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Sunday, 30 April

  Pete GPU 1.31 Posted by Bobbi at [17:51 EST]  
Today, Pete Bernert released a new version of his OpenGL GPU plugin for PSEmu Pro, which was original written for TNT cards, but works great with all cards supporting REAL OpenGL. This version includes the following fix :
  • Removed the 'emergency break' from the dma handler... many psx demos are working better without that :)
You can download the plugin here. Thanks to Ben-J for the ICQ message. For more plugins, visit the Plugins page.

  News from PSMac Posted by Bobbi at [17:23 EST]  
Finally, there're some news from the other upcoming emulators; this time, it's from PSMac, a PSX emulator for the Macintosh users out there - Though it doesn't run any commercial games yet, this emulator seems to make good progress now :
    Alright, lets see... I've rewritten about 90% of the code for PSMac. The only part that hasn't been accomplished that I listed in the last update is a dynarec core. But I'm almost finished a very fast assembly interpretive core. Instead of several thousand cycles to emulate one instruction it now only takes about 200. Much faster! Unfortuanitley I still have about 15 more opcode and the interupt code to write, and AP tests are coming up. I'd estimate it'd take me four more hours of good work to finish it and several more hours to debug it. Hopefully you'll see a release in a few weeks, though I make no promises.
I'm really looking forward to a new release now - Let's hope there'll be one soon. Check out the PSMac page here.

Saturday, 29 April

  Misc news Posted by Bobbi at [18:00 EST]  
And now, some more small news. First of all, like you all (hopefully) noticed, I've been away since monday - This has been caused by a HD accident that occured - Had to wait until I got a new one today - But now I'm back to update the page on a regular base again. Other news :
  • Extreme Bleem! did a review of the cheat proggi [pec] - Check it out here.
  • There's a new limit for signatures on's message board, made by LanGaidin; from now on, signatures can be max. 150 characters long.
  • I just checked out Aldo's new converting tool, and it works great for me - Check out Nick's post from today to download that nice utility.

Let's hope we'll see an AdriPSX release tomorrow (boy, I love that emulator ... =P)

  AdriPSX status update Posted by Bobbi at [17:21 EST]  
Yesterday, Roor sent me a mail informing me about the current status of the AdriPSX project :
    Well, today FPU and me (Roor) come to an accord, and AdriPSX begins a new line of developement only to be implemented in the Windows version. So, I suppose that the following release of DOS version will be the last one for some time. I´ll surely upload it this saturday.As for our next release of Windows version, you will not have to wait more than a week or two (I hope).
Sounds great to me, since most of us are preferring windows over DOS - Visit the AdriPSX page at BTW - Congrats to AdriPSX for their 50.000th visitor !

  [pec] final released Posted by Bobbi at [15:33 EST]  
JNS just released a new version of his neat cheat proggi called [pec], which is the first FULL version, and comes along with many new features.
    We're finally ready to release the first full version of [pec], which carries the version number 1.0 - And this version includes a ton of new features ...

    Furthermore, the PAL section of the codelist has been updated to include more than 520 games. Here just the most important highlights :
    • Rainbow Six
    • Resident Evil 2 (German)
    • Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (UK)
    • Syphon Filter 2 (UK/French)
    • Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense
    • and many, many more ...

    Just a few days ago, I recived the permission from Mercel de Haan, webmaster of the 1st Ultimate Cheating Dome, to use his cheats for [pec]. Now you maybe ask yourself "Why another page with Gameshark codes ?". But when you visit the page, you'll notice that it only handles normal cheats like passwords, strategy guides and key combinations.
To get the release, view the new database and see the TONS of news, visit NOW !

  PSX Documentation Project Posted by Thorgal at [08:09 EST]  
Emulator authors rejoice ! Joshua Walker informed me about his Playstation documentation project, which has got its shape with the help of several dedicated hackers and many, many other useful resources :)

Now, I may not be an expert, but if you were always interested about the Playstation and its hardware, then I believe that you may not have to look further. With a scrollbar that never seems to end, Joshua has compiled a great reference-documentation which may be of interest for many emulation authors (PSX or not, it's still nice ;) Be sure to check it out ! Now let's hope this will motivate some of us :D

  Save Game Converters Posted by Nick at [04:14 EST]  
Aldo Vargas has again released 2 new saved game converters which allows you to convert saved games from VGS to DexDrive and Bleem! to DexDrive. Here's the news he posted on his site:
    Two new *experimental* tools created in VB5 that *TRY* to converts the games saved from Bleem and VGS formats to DexDrive (GME). Just place all the Bleem or VGS files in a single directory and all they will be converted in a single step. This tool haven't been tested it with a real DexDrive (because I don't have one) and I need some testers to see if it really works. If it worked fine, please send me your feedback to

Click here now to download VGS to DexDrive 1.0 or here to download Bleem! to DexDrive 1.0. Visit the official site for more info and details.

Friday, 28 April

  VGS 1.4 for Mac released ! Posted by Thorgal at [10:55 EST]  
I wonder how many people would believe this a year ago. More than a year time has passed, and Connectix has struggled all the way to the point we are right now: as of yet, they came through all lawsuits, and now they managed to release v1.4 of the Mac version of Virtual Game Station, 13 months after its last update (which was v1.2). Here's a basic list of what's new:
  • Mac DVD lockup issue has been fixed: some multi-format (ISO 9660 + Redbook Audio) PlayStation® titles would cause Mac CVGS 1.2 on DVD-based Macs to lockup.
  • Game-specific fixes - please refer to the MAC 1.4 Recommended Games List
  • Connectix Virtual Game Station now plays NTSC and PAL format titles.
As for the second one, I certainly advise all VGS mac users to frequently check out the VGS 'recommended games' list, as Connectix is now working on updating the list with the results which the Mac v1.4 version gives us.Ofcourse, this one is especially a very interesting update for PAL gamers, as VGS 1.2 did not have support for this format before. Now, here it comes:As for the particularly larger group of VGS users, the PC gamers : we'll most likely have to wait a little while for v1.4 to be released, but then again, this does indicate that updates will be coming :) Oh, and don't forget to ride ahead to Connectix' VGS homepage for more information, and ofcourse the 'Recommended Games List' ! Still not enough? You may find any additional utilities, screenshots, saved games, press articles and more @ our VGS section.

Tuesday, 25 April

  PS2 vs PC: a system-level comparison Posted by Thorgal at [15:03 EST]  
Here's an interesting article I found over at Ars Technica. Hannibal of AT explains the more technical side of the Playstation2, including the (dis)advantages of the PS2's bandwidth and cache size, and after quite alot of research he answers the question why the PS2 is so powerful, how it differs from the PC and which'll be the final "winner". With several nice diagrams as your helping hand, he has written a great article in my opinion. For our somewhat less technically-visioned visitors, the following snippet is from Hannibal's conclusion:
    So which machine is more powerful? Well, if you're talking 3D gaming and you mean right now, I wouldn't hesitate to give the crown to the PS2. Looking ahead to the next two or three years, the future looks much less certain. It'll be quite a while before developers are able to figure out how to harness the full capabilities of the PS2, and while they're scratching their heads the PC will be getting more and more powerful. As we'll soon see with the NV15, the PC is still advancing quickly under the old "large buckets and slightly bigger pipes" paradigm. However, the PS2 represents the true next generation of media processing, and until the PC catches up with it in terms of bandwidth and overall data throughput (read "SIMD") it can't be worthily called a true dynamic media machine. That being said, a look at the PS2 is a look into the (probably near) future of the PC. The data pipes will indeed get wider, SIMD will increase the amount of media data a PC can process, and the PC will resemble more and more the kind of media machine that Diefendorff and Duby described, and that the engineers at Sony and Mitsubishi built.
Perhaps a bit large, but I couldn't help it ;) Anyways, there are 5 interesting pages for you to read. Go! Now !

  Review Section Part II Posted by Thorgal at [11:33 EST]  
As you've most likely already read this post's title, let's cut to the chase, shall we? The review section has been somewhat refreshed again, allowing it to be easier to navigate, including quotes, quick ratings and errm....more ! ;) The hardware reviews should be up very soon. Check it out !

Also, more bleem! screens for ya; Sonniku pointed me out to the Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions screenshots which were recently posted at the bleem! UBB. Three great-looking ones, all in 1024x768. Be sure to check 'em out at our bleem! screenie page !

And finally, Dpence noticed the Xenogears screenshots were in fact not screens of the game itself. In any case, I removed these until we have 100% pure Xenogears screens. Ah well, any submissions are always welcome :D

  Misc. news reports Posted by Bobbi at [04:11 EST]  
Here're just some misc reports that aren't worth a whole news post but also shouldn't be forgotten :
  • has it's 700.000th visitor yesterday around 4 pm - Don't try to fake pictures, I was the 700.000th visitor myself - Thanks to all those people who supported us to get this far !
  • Retrogames hosts a new page which handles game consoles and how to repair them if they ever should get damaged. Their page has a help section for the Sony, Sega, Nintendo and Atari consoles. Check it out at Thanks EB for the link.
  • To slow down all those speculations about bleem!'s "new technology" at the E3, Randy made a statement at the official bleem! messageboard here telling that Neither OpenGL, nor Glide, are planned for implementation in the near future. Hope that says all :)
  • And for those of you who care : ICQ has been updated to 2000a.

  PCSX status update Posted by Bobbi at [03:49 EST]  
I saw over at EmuHQ that the yet unreleased PSX emulator PCSX has recived a status update. They posted, that they got a new coder to handle the CD-Rom part as well.
    Time for a status update after a month of silence. First of all,we have a new coder on the team,Barubary. He's responsible for the cd-rom coding part of the emulator. Welcome on board Barubary, it's time to run some games after getting so many demos running! Check the team page for info of the current staff. The emulator also has got a wonderful new D3D&OpenGL; renderer thanks to the efforts of Pete,of psemu plugin fame.So most 3d cards will work fine with the emulator. So,with all these developments, hopefully we'll see a release soon. At least that's a promise from Shadow. It'll probably be with only exe/demos support,as the cd-rom coding part isn't finished yet,but it's better than nothing,isn't it? Before that, we'll have a complete update of the demos page,along with all the zips of them to download and test the emulator.That'll be done in a week's time ...
To read the full post visit the PCSX homepage at

Monday, 24 April

  Portable playstation ? Posted by Bobbi at [13:05 EST]  
While surfing through some news site, I saw an interresting article over at that there're rumors regarding a portable playstation.
    As if the US debut of the PlayStation2 and its massive lineup of launch titles weren't enough for Sony at this year's E3 videogame conference, we're now hearing rumors that Sony is planning to also announce a handheld version of the PlayStation. Yep, this would be a game device that would enable you to take your favorite and most current PlayStation games wherever you go.Imagine playing Tony Hawk on the bus, fighting your way through Metal Gear Solid on an airplane, or sneaking PaRappa into your class or office. The handheld PlayStation would enable you to do all this and more. So, let's get onto the questions.
The article is worth a look, go reading it here. Wau, that would rock ... :)

  Game reviews back up Posted by Bobbi at [10:13 EST]  
Yeah, it's a bit late, but I finally ported all our game reviews to the new design and put them back online. Although there aren't that many game reviews yet, you might want to take a look by clicking on the review tab above. The available are :
  • Tony Hawk Skateboarding
  • Quake 2
  • Granstream Saga
  • Need for Speed 4
  • Bio Hazard 3
  • Pacman World
  • Wu-Tang Shaoline Style
Now I'm going to port the hardware reviews and after that, I'm looking forward to writing some completly new reviews. If YOU have a game review you want to submit to our page, send me an E-Mail to If you sent me one that isn't on that page yet - Please resend it, I lost some when my HD crashed some weeks ago, sorry.

  Emulation in 3D Posted by Bobbi at [07:10 EST]  
ToxicX sent me an E-Mail telling me about a nice site he has setup at, which features several screenshots taken in stereoscopic 3D.
    This is an article describing the possibilities to run any Playstation, Nintendo64 and a few arcade games in stereoscopic 3D on your PC using any kind of glasses supporting Direct3D. This has been tested thoroughly with the 3D Revelator glasses from Elsa and Asus 3D Glasses on a GeForce card, but will probably work with any good stereo driver supporting Direct3D and sometimes OpenGL or Glide. This is achieved through the use of different emulators that has been available for a while, but are still under development, meaning that emulation works good but not perfect. A general rule is that if the game works properly on the emulator, it will most likely work in stereo also. The stereo driver from Elsa is very solid, no problems have been encountered in 3D that can be blamed on the stereo mode.
To view all those screenshots and to get more infos head over to

  Good advert :) Posted by Bobbi at [05:28 EST]  
Just a small notice : Today in IRC, faceless of #elitegamer pointed me to a nice pic from Britney Spears during an interview on SMTV - Live.

Good advertisment for Sony :) But go and see for yourself ... (you can't see it on the small pic, click it to get a larger version !)
Thanks again to faceless for the "nice" link :)

Sunday, 23 April

  OpenGS 0.5.5 Posted by Bobbi at [15:42 EST]  
[Update] Sorry, my mistake : This program is 100% C and NOT 100% ASM - Thanks to all those people who mailed me, you can stop it now :)

_lr_ sent me an E-Mail with a new utility called OpenGS, another cheating utility with two special things : first off, it's written in 100% ASM and it's an open source project (though I personally don't even know who the author is =P). Here's a list of what has been implemented so far :
  • Detection of bleem! on the fly or by a "database"
  • Add/Modify/Delete Cheats of the 80xxxxxx, 30xxxxxx kind
  • Save/Load Game Cheats
  • Dump PSX Memory
  • Tray Icon
For more informations regarding this tool, check out the readme file included in the zip file. You can download the executeable here and the source here. Thanks again to _lr_ for the mail.

  Happy easter ! Posted by Bobbi at [15:32 EST]  
The whole PSXEmu team would like to wish you a happy easter ! Get out and search for some easter eggs ... Or ... Do anything else, but get away from your PC !

Anyway, speaking of easter egg's - We still have no clue what the b! button in bleem!'s about screen does ... May it be an easter egg as well ? If you don't know what to do at easter, get some ideas from But now, back to real news (which have been rare the past few days ...)

Friday, 21 April

  New bleem! product at E3 Posted by Bobbi at [09:00 EST]  
Today, I looked through the bleem! msg boards and found out something. It's about a new bleem! product at E3. Here's the news posted by
    We spoke with bleem! LLC's PR firm a few minutes ago and have learned that not only will they have their own booth at the show, but they will be announcing a brand new product the first day of the show. The only thing they will reveal at this time is that it IS a new psuedo-emulator/game engine product.
    As you recall, their initial self-titled product bleem! ran most Playstation games on the PC. This enabled the games to take advantage of the superior hardware and memory of most PCs and actually made the games look and run better. Of course, some titles wouldn't run either. Sony got in a little hissy about this and took them to court, but bleem! won out as they didn't violate any copyright laws.

This seems really exciting, so may we wish that it'll be released at E3. For more info and details, visit here.

Thursday, 20 April

  New poll Posted by Bobbi at [02:47 EST]  
I decided that it's time to create a new poll, and this time we want to know from you, what PSX devices/software you actually bought (not which you're using; really bought with $$$).

In the last poll we asked you, which upcoming PSX emulator is the most promising to you. Most of you voted for AdriPSX, which seems to improve greatly. Second was FPSE, which, in my opinion, also has a great future.

So go voting in the new poll on the left handed side.

  VGS CD-Rom compatibility Posted by Bobbi at [02:30 EST]  
Hey guys, I'm finally back ! And I gotta admit, the rest of a crew did a great job while I was away. Anyway, back to real life (ehh, whatever) and the news :

Visuatrox sent word that his page with the unofficial VGS compatibility list now also features a CD-Rom compatibilty list and some other new things. Why this is usefull, is best explained by Visuatrox himself :
    Some people have BIG trouble with their CDROM in VGS. I have started a new section for CDROM compatibility, at my unofficial VGS compatibility list site ( Also the site has had a update with various things like image comparisions, search engine and stuff.
So if you're already a VGS fan, head over to the unofficial VGS compatibilty page here

Wednesday, 19 April

  A Very Special Post Posted by Wildfire at [16:10 EST]  
Happy 18th Birthday to good ol' Steve| (aka: f_u, lubber, pimp, and sometimes husband). If you don't know Steve, he has no life like many of the irc'ers nowadays. Go wish him a happy birthday over in #bleem, #neogeo, #pce, #ngpc and a bunch other places i don't feel like listing. All i can give him is a happy birthday..


Retrogames wished him a happy birthday too, you know he's krad now!

In other spiffy news, Sonikku_a showed up an intresting post over at the bleem! ubb. Enjoy

The new slogan for bleem! is now "Bleem! not only enhances your PSX Games, but it also enhances your relationships!" -created and joked around by PJ on IRC and posted without his permission.

  CDBrake 1.06 released ! Posted by Thorgal at [11:27 EST]  
After quite a while, Jörn Fiebelkorn has released of his sweet CD-ROM/DVD player tool, CDBrake (originally named CDBremse) ! Basically, this one allows you to set your drive's speed it's running at. Depending on the type and speed of your CD-ROM/DVD drive, this tool may give you better performance in applications such as bleem!, and more! Here's what's new in version 1.06 :
  • SPTI support for Windows 200 and NT4
  • maximum DAE speed of the Teac CD-540E (3.0A) can now be set
  • New drives
Especially the latter looks interesting to me, since DVD players are coming more and more...
There's quite a large list of all drives which have been tested with CDBrake; be sure to check it out !

To download CDBrake v1.06 from our very own server, click here ! In case you still don't have a clue what this post is all about, why not pay a visit to its homepage ...

  Bleem! Review Posted by Nick at [05:41 EST]  
Joe Glass of has just made a review of bleem! and he has taken some cool screenshots of some games in play with bleem!. Here's part of the review:
    What can Bleem do better than a Playstation?
    Bleem can enhance the graphics in several ways. The Playstation displays with 32bit color frame buffer at low resolutions like 256x224 - 740x480. Playstation textures are point sampled or bilinear filtered at low quality.
    Bleem can display in software mode or in hardware-accelerated mode. For computers with no 3D acceleration, Bleem will draw all the Playstation graphics, but this will tax CPU resources and require a fairly fast processor. With a hardware accelerator, Bleem can take advantage of features that a hardware accelerator can do. Bleem can increase frame buffer resolution from 320x200 to 1600x1200! Color depth can be increased to 32bit color. Textures can be enhanced to use bilinear filtering where the game would normally use point sampling. This makes textures look smoother and removes blockiness. Movie clips can be filtered smooth just like MPEG and AVI movies are on computers. You are only limited by how much pixel and texel fill rate your video card has. With the next generation video cards like the Voodoo 5500 and the NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS, you can enable full scene anti-aliasing!

Click here now to read the full review of bleem! or visit for other cool stuffs.
On a sidenote, most of the sites hosted by EmulationWorld was down yesterday for quite sometime. So I would like to apologise for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, 18 April

  Bleem! UBB News Posted by cd at [16:03 EST]  
Today, PJ, an administrator of's UBB, made an announcement concerning the new and cookies. The announcement, which you can read here, tells of some problems you may have with the UBB due to no longer redirecting to For those of you too tired to click the previosly mentioned link, here's the post in full:
    Since no longer forwards you to, the cookies the UBB uses to store your preferences and passwords will need to be reset. The first time you visit the main UBB page all the light bulbs will be missing. That is because you do not have a cookie telling the UBB when your last visit was. The light bulbs will work correctly after that first visit. You may also have to re enter your username and password the first time when posting a message in each forum. If you do not remember your password, you can use the lost password page, located here. Lastly, your personal preferences will need to be reset on the "Preferences" page. Click on "preferences" which is located at the top of most UBB pages and set them how you please. That's about it, Happy Bleem!ing. :)
It's a rather slow week, but hopefully things will pick up soon.

  Japan lifts PS2 import limit Posted by cd at [15:18 EST]  
*UPDATE* Well, sorta :) The latest episode of Overclocked is about the PS2 being used for military purposes. The episode is quite funny, so if you have a sense of humor, check it out here.

According to this article from The Register, Japan's Ministry of Trade has lifted the import restriction on the PlayStation 2, which I mentioned a few days ago. The restriction was due to military analysts saying the PS2 is powerful enough to guide a missle. Japan's Ministry of Trade disagreed, and since the restriction of only being able to import no more than two PS2s has been lifted. Here's a small clip of the article i thought was a bit interesting:
    Call us cynical - go on, we don't mind - but we're still sure the furore was all just a clever marketing scam on Sony's part, designed to make the PlayStation 2 appear even more ridiculously powerful than it actually is. Certainly, the original restrictions, contrary to almost all press reports, would have had no material impact on Sony since the US and European consoles will almost certainly ship from a variety of manufactories around the Far East, just like all the rest of Sony's consumer electronics kit. ®
Well, at least now importers can be happy they still have a product to sell ;)

Monday, 17 April

  Bleem's site move finally finished Posted by cd at [21:11 EST]  
Bleem fans, rejoice! That annoying "Site Move In Progress" page at is finally gone! Yep, that's right, now directly points to! For all those who have complained about the page, your prayers have finally been answered! Thanks to LanGaidin for the news.

  Misc. stuff Posted by Thorgal at [10:14 EST]  
As you may have noticed, my 'share' of this week hasn't been particularly large. Thus I have to apologize to you, and the rest of the team, as I have been extremely busy the past few days; 't was an important week for me, which luckily ended quite well for me :) Now, I could give you the usual bla's and other chit-chat, though I doubt you'd be interested ;)

So, what do I have for you right now? First of all, I've been working on a new section, which many have emailed us about. What is it? Uuhm, more about this tonight ;)
Also, you may have noticed the reviews section looks as if it has been forgotten in the process of refreshing all pages for our relaunch back in March. This too, has now been taken care of :)
Since I can't access my main computer right now, these sections will be up either later tonight (CET, that is) or tomorrow. Stay tuned !

On a side note, Sean was kind enough to mail me some Metal Gear Solid bleem! screens (I then noticed we only had 1 MGS screen before ;) ! They look VERY nice (taken with a 3d Prophet btw) ; be sure to check 'em out HERE ! For more goodies like these, be sure to visit Sean's homepage !

Hmm... I guess that's about it.. and ofcourse, I'll join the rest of the team again, to provide you the latest Playstation news in the 'scene' :D Stay tuned for more !

  VGSNet 1.0 Beta 8 Released Posted by mathew2 at [02:24 EST]  
After Aldo Vargas came back, he again made many fast updates, now, he just released VGSNet 1.0 Beta 8. Here's whats new:
    Beta 8 allows to send your keyboard configuration to the other player while chatting, so now it should be easier to configure the VGSNet. Since beta 7, VGSNet allows to configure the keys for different type of emulators. Detects some popular emulators (like Snes9x, ZSnes, Kgen, Genecyst, Nesticle, DBoy, No$Gmb, Rew, etc.) if VGSNet is placed in the same directory of the emulator. Also has a VGS start button if VGSNet is in the same directory of VGS, and the chat display remotely the web page when you enter an URL. A request button will send your IP address by email to a friend in a very easy way.
Get your copy of VGSNet 1.0 Beta 8 here from the psxemu server.

Sunday, 16 April

  Japan putting import controls on PS2 Posted by cd at [19:07 EST]  
According to this article from ZDNet, Japan is controlling the importing of the Playstation 2, due to the fact military analysts say that it's graphic proccessing ability is fast enough to guide a missle. Here's some clips of the article:
    The console and its eight-megabyte memory card have been designated as "general-purpose products related to conventional weapons" because they contain components that could be used for military devices such as missile guidance systems, Kyodo news agency quoted industry sources as saying.
Fear not importers, from what this next clip says, you are allowed to import only two PS2s or less.
    The law requires the trade ministry's approval for the export of restricted products worth more than 50,000 yen ($472). Thus, the export of more than two consoles would be controlled because each is priced at 39,800 yen.
I find it funny that a video game console would be used for military purposes :)

  Bleemfrance brochures Posted by Bobbi at [15:09 EST]  
Yesterday, I recived a small packet from the french distributer of bleem!, which can be found at - They were kind enough to send me some posters and brochures they made for bleem!. I already scanned the brochure (see image below), and will take a picture of the poster with my digital camera soon. I don't know yet where or when those will be available in france, but they're looking really cool.

On a sidenote : Like CDBurnout already mentioned, I'm away for the beginning of next week, so he'll keep an eye on the newspage to get you all the latest news ! I'll be back sometime next Wednesday !

  Old bleem! interview Posted by cd at [14:08 EST]  
Somehow we seemed to miss this one! About a month ago, 3D GameForce conducted an interview with Sean Kauppinen, Communications Director for Bleem, Inc. Which you can read here. As usual, 3D GameForce asked pretty interesting questions. Here's one Q&A; I thought was pretty interesting:
    3DGF: Is this the only product you develop?
    SK: bleem! is our FIRST product. Notice the large emphasis on first. We could tell you more, but we'd have to kill you.
Hmmm, another product other than bleem! Think of the possibilities!

BTW, are you wondering why CDBuRnOuT, of Extreme Bleem!, is posting on PSXEmu? Well, it's because Bobbi isn't going to be able to post updates for a few days so he asked me to take over. I promise to bring you current, up to date PSX Emulation news until Bobbi returns. Oh, and Extreme Bleem! fans, don't worry, I'll still update there too.

  Misc bleem! news Posted by Bobbi at [04:08 EST]  
This slow week finally reaches it's ends, but there're some misc things I just wanted to report :
  • For those of you going to the E3, you can find bleem, inc. at the booth 6549 - More infos at here. Thanks to PJ for the link.
  • When going through the bleem! messageboard, I noticed a thread pointing to a rotating bleem! box - Looks pretty cool. You'll need the metastram plugin to view it, download it here and then head to this page.
  • And last, but not least, JNS made a new poll on his [pec] page, which asks which region codes you want most - Worth voting :) Go voting here.
Let's hope the next week will be a bit more fun ...

Saturday, 15 April

  Next bleem! version facts Posted by Bobbi at [02:37 EST]  
Since there're no real official statements regarding the next bleem! version, I thought I might collect facts together which are of public knowledge :
  • the 1st bleem! version (1.0) was released at May, 15th 1999 - Exactly in ONE month, it'll see it's first birthday ...
  • Three games being mentioned by Randy in an interivew were Gran Turismo 2, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Tomb Raider 3
  • A screenshot of GT2 has been published, view it here
  • Question from the messageboard : You've worked on the SEQ/Midi sound for the next release Rand ? Simple answer : Yes
Well, that's already all public info for now, but stay tuned for more infos regarding the next release in the next weeks.
I collected those infos in hope, that the people asking "why the fu** won't bleem! give out any infos" keep quiet now. Bleem, inc. won't announce any other infos, like Randy said in this thread :
    Like many other companies, our policy is not to discuss details or information about unreleased, in development, or unannounced products until appropriate.
Thanks to a lot of people for the messages, reminders and less, for all those questions regarding the next bleem! version - Stop asking now please.

Friday, 14 April

  VGS + FF7 Posted by Bobbi at [08:38 EST]  
*UPDATE* This actually really seems to work ! Sim was kind enough to send me a screenshot of it working, I pasted it below. He added that Ttere was a tiny bit of flickering, but not much - Guess that's something some players have been looking forward to - Anyone knows if this also works with FF8 ?

I recived a mail from Aldo Vargas (who just came back from holidays), that Emulatronia made a post regarding VGS and the battle menues in FF7 with the following content (translated into english) :
    SayanCatx found that every compatibility list says that FF7 is unplayable because the messed menus. He found that playing the FF7 with bleem and saving in any point (he saved the game in the market, before beat the 7th sector column (?). Then converting the saved game to VGS using the b2vgs.exe the menus doesn't get messed up.
Would be great if this would actually work - I can't test it since I don't have my FF7 here, but if you succeed, please send me a screenshot so I can post it here. Get a savegame converter from our VGS download section.

  Server troubles fixed Posted by Bobbi at [08:32 EST]  
Yesterday, there've been some troubles with our server, which wasn't able to execute all CGI scripts - That's why the messageboards (also of the hosted sites) and the mainpage looked messed up at some times of the day - But EW (our host) fixed the troubles pretty fast.

On a sidenote, I finally got my first AA cheque today - And it's already 60 bucks worth - And I'm living in Germany (what provves that they also send over the ocean !) So if you're from outside of the USA, sign up with them here now.

Wednesday, 12 April

  Misc things Posted by Bobbi at [15:26 EST]  
Actually this is really a SLOW week, so here're just two misc things that happened on PSXEmu :

First off, I re-designed our main messageboard a bit, to fit a bit better with the mainpage (and to look better in general =P) - If you've any questions to the crew or regarding any emulator, feel free to post there, you'll mostly find someone having an answer for you question. Check out the boards here.

When just talking about boards, I helped JNS a bit getting up his own board for the great cheating utility [pec], where you can ask all type of questions regarding the tool or cheats in the database - you'll find help there for nearly every question regarding [pec]. Visit the [pec] boards here. BTW - Congrats to [pec], who just had it's 30.000 visitor !

  FPSE news Posted by Bobbi at [15:21 EST]  
Today, the FPSE page has been updated with some news on the current status of this promising emulator :
    Long time is passed because I'm doing a lot of work to FPSE. The emu doesn't change a lot, I have only added Action Replay support ('-a' option) and some small fixes, mainly to script files. Actually I'm working on the FPSE configurator for Win32 (it allows to configure emu and plugins) and a memory card manager. There is also an almost done directinput plugin. It requires Dx3 for normal working, Dx5 for dual-shock. Unfortunally I don't have a force-feedback joypad, so I don't known if it will work right.
Sounds promising, let's hope for the next release. LDChen also mentioned the X11 port, which can be found at Thanks to Roor for the news.

Sunday, 9 April

  [pec] database - 120 new games Posted by mathew2 at [13:09 EST]  
For all [pec] users, good new comes today. JNS added 120 new games to the [pec] database which makes altogether a total of 1249 games supported. Most of the updates were for USA games. Alongside this were a number of bugfixes in the database.

Check out to read the full post, view the list of new games supported, and download your copy.

  Bleem! speed solution ? Posted by Bobbi at [05:57 EST]  
I heard of many problems of users with bleem!, which is running to fast for them - Then, yesterday, when searching for old drivers, I found a small utility called "Slowdown", which supposedly slows down your PC with a speed slider. I couldn't try it with bleem! myself (since bleem! runs good at good speed for me), but I heard from hundreds of people with this problem - So get this tool and try it. When it works for you, please drop me a mail. Here's what the author (translated) says about the program :
    "Slowdown", the utility for slowing down faster PC's. This tool makes it possible to play older games on more modern (faster) PC's. (The games of course need to be executeable in Win95 itself or in Win95-Dos).
I also translated the readme file, it's included in the zip file - Download it here.

  New VGSNet and results Posted by Bobbi at [03:40 EST]  
Yesterday night, I was finally able to test VGSNet with a friend, who uses the same ISP and lives close to me, so our ping rates were pretty good. Our testing showed, that VGSNet partly worked - It was extremly important to use the same version of the game (PAL, NTSC U/C and NTSC J) - Since we also talked at the phone to see, if everything works okay, we noticed that some commands still get lost, though some work.

Our result was, that Aldo Vargas still should spend some time in it - But this looks very promising. This tool ISN'T usefull for fast games like Tekken 3 or GT - More for round based RPG's where time isn't the important key.

And right before Aldo Vargas left to New York until Tuesday, he released the 7th beta of VGSNet, which fixes the following :
    Beta 7 has small bug fixes on keyboard configuration and also detect some popular emulators (like Snes9x, ZSnes, Kgen, Genecyst, Nesticle, DBoy, No$Gmb, Rew, etc.) if VGSNet is placed in the same directory of the emulator.
So it's worth a look for all you other emulator fans now ! Download VGSNet beta 7 here.

Saturday, 8 April

  Hypersnap 3.60 Ad-Ware Version Posted by Nick at [19:53 EST]  
Hi guys, sorry for not posting news lately so don't think I'm dead :) Well, has just released a ad-ware version of Hypersnap-DX version 3.60 but in this version, you will no longer need to go back every week for a new temporary license. This version will just display to you some ads at the top of its window.

Click here now to download Hypersnap-DX 3.60 Ad-Ware Version or visit for more info and details about this version. Remember to send in your screenshots!

On a sidenote, hyperionics currently have Hypersnap-DX for foreign languages such as Japanese, Polish, Russian. For more info, visit this page now.

  VGSJoy 1.3 for DX7 Posted by Bobbi at [15:50 EST]  
And yet another update from Aldo Vargas for VGSJoy, which finally allows me to use my USB version of the sidewinder gamepad (gotta try it out right now). Here's what he said about this version :
    It should work now for users with USB joypads and any other joystick devices recognized by DirectX. Although VGSJoy is designed for the VGS it should work with many other applications that do not have joystick support (and don't use DirectInput). Version 1.3 now should works with Sidewinder Gamepad Pro USB, also the configuration window uses DirectInput and solves the problem when you turned off the joystick.
Download VGSJoy 1.3 hereand check the authors page here for more cool utilities.

  VGSNet Beta 6 released Posted by Bobbi at [06:37 EST]  
Aldo Vargas just released another beta of his attemp to add Netplay to VGS called VGSNet. He also added this comment about the tool to his page :
    The concept on VGSNet is simple and is almost the same used on VGSJoy: VGSNet captures the keystrokes of the user in one side and send them over the net to the other user, simulating a second player in the same keyboard.I know there is a timing issue on the response time over the net, and VGSNet is not intended for use with games that require fast response of players, like on fighting games. VGSNet does not work with applications that use DirectInput like Nemu64, Impact or Bleem.
I'll try this nice utility in my LAN today, maybe it has a better timing then. Oh, yeah, here's what's new :
    Beta 6 allows to configure the keys for different type of emulators. Also has a VGS start button if VGSNet is in the same directory of VGS, and the chat display remotely the web page when you enter an URL. A request button will send your IP address by email to a friend in a very easy way.
Download VGSNet Beta 6 here and visit Aldo's homepage at

Friday, 7 April

  VGSNet Update Posted by mathew2 at [18:30 EST]  
Aldo sent us a email regarding the comments JNS made before about VGSNet and it's problems he described :
  1. VGSNet is an *ATTEMPT* to add netplay (I never affirmed it adds netplay or patch VGS)
  2. It is possible with Visual Basic: because it isn't doing anything else than capture keystrokes events using the Win32 API's from a client and sending them to the other side also using API's.
  3. It *works* for me (even with other emus too), just there is a timing issue because VGS isn't designed for netplay and what I'm doing is a workaround, simulating a second player in the same keyboard.
  4. Once again, it's an EXPERIMENT and what I'm looking for is for feedback, not complaints.
  5. I don't hate JNS, you are free to express yourself

    Best regards,
Hope you success Aldo :) We never mean to diss someone, and never mean for that to come accross, of course. Its a cool idea, and we wish him well. Visit his page here.

Thursday, 6 April

  [pec] database - JAP update Posted by Thorgal at [16:15 EST]  
For all Japanese [pec] users, this might be interesting: JNS contacted the Asian Game Shark Code Centre, and here's the result: aside from the hundreds of JAP cheat codes in the formal database, he now got the permission to use their database as well, which means the number of JAP codes in the new database is now greatly increased !

Ofcourse, you could be a Die-Hard PSX Gamer importing all and every JAP game as soon as they come out; in any case, be sure to check out for more info 'bout this :D

  VGS Netplay ! Posted by Thorgal at [11:59 EST]  
Yes, you heard that right! Our matey Aldo yet again managed to create a kickass tool for VGS! This time, it's VGSNet 1.0 beta 2 which adds netplay support to VGS, enabling you to have an online two-player game simply by filling in your friend's IP ! Here're Aldo's two cents 'bout this goodie:
    This is a new experiment I'm conducting and I need your support. VGSNet is an attempt to add network play support to the PlayStation emulator Connectix Virtual Game Station. Check the online help included in the VGSNet to learn how to use the program. It also includes a very simple chat to help user to coordinate the netplay. Beta2 let you send your IP address to a friend in a very easy way.
I haven't had the chance to fully test VGSNet yet, but I'll keep ya up-to-date about this one. Be sure to keep an eye here, as I have the feeling VGSNet's progress will go rapidly, as with all other tools from Aldo Vargas ;)

Grab VGSNet 1.0beta 2 HERE !

UPDATE (original post by Thorgal), mathew2:
Seems this tool doesn't work, and the word from our programmer JNS is that the idea is unworkable.

JNS: it's not possible in any language
JNS: visual basic is an really great language, and it would be also there possible if it would be possible in asm
JNS: but it isn't possible in any language
JNS: (also i think Aldo hate me now =P)

If you have any success, feel free to contact myself or anyone else in the psxemu crew.

  Jobs at bleem! Posted by Bobbi at [10:36 EST]  
You always thought "When I would work in bleem, inc., than everything would be WAY better" ? Well, now here's your chance : bleem, inc. is searching for a programmer to help them out a bit.
    bleem is looking for bad-ass, low-level Senior Programmers to help us develop some really cool stuff we can't even mention here.

    Applicants MUST have strong machine-language and C skills. Direct X fluency and/or console experience is a plus, as is a low-level understanding of 3D, sound, CD access and all the rest. And if you have a few hit titles under your belt, it's a MAJOR plus. Frilly pieces of paper from institutes of higher learning are welcome, but not nearly as important as your code.
To get more infos and the E-Mail adress you need to send your informations to, go to this page.

Wednesday, 5 April

  GameBoost 1.03 Posted by Bobbi at [08:14 EST]  
Megaman has just released a new version of his great boosting utility Gameboost, which increases the version number to 1.03 ! This release includes the following changes :
  • New background picture
  • Support for Start menu and Desktop
  • New options, help and tips
  • Fixed some glitches
GameBoost also speeds up bleem! so it's well worth a look - Download it here and visit the authors page here.

  Misc things Posted by Bobbi at [08:11 EST]  
Roor just release another small update for yesterdays AdriPSX DOS release : He was working a bit on the emulator and made some GREAT improvements on GTE, which causes two new complex demos to run (T-Rex and The Roots). Get the latest release from

Red Green finished yet another updated [pec] database, which has codes for Vigilante 8, Sammy Sosa Softball Slam, Star Wars: MOTK and Street Sk8er 2 ! To get the updated database, go to

After I recived hundreds of mails asking me if game X works on VGS, I thought I'd need to mention this a second time here : Visuatrox has done a GREAT compatibility list for VGS and his site also features a nice message board, where you can even find the co-programmer from time to time. His site adress is

Tuesday, 4 April

  New AdriPSX Posted by Bobbi at [16:38 EST]  
Finally, Roor released the promised AdriPSX DOS update. This version mostly fixes errors he missed in the previous release, which are :
  • added a simple message output box for user mode
  • Corrected two optimizations
  • Fixed some ugly bugs that appeared during last release
He also mentioned that he won't release that many updates from now on, only if he got some important improvements done on the emulator. To learn more about the update and the other important things Roor mentioned regarding AdriPSX, visit now !

Monday, 3 April

  New affliated Posted by Bobbi at [16:18 EST]  
Finally, we decided to affliate with other emulation sites - First of those is Emulation64, a page which is mainly related to N64 emulation. But now, they also handle next gen consoles like the Dreamcast, the PSX2 and the Dolphin. They were the premier page regarding only N64 emulation, so they have much in common with PSXEmu.
So make sure you visit their great page and all their hosted pages now at

  Easteregg in bleem! ? Posted by Bobbi at [11:07 EST]  
Since it's actually a slow day, I thought I might mention a discussion that has been started on the bleem! message board by Slybo, regarding a possible easter egg in bleem! :
    When you go to "About Bleem!" there is a square with the "B" in it. When you click it with the mouse it pushes in like a button. Is there some kind of key combination you hold down as you click to unlock something? Who know.
Sure, this might be a flaw, but Randy responded to this thread saying that it ISN'T a flaw - So for those of you who have some time left, you can try if you can find any kombination or anything else which gives you a secret box or something like that.
When you found something, please mail me with your solution. To participate at this thread, go here.

  New Kelli Posted by Bobbi at [10:29 EST]  
Those of you, who're a bit longer with bleem! most propably already know Kelli, the famous bleem! girl.

Well, it's creator, thomas7g, created a new paint of her, which, again, kicks ass. He also created a small history about here (hey, she's only 20 - nice age. But why won't thomas give us her measurements ?)

To check out this painting and many more, visit Thomas7g's homepage over at Elitegamer.

Sunday, 2 April

  AdriPSX news Posted by Bobbi at [04:40 EST]  
Roor posted, that he found a very important bug in his source code of AdriPSX, which doesn't allow commercial games (with CD-Rom access) to run. Here's what he had to say :
    I want to apologize, as yesterday while testing some games I found out that a last moment change in the source code of AdriPSX ends as a very important bug in the Dynamic Recompilation Core. The bug has been already fixed (was a very silly one), I´ll put fixed and a very little more updated binaries on-line just tomorrow in the morning.
So make sure to check back to the AdriPSX page in a few hours.

  1st april is over Posted by Bobbi at [04:37 EST]  
Wau, what a success - As of now, 4356 people downloaded our "bleem! 1.6beta" - Hope you all realize now what day yesterday was. To clear up things : All this file did, was to give you a message, which reads as the following :
    This beta has been downloaded from PSXEmu on April 1st ...
    Yeah, April the first - DO you now realise what day it is ?
    Happy first april from the PSXEmu team !
Don't worry, this file didn't caused any damage to your HD - The 900 KB were just useless data trash :) Anyway, happy april and meet you again at this place in 364 days !

Saturday, 1 April

  Misc things Posted by Bobbi at [15:57 EST]  
I just updated the AdriPSX page with some improvements on the design. It's much easier to view now, and I'll change the menu as well soon and add another new section to it, as well as some general improvements to the graphics. Visit the page at

Red Green of Extreme bleem! released an updated [pec] database, with the following new games : Fear Effect, Jet Moto 3, Ridge Racer R4, R/C Stunt Copter and Pong ! Get his updated list here.

Oh yeah, and happy 2nd birthday to the great emulation news page Retrogames.

  Updated ini, exe and list Posted by Bobbi at [15:51 EST]  
DY updated's online compatibility list with over 100 new game tests as well as the downloadable ini file. The executeable file (still bleem! 1.5B) has also been updated with the latest ini file.

Get the latest executeable here or the latest ini file here. Check the online compatibility list at

Remember that the ini file just stores compatibility infos - You won't get any more games running with it !

  Private bleem! 1.6 beta !! Posted by Bobbi at [06:53 EST]  
After long team internal discussion, we decided that Randy just needed to much time (it's 4 months since the last bleem! version) and we decided, to release this beta version which just went to the testers last week. This version allows you to play MUCH more games with nearly no graphic flaws like Tony Hawk Skateboarding, Gran Tourismo 2 and Tomb Raider 3. The speed limiter also nearly works perfect now !

Don't download the bleem! 1.6 beta here anymore - 1st of april is over :)

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