Friday, 31 December

  FPSE 0.06 [21:41 CET] By Bobbi  

Finally, after several months of silence, there's a new version of FPSE. Here's what's new in this release :
  • use Direct3D (choice Software/Dirext3D/OpenGL when compile time)
  • MDEC imprement
  • more GTE imprrement
  • Krom2RawAdd bios functions
  • low level PAD/memory card I/O (don't work)
We haven't tested this new release yet, we'll be able to give you some infos about the compatibility soon. Download FPSE 0.06 here and visit their homepage here.

We wish you all a happy new year !

  Lewpy's Glide- Build 98 [15:36 CET] By Nick  

Lewpy has released another of his PSEmu plugin. Here's what he posted on his site:
    I haven't had as much time as I hoped, but here is the latest build anyway : Build 98

    Yeah, the numbering has altered somewhat, but automatic build numbering really does help to keep track of versions :) I may tweak the displayed version number again, as I'm not totally settled on the current format.

    Report all problems to the usual email address. I suspect there are numerous problems. Bilinear filtering has been messed with a bit, so it looks better in some places but worse in others. If I get the time, I'll release enough build soon.
Click Here to download Lewpy's Plugin :Build 98. Visit the Lewpy's Homepage for more info and details about his latest plugin.

  Screen Catcher 1.5 Released [10:58 CET] By Nick  

A new revision of this popular screen capture utility is available! Screen Catcher 1.5 includes numerous compatibility fixes and new features. Screencatcher, which runs under MacOS is a pretty similiar program to HyperSnap. However, the only difference is that Hypersnap runs under Win95. Now, you can even get Screen Catcher 1.5 in English, German or French.

Screen Catcher 1.5 includes the following changes:
  • Screen Catcher can now print images.
  • Screen captures can be saved as files belonging to other applications, so that they are opened by Photoshop, GraphicConverter, etc. when they are double-clicked in the Finder.
  • After auto-saving a file, Screen Catcher can open it automatically in another application, such as Photoshop, for additional retouching or modification.
  • Screen captures can be scaled either automatically or manually.
  • Any hotkey can be used to invoke Screen Catcher, including cmd-shift-3.
  • Cursors can now be captured on all systems.
  • A conflict with OSA Menu has been resolved.
  • Color matching errors when performing palette reduction have been eliminated.
  • A subtle memory corruption problem which occurred when saving GIF files has been fixed.
Screen Catcher 1.5 English - Download Here
Screen Catcher 1.5 French - Download Here
Screen Catcher 1.5 German - Download Here

For more info and details, visit Screen Catcher's Official Site.

  CD Brake 1.03 Released [10:57 CET] By Nick  

For some of you who may not know what is CD Brake, it's actually a tool which allows you to slow down supported CD-Rom drives to any speed. Bleem! users who get choppy sound or movies MAY get a speedup using this tool. In the meanwhile, I do not know what's new or improved, so if you have any info about it please contact me at

You may download CD Brake 1.03 Here. Visit the Official Homepage for more info and details about CD Brake.

  Cheet! Last Day For It's XMAS Offer [10:55 CET] By Nick  

Remember the XMAS offer that was held by the Addon-Factory? They've slashed the price of cheet! from 12.35 USD to 7.35 USD. This offer is goin to last till 31.12.2020 which is today. Better hurry before it's too late! Head over to Addon-Factory now to get your copy of cheet!

If you missed the news about the cheet update, you may Click Here to download the latest cheet version with all the databases. Go to Addon-Factory for more info and details.

Thursday, 30 December

  New PSX emulator [22:56 CET] By Bobbi  

Emutech2000 has news on a new PSX emulator which supposedly already runs some commercial games as well as many demos. They also have some screenshots of the emu up, I suggest you take a look at them here.

There're two versions of the emulator avaible - A DOS and a windows version (they say it also runs under Win NT - ehh, ok ...). As of yet, we don't know much about this emu, if you're interrested, download it at their page. We're currently checking if this emu is real - Sorry, but there've been many lame attemps in the past, so check back in an hour or so for more infos on this "mysterious" emu.

Thanks to Zach for the news.

  ThePI news, new movie player [22:45 CET] By Bobbi  

Finally some news from Raphael, programmer of the fast PSX emulator for Macintosh called ThePI : Though there's no new build of ThePI avaible, he released a small utility that allows you to play the PSX Streaming movies on a Macintosh in real speed. The page also has some screenshots up, I suggest you check them out. Download the tool here.

They also added a trick what you should do when a demo, that is using the LIBPS.EXE, crashes on startup. Read the tricks and view some screenshots of ThePI at their page.

  PSXPlay 1.40 Readme [07:06 CET] By Nick  

Finally, we've got the PSXPlay 1.40 readme file translated. Wanna download the translated readme? If yes, you may Click Here to start downloading.

You may also download PSXPlay 1.40 right Here if you do not have it. Visit Hurrican for more info and details about PSXPlay. Thanks to Segu for the translation.

  Bleem CD-Key Replacement [06:00 CET] By Nick  

Have you ever scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged your bleem! CD-Key? Well, bleem! would allow you to have a replacement of your damaged cd-keys free-of-charge. Read the news that bleem has posted on their site:
    Since bleem! has been out there for a while now, we're beginning to hear of some users' CDs "wearing out" from so much play. And since we didn't exactly make it easy for you to make backups of the bleem! key, we OF COURSE will exchange damaged CDs, free-of-charge. Just to make it official, our policy since Day One is and has been to exchange any scratched, cracked, broken, microwaved (don't try this at home!), or otherwise mangled CDs. Just call 1-323-822-0932 or email to arrange for a replacement. We'll give you an RMA number and tell you where to return your CD. Upon receipt, we'll send you new one via US Mail (or airmail, as required).
Visit for more info and details about the replacement of cd-keys.

Wednesday, 29 December

  PSXdeAvi 1.40 [14:06 CET] By Nick  

Here's the latest patch for PSXPlay 1.40 which allows you convert psx movies into AVI files with PSXPlay! It can be downloaded Here in .zip format if you do not have it. Visit PSXdeAvi Official Site for more info and details.

  What's New In PSXPlay 1.40 [13:35 CET] By Nick  

For some of you who are wondering what's new in PSXPlay 1.40, read below for details:
  • It was corrected though "Stay on top" didn't function.
You may download PSXPlay 1.40 Here if you do not have it. Thanks to Segu for what's new translation! Visit Hurrican for more info as it is the Official Site of PSXPlay.

Tuesday, 28 December

  PSX Movie Player 1.40 [23:23 CET] By Bobbi  

Hurricane again released a new version of his PSX movie player PSXPlay. PSXPlay allows you to play many movies from different PSX games. As of now we don't know what's new in this release, check back later for infos on that.

Download PSX movie Player 1.40 in handy zip format here. Thanks to Benjamin for the news !

  Pete's OpenGL 1.26 plugin [22:44 CET] By Bobbi  

Pete Bernert released a new version of his OpenGL GPU plugin for PSEmu. The plugin was originally programmed for TNT cards, but since it uses OpenGL you can as well try it with any other card using "real" Open GL. Here's what's new in this release :
  • a new texture caching mode: 'Dynamic' caching
I suggest you check out the included readme file for more details. Download Pete's GPU Plugin 1.26 here and get other plugins from our Plugins page.

  Something ... [22:10 CET] By Bobbi  

Like already mentioned some time ago, we have another great product beside blini! in the make. It's name is bleasy and no, we don't know yet when it'll be done. We won't tell you what exactly it is, just take a look at this shot :

Check back for more news on this project and some other nice new things on soon ! On a sidenote, I wanted to mention that I added bleem! 1.5a and Bleem 1.5B French to the bleem! download page.

Sunday, 26 December

  PSXdeAvi 1.39 [00:58 CET] By Thorgal  

With all the new releases of PSXPlay Hurricane managed to make, we seem to have forgotten HERO-C's patch for PSXPlay, PSXdeAvi for a while. PSXdeAvi is a patch for PSXPlay to let you convert psx movies into AVI files with PSXPlay! It has now been updated to support the latest PSXPlay version, 1.39, which you may download here if you didn't get it already.

Thanks to Benjamin for pointing us out!

Get PSXdeAvi at our PSX Tools page!

On a side note, I wanted to let you all know I'm back, with 2 weeks vacation ahead, and meanwhile will be working on a possible fear not, we'll be improving in the next millenium also ;)

Saturday, 25 December

  GameBoost 1.01 Is Out [15:18 CET] By Nick  

Megaman has released his GameBoost 1.01 on this perfect joyous Christmas day. Want to have your copy of GameBoost 1.01? Visit Megaman's Bleem Network to download.

  PSXPlay 1.39 Released [15:18 CET] By Nick  

PSXPlay 1.39 for christmas!. Hurrican has again updated his PSX Movie player again to version 1.39. However, we don't know what's new in this version because the info is in japanese. So if anyone of you knows what's new in this version, please mail me at

Click Here now to download PSXPlay 1.39 in .zip format.

Friday, 24 December

  Merry Christmas !! [16:57 GMT] By Bobbi  

Merry Christmas !

I would like to wish a merry christmas to the whole PSXEmu staff as well as to everyone out there who supported us in the past few months ! Without you, we'd never have grown up that big, and we hope that you all also support us that great in the future ! (BTW - We'll have a great contest for all of you soon ... 500000 visitors are getting in near reach =P).

  PSXPlay 1.38 update [09:29 GMT] By Bobbi  

Thanks to Zoomy and Segu, we finally know what's new in the latest PSXPlay version :
  • Grand Turismo should work now
  • Unnecessary code removed
Also the translated PSXPlay readme was updated so finally we know what is written there! Download the translated readme here or download PSXPlay 1.38 here. Big thanks to Zoomy and Segu for the translation.

  Jackal source [00:03 GMT] By mathew2  

Jackal released its source, goto the Jackal Site for full information and download.
    It's time for the release we promised! Check the Developer's Section for the first open source version of the Armageddon! By the way,since I (AkumaX) will be away for the holidays, marry Christmas from me and all the Jackal staff! Maybe I'll have time for another update next week, before the millenium, so check back for more news and developments.
Sounds great, visit the jackal homepage at !

On a side note to let people know, i won't be around from 28th December-10th January. Hope everyone has a excellent holiday this christmas!

Thursday, 23 December

  Cheet! fix [14:07 CET] By Bobbi  

[Update]: Since there's a typo at their page, I took the file on our server, download it here.

For all of you, who had problems with the bleem! detection in bleem!'s X-Mas edition, Addon-Factory posted a fix :
    It seems that a few users had some problems using the cheet! X-Mas version. In most cases, the problem was the misusing of the old .ini file instead of the new one and this lead to an incompatibility with bleem! v1.5B. We added built-in detection for bleem! v1.5B in the X-Mas Edition of cheet! and now it works even without the .ini. If you had any bleem! detection problems with cheet!, please download the new version here.
    Merry Christmas to everybody!
For more infos and the fix visit Addon-Factory !

  Extract your FF8 movies [10:04 CET] By Bobbi  

You always loved the dancing scene (CD1) ? You always wanted to watch the ending movie but bleem! crashes ? Well, here's your chance to watch all the FF8 movies again ! This program is pretty simular to FF8find, only big difference is that it also extracts the sound to the movies. Using the PSX movie converter, you can get your FF8 movies to real AVI files.

The archive includes 3 usefull executable files, which are :
  • FF8CDWav - Convert only the sound from the movies directly into WAV files and listen them again and again :)
  • FF8CDStr - The movie converter itself. Extracts the movies from the images on the CD .str format.
  • FF8cdfnd - (included in the archive) Builds up an ini file which is required by the other two programs to find all the data on the CD correctly.
Remember that all those tools are running under DOS, so you should have some experiences with it. Anyway, download the archive here.

  The page ... [14:15 CET] By Bobbi  

While looking at our page today, I wondered what YOU guys think about our current design and if you like it this way, so I quickly created this poll :

Should we re-design ?

Current Results
Thanks in advance for voting ! You can only vote one time, so choose carefully :)

Wednesday, 22 December

  #PSXEMU on efnet is opened..... [22:15 GMT] By mathew2  

Just to let people know #psxemu is now open on efnet, you can talk about all things playstation emulation related and pass your comments to us about the site also! Please read the irc faq if you don't know about efnet.

Feel free to mail me about this new channel!

Just to let you know Thorgal wont be around this week because he is busy! And yes i didn't die!

  PSXPlay 1.38 Released Again... [14:15 CET] By Nick  

Just after its release of PSXPlay 1.37 yesterday, Hurrican has again updated his PSX Movie player again to version 1.38. Unfortunately, we don't know what's new in this version because the info is in japanese. So if anyone of you out there knows what's new in this version, please mail me at

Want to try this program? Then Click Here now to download PSXPlay 1.38 in .zip format.

Tuesday, 21 December

  PSXPlay 1.37 Released [17:19 CET] By Nick  

Wow, another released. However, we've got no idea what's new in this release, but we'll be please if anyone can help. To get your copy of PSXPlay 1.37 in .zip format, Click Here. For more info and details, visit the Official Homepage.

On a side note, the jackal homepage has just added a developer's section and some new FAQs it also said that it is ready for the open source project.

  GameSaves Done! [11:09 CET] By Nick  

The saved games page is finally up. For some of you who find it a waste of time converting a dexdeive save to a bleem memory card file, we've make your life easier for you by converting each and every dexdrive save to .mcd format. So head over to our saved games page right now! Remember, if you have a gamesave that we do not have, please send them to

  Introduction & New PSX Game review [1:45 CET] By Nicotine`  

Sup sup :)..Tis me, Nicotine`...I am new to will be doing game reviews.... I don't have much time for an introduction, but as some may know, I am a bleem beta tester...which is quite fun :)..
Anyway.... I did a review on a game which some say is "controversial"...Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style... For all you Wu-Tang fans, and Thrill Kill fans alike, check this one out and look for more reviews from me in the future!!! :)

Monday, 20 December

  Something ... [21:49 CET] By Bobbi  

There's been a quote on for quite some time ... Reminds us to check the DragonCam on 31-12-99 ... Well, we'll see what this means :
    Something is coming
But we also have some interresting news regarding a project in the future :
    Something else is coming (from us) !
Weired, humm ? :) Check back from time to time for more news on those two "projects" !

  Bleem! 1.5B poll [21:49 CET] By Bobbi  

I think we left this out sometime, but anyway, a good change to test the new script on our server (no annoying banners any more !). To give the bleem! team a good overview, what you think about bleem! 1.5B (or if you have it !) please take a minute and vote in the poll.

Beside : A good thing with this new poll is that everytime you enter, you can see the current results on the right ! So keep voting !

Sunday, 19 December

  Finally bleem! savegames ! [20:47 CET] By Bobbi  

We spent much work in this project, and it's not even finished completly, but since many of the old savegames were corrupted, I thought I may just upload the first part of it.

This part covers bleem! savegames (yep, all saves are .mcd files now !) from A-E and from F-M. To use them, simply download a save and unzip it into your bleem! memory card directory ! Submittions and comments are always welcome !

Saturday, 18 December

  Jackal page update [14:15 CET] By Thorgal  

An interesting update at the Jackal homepage, if you are interested in Playsation emulator programming, check this:
    Expert decided to make an experimental open source version of Jackal to help anyone that wants to learn something more about PSX emu programming.The experimental version's code will be a stripped down version of the main Jackal emulator.The Jackal emulator will be continued as usual, independently of the open source version.Everyone can make changes to the source and send back any breakthroughs he/she makes to take full credit for it. Expect the open source version by next Thursday (Dec 23), or as soon as we write and traslate the open source's txts. Any comments about this move can be discussed at
The more open source, the better things we may expect... =)

  Nick Joined PsxEmu [12:47 CET] By Nick  

Hi, I'm Nick and I've just joined the PsxEmu team. So you guys are curious of what I'm going to do for psxemu? Well, I'm in charge of the saved games section. If you have an interesting gamesave, you can send them to On the other hand, I've done a game review about Pac-Man World. Want to see it? If so, Click Here to see this game review.

  PSXPlay 1.36 released [08:46 CET] By Bobbi  

Hurrican updated his great PSX Movie player again to version 1.36. What's new in this release :
  • Fixed a problem with a .BMP file
  • Screen capture works again
Download PSXPlay 1.36 in handy zip format here. We also included an english translation of the readme file in this zip, you can also view it directly here. BIG thanks to Zoomy and Segu for that one !!

  Misc things [08:41 CET] By Bobbi has two nice new sections. The first one is the press releases page, where you can find official press releases by bleem, LLC. (well, at the moment there is only one but who knows what future will bring =P). The second new section is the reviews section, where reviews about bleem! are being collected. If you're interrested in reviews I suggest you to take a look there.

We had some problems with our mail server in the past days. Sorry to everyone who asked for help using the submittion form, I'll answer every single today. Please be a bit more patient !

Wednesday, 15 December

  blini! 2a released [19:55 CET] By Thorgal  

Just after 3 days, JNS has updated blini! again to version 2a! Here's what's new about the new version of this kickass bleem!.ini editor:
  • Many more bug fixes
  • Miscellaneous translation corrections
To download, or to find out how to submit your game entries, visit the blini! homepage. Progress sure is going nicely...

  PSXPlay 1.35 again... [19:50 CET] By Thorgal  

It seems that people were having problems with the PSXPlay 1.35 .lzh file. Although .lzh files can easily be extracted with the LHA compression utility, most people got a error message when trying to extract the PSXPlay executable. Well, it's fixed now, and for your convenience I've recompressed it to .zip format =)

Also, Vintagegaming has received a translation of the 'what's new' documentation:
  • now able to decode/play ***.iki files
  • Adjusting frame rate setting with number is now available
  • changed the XY scaling ratio
Download PSXPlay 1.35, in .zip format here.

Tuesday, 14 December

  The battle continues ... [21:03 CET] By Bobbi  

Those are actually BIG news ! Sony really went to far this time ... Anyway, read yourself :

There was a big article from GA-Source today, concerning the court battle Sony against bleem, LLC. In the past, most users thought that this was a fair battle and bleem! finds itself on the right sight of law and Sony legally tries to find points against bleem!. But you should drop this point of view now, how the article prooved ... Read for yourself :
    The ongoing court battle waged by Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Inc. against the makers of "bleem!", a software program which allows games designed for the Sony PlayStation to be played on personal computers, entered a new phase last Friday, following a series of rulings in favor of the tiny startup company. In the day's most notable decision, the Honorable Judge Charles A. Legge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California granted Bleem's motion for leave to amend and assert counterclaims against the electronics giant.

    Los Angeles-based Bleem claims Sony has unlawfully acquired, maintained, and extended its monopoly in the video game market through a combination of anti-competitive practices, including misuse of copyright, patents and other intellectual property. Bleem further asserts that the current lawsuit exemplifies these practices and is a "sham," brought in bad faith.

    Further claims against Sony include combination or conspiracy in restraint of trade, intentional interference with contractual relations, defamation, and unfair competition with regard to Sony's well-publicized efforts to force show management to remove Bleem's booth from the E3 trade event last May.

    In other matters before the Court, Sony's internal Legal and Business Affairs officers attempted to modify an existing protective order and gain access to Bleem's most confidential business data. The information in question includes detailed reseller information, source code for the bleem! software, identities of bleem! customers, and information relating to negotiations with third-party software and hardware companies.

    Commenting from the bench that such protective orders serve to "protect David from Goliath," Judge Legge denied Sony's request to re-classify Bleem's confidential business information with respect to all but one narrow category of financial information. All other protected information will remain accessible only to outside legal counsel.

    This decision came at the end of a week in which Sony stepped up its efforts against Bleem. On December 7, just four days after a discovery conference with Bleem's counsel and three days prior to Friday's hearing, Sony served subpoenas on 10 of Bleem's biggest customers, demanding detailed information regarding purchasing, sales, promotion and profits resulting from the bleem! product. Sony issued these subpoenas without adequate prior notice to Bleem, resulting in angry phone calls from unsuspecting retailers.

    "What we have here is a pretty transparent attempt by Sony to intimidate the retailers into pulling bleem! from their shelves," said Jon Hangartner, lead attorney for Bleem. "Even if Sony's subpoenas weren't invalid on their face, the information they request is irrelevant to the lawsuit. These subpoenas have nothing to do with potential damages; they only serve to scare bleem!'s vendors into thinking they might be Sony's next target."

    At the end of Friday's session, Judge Legge agreed to hear an expedited motion to quash the subpoenas. He also authorized Bleem to tell its retailers they need not do anything until he renders his decision. Bleem is expected to submit the necessary motion to the court early this week in order to protect the confidential information of their customers.
Hmm, I didn't wanted to paste the whole article, but these parts are really important ... Well, leave your opinion on our message board so we can collect opinions about that one ! Read the whole article here.

  GameBoost 1.0 beta [16:35 CET] By Thorgal  

MegaMan, author of BleemBoost, has now released GameBoost 1.0 beta:
    GameBoost is a successor to BleemBoost. Basically it is a small system shell, it dosen't take a lot of memory, so it actually makes games faster.
It also has a new interface, but remember that it's still a beta: does not give any warranties for the results GameBoost may have at the moment; any damage it may do to your system is your own responsibility!

Download GameBoost 1.0 beta here (-1,597k-) or check the Release Notes first. You may also want to check out the official homepage.

  Jackal interview [16:30 CET] By Thorgal has put up an interview with Expert and AkumaX, the authors of Jackal, which is making good progress at the moment. They're finally getting a bit into into the spotlight now. It's a nice article; read the interview here.

On a side note, JNS, author of blini!, the bleem! ini editor, would like to have any new game entries to add to the database. If you've tested a game with bleem!, and/or made a entry for it to add it to the bleem!.ini to get rid of the 'this game hasn't been tested' message, feel free to email him.

Monday, 13 December

  Cheet! XMAS offer [21:59 CET] By Bobbi  

For those of you who always thought about getting cheet! but were just not sure wether to get it because of the price, here's a nice offer from Addon-Factory :
    The cheet! interface has been improved with some Christmas effects and the great news is that now, as a Christmas offer, we lowered the price to only USD 7.35! Please note that this offer will last only until 31.12.2020! New users can head to the cheet! page to order it !
Sounds great, but they also have a special for registered users :
    The cheet! databases have been updated! Now over 80% of the games listed as "working" in the bleem! compatibility list have codes in the cheet! databases. We excluded some games that did not work with bleem! and now, you will have codes exclusively for the games that work with bleem! If you have a game that's not listed in the compatibility list and runs with bleem!, you can try the old databases, which can still be downloaded ...
To order your copy of cheet! for only 7.35 USD, head over to their homepage. and order cheet! now. news [21:59 CET] By Bobbi posted some nice infos about bleem!, where you can get it and even some more official screenshots. They also mentioned a fact that bleem! currently works with over 300 games and some more technical details, so I suggest you check out the page and order bleem! today if you didn't already do so !

Go and visit here or get some infos on where to get bleem! here.

Sunday, 12 December

  Blini! second release [22:235 CET] By Bobbi  

JNS already released the second version of his powerful bleem! ini editor, short blini!. Here's what's new in this version :
  • Online Update added to get the latest game entries
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Speed improvements
  • Menubar added
  • Function to disable the Compatibility.txt, for better performance
  • The possibility to select another .ini and .txt file while having blini! running
  • The algorithm for reading the Ini data has been adjusted to the way bleem! does
To download the latest version and to get more informations and help for blini! visit the blini! page here. Congratulations to JNS for this great new version (especially the online update). Look out for some interresting options for this one soon.

  Site update! [19:15 CET] By Thorgal  

Well, we finally got our PSEmu Pro page up, which has all PSEmu related downloads and links. Also, the PSX Tools page is up, which includes several useful tools such as PSX Movie Players, Memory Card Editors etc. If we missed anything, feel free to mail us!

On a side note, Hyperionics has released HyperSnap-DX version 3.52! There're quite a few changes since 3.42, so I suggest going here for a complete list of all changes. Download HyperSnap-DX 3.52 at our System Tools page.
Thanks to Bleempark, another bleem! fan page, for the news.

Saturday, 11 December

  PSXPlay 1.35 [21:40 CET] By Thorgal  

A short update today...Hurricane has been able to squeeze out another release of PSXPlay, 1.35. Since the docs are in Japanese, I can't tell what's someone willing to help us a hand? Anyways, download PSXPlay 1.35 here (-281k-).

On a side note, a few more sections of are being revamped and will be up very shortly, so keep an eye out...

Friday, 10 December

  Another official ini update [20:13 CET] By Bobbi posted another official ini update. This time, they include much more PAL games in it :
    Wow! Have we been busy?! Many people think that the lack of J and PAL games on the compatibility list means that bleem! doesn't work with those types of games. Hopefully the latest update will show that this isn't true. We have added more than 100 PAL games to the list and the majority of them operate just like their U/C counterparts.
Download the latest ini here. If you prefer to download the complete 1.5B again, get it here.

  Jackal page updated [20:10 CET] By Bobbi  

The Jackal page, a PSX emulator in early stages, recived an update today. They mentioned that the team got a new member :
    New member joins the Jackal team and will work on SPU (sound emulation).
    Right now Jackal is under heavy bugfixing.Also, a simple graphics output is being written by Expert in 'plain' dib mode, later in DirectX. By the way, programmers are needed for coding OpenGL/Direct3D graphics output. Anyone wanting to join the Jackal team? Mail
Let's hope we'll see a release soon. For more news, visit the Jackal page here.
Thank to Emanuelez for the news.

Tuesday, 07 December

  System tools updated [20:39 CET] By Bobbi  

We finally got our system tools page up, which has several tools to tweak your system to runs games in bleem! and other emulators faster. If you think we missed an important tool feel free to mail us about it.

Later this week I'll update the PSEmu download page and the PSX tools download page, which will cover many Audio and movie tools, so stay tuned for more usefull tools !

  New ini file [20:36 CET] By Bobbi  

Wau, really slow week for PSX emulation. Anyway, here's a new release right from : A new bleem! ini file many new entries. It mostly includes PAL and NTSC/J updates, but also some new NTSC U/C games. For all of you who always thought this may INCREASE the compatiblity, here's something important to remember :
    The bleem! ini isn't something like the UltraHLE ini is, which allows you to patch games so they suddenly start to work. The bleem! ini file's only use is to inform you if a game runs or if it doesn't, not to get it working !
So don't expecpt any compatiblity improvements, just less of the "This game hasn't been tested" screens. To install it, just download it and overwrite the one in your bleem! directory with that one. And remember : This file comes from, not from, so please contact us if you have any problems !

Download the new bleem! ini file here. This ini already includes the latest updated ini from Big thanks goes to Stefan and JNS for helping me to get that one finished !

Sunday, 05 December

  blini! page updated [22:55 CET] By Thorgal  

JNS has just updated the blini! homepage, also with a new layout:
    The blini! homepage in new style and updated :
    Now the FAQ is added!
    The old VB6-Runtime doesn't work correcly. Please download the new file again.

Click here to go to the blini! homepage.

Saturday, 04 December

  PSXPlay AVI Converter [20:55 CET] By Thorgal  

Now there's a program that allows PSXPlay to convert psx movies into AVI files! It now has support for the latest version of PSXPlay, 1.34. Check out the homepage here, or download it in .zip format here.

Also, Vintagegaming has received a translation of the 'what's new' docs of PSXPlay 1.34; new in this version is support for chrono cross's special data file format. Download it here (-281k-).

  Cheet! demo update [20:55 CET] By Thorgal  

Add-on Factory has updated the Cheet! demo to support Bleem! 1.5B :
    Now, the cheet! demo performs instant detection for bleem! v1.5b, too. From now on, it will also work with the ini file for cheet! full version. Go to the cheet! page to download it.
Download the new Cheet! demo here (-392k-).

  New ini released [10:07 CET] By Bobbi released a new ini file for use with bleem!. Here's what Matt posted :
    Hello, Hello! Matt here to give a little bitty update before the weekend. I just finished testing approximately 40 games in bleem! and have updated the online compatibility list (the offline one too!!). In this I figured I should get a new INI out to all you fine folks, so you'll see less of those "This game has not been tested" messages.
Download the new ini file here. I also updated the full exe file, get it here.

Friday, 03 December

  Smartjoy review [21:07 CET] By Bobbi  

Time again for a hardware review. Electronic VG was friendly enough to send me one of their USB smartjoy adapters, which allow you to hook up PSX controllers to your PC. It recived 4 out of 5 b!'s (something like stars), read the whole review here.

To get more informations, screenshots and ordering infos about smartjoy visit their homepage at More hardware reviews will follow pretty soon, so keep an eye on the page.

  Driver updates [17:30 CET] By Bobbi  

Since we always told you to use the newest drivers, here're some updates the manufactures did :

3Dfx Interactive released new reference drivers for their V3 cards. We haven't tested those yet, so feel free to tell us your results with them !

For all of the SB Live! owners out there, Creative Labs released an update for their so called liveware. Download them here.

Matrix released new drivers for their G200/400 cards. We can't tell you what's new, so if you noticed any improvements, tell us ! Download them here

Creative Labs also released new drivers for their TNT cards. But beware : Those drivers are still a beta, so don't complain if they do not run propably for you ! Get them here.

Please make sure to download the right drivers, otherwise they may damage your system !

  Fraps 1.20 released [18:10 CET] By Bobbi  

I think we forgot that one, but better late than never. Fraps, a FTP counter for D3D apps has been updated to version 1.20 ! Here's what's new in this release :
    Another quick update. The new version 1.2 of Fraps now works with more DirectX games. In particular, a lot more of the standard 2D DirectDraw games should now display the FPS counter.
Download Fraps 1.20 here and visit the page here.

Thursday, 02 December

  PSX Movie Player 1.34 released [15:10 CET] By Bobbi  

Hurricane released a new version of his great PSX movie player. We can't tell you what's new, maybe someone can help us out with that ...

Anyway, download the program here, in .zip format to make it easy for you. Thanks to Vintagegaming for the news.

  Jackal page updated [15:04 CET] By Bobbi  

The Jackal page received an update today. Here's what's new :
    Expert is back and the emu development is back on track. The GPU is almost done. Now the only thing missing is gfx output. And bugfixing of course!
Good to see he's back after his weekend break, let's hope we'll see something soon.

Wednesday, 01 December

  Blini! released! [21:21 CET] By Thorgal  

Well, here it is then: blini!, the powerful bleem! ini editor allowing you to add or edit entries and much more, is released! Remember when Bleem! 1.5 first came out, and most people were disappointed about the bleem!.ini, since they would not know how and what part to edit? Well, these days are over now ;) Head over to the blini! homepage to grab the first official release! Happy editing :)

Feel free to discuss this at the boards!

  French Bleem! 1.5B [21:18 CET] By Thorgal  

For all French Bleem! users, Power 3D has created a French version of Bleem 1.5B, with a nice interface included. Be sure to check out the screenshots at the offical homepage.

It looks pretty nice; download French Bleem! 1.5B here directly (-1512k-).


  Bleem! Story [21:15 CET] By Thorgal  

Elitegamer has also put up an article about how the whole Bleem! story began, till the point as we all know it now. It's pretty nice, with all the dates making an interesting summary of the past few months/years. For both the 'veterans' and people new to Bleem!, I suggest checking this article!

  Sony vs. Dragon´┐Żen results [21:10 CET] By Thorgal  

DragonYen has posted info about his Sony vs. Bleem! deposition at Elitegamer, how it had all come about. It didn't seem to be an exciting 'battle' though, here's a piece of the article:
    Unimpressed... What else can I say? I work up early this morning to go to my Sony vs. bleem! deposition and all I can say is unimpressed. I was really excited about going to this thing, I mean I expected seven or eight grueling hours of questions and answers that had so much relevance to Sony and bleem!'s case, however... it was nothing like this.
Read the rest of the article here. I wonder what Sony could be up to...