tool from Aldo Vargas, creator of VGSJoy and other assorted tools. VGS Autofire simulates Autofire - The rapid pushing of a certain button on the controller. This greatly helps in shooting games, are parts of games that require rapid button pressing (such as MGS's Torture Scene). VGS Autofire not only saves you some time, but it also saves your sore thumbs :)

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