Thursday, 03 February 2020

  Screenshots of AdriPSX 0.3 [15:43 CET] By Bobbi  

Roor (the main programmer of AdriPSX's DOS version) was kind enough to send us some kickass screenshots from AdriPSXs latest alpha version, 0.03 ! This emulator really seems to make a good progress.


Thanks again to Roor for those screenshots. Visit the AdriPSX homepage here.

  Bleem! against Sony [15:38 CET] By Bobbi  

I noticed that news are making the round on other emulation pages that bleem! is counter suing Sony ... Well, as a reminder, this already was mentioned on December 14th, 1999 in this article. Now, DragonYen posted a scan on the bleem! message board from the american magazin PCFormat (2/2000). It reads as the following :
    Bleem is also claiming Sony was anticompetitive in trying to have it booted out of last year's E3 show in Atlanta. Sony was also trying to strong-arm Bleem into handing over a list of all its customers - that's everybody with a registered copy of the emulator - before a judge told them where to go.
View the scan here. Thanks to DragonYen for re-formating the scan a bit and to the Scan Reaper for the original scan.

  Bleem! team picture (nearly complete) [15:30 CET] By Bobbi  

The great german PC magazin "PC Games" posted a great article about bleem! with a photo of the company itself. From the left to the right those are : Ton, Rand, David, Scott and Paul (now don't ask me what those people do, I have no clue =P). While looking at those pics, I found something interresting in our archive, the right pic is from Randy at the E3 this year ... Compare :)


Some interresting facts are coming with this article (see the box in the upper left corner) :

What does bleem! mean ?
Randy Linden (the programmer) will make this public when more than 500.000 copies have been sold.
How many bleem!'s have been sold so far ?
According to David Herpolsheimer, more than 120.000 pieces.
What does Sony think about bleem! ?
Better don't ask ...

Thanks to JNS for making such a high quality scan and to DY for the names !

Wednesday, 02 February 2020

  French bleem! article [19:03 CET] By Bobbi  

Ben-J posted an article from a french magazin called "Joypad" and Retrogames posted a translation.
    Many of you have written and asked how Bleem! works, if it's cool and what you need to run it. The famous society who are in the midst of their third legal meeting with Sony recently opened a branch in Europe, Belgium to be exact, and the product should soon be available at major retailers. What should one know about this subject?
View the french scans here (1), here (2) and the translation here. Thanks to Ben-J for the news and Retrogames for the translation.

Tuesday, 01 February 2020

  New PSX Emulator: PCSX! [21:45 CET] By Thorgal  

Over at EmuForce, they've now got a new Playstation emulator hosted called PCSX ! Its progress seems to be very well, and it already runs a few demos. Here's a snippet from the PCSX homepage:
    Time to report some news on the development of the emulator.The GPU status has changed from 60% to 80% and the bios and some demos have started working. Check the screenshots page for more info and pictures of the working demos.Plus,there's a nice speed boost in the main core and the GPU code, resulting in 2x speed from the previous builds.There are many things left to do,but the programming team is working hard.Time to get some sleep now Nocomp!
Seems interesting to me sure to keep an eye on this one! Screenshots and more can be found here.

And now for something completely different (oh my god, Monty Python's been brainwashing me! ...never mind). There's an interesting thread at the message boards; in case you've always been wondering who the guys behind that magical piece of software actually ARE, here's your chance to find out! Check out this thread, for a groovy picture using a rather original concept ;) This picture (+ article, ofcourse) can be found in the February issue of the German PC Magazine 'Incite Magazine'; we expect to have a better scan tomorrow.

Sunday, 30 January 2020

  Blini! release 3 [19:33 CET] By Bobbi  

JNS just released another version of his ini editor blini!. This version includes many new features like :
  • Now you can consult the online compatibility list at to receive additional information about the selected game.
  • Thanks to Dragon•en, blini! is now able to fit the infos from the bleem!.ini and from the compatiblity.txt properly together by a new comparing system
  • Blini! now reads the DiscID automaticly from most (not all yet though) PSX games, what means that you don't have to run bleem! to get it any more
This version includes much more features, so check out the blini! homepage at to get more infos and to download the latest release.

Saturday, 29 January 2020

  Let the contest begins ! [18:32 CET] By Bobbi  

Finally, as already announced some weeks back, the PSXEmu contest started. It took us some time to think of good questions, a big thanks goes out to DragonYen and Nicotine` for helping me a lot with those questions. From this contest excluded are all persons on with FULL Ftp access and all people that helped me with those questions (JNS, nick\, Ben-J, Thorgal, Nicotine, DragonYen, General Leo and all others I forgot =P).

Enter the contest here. We wish you good luck !

  Pete's OpenGL GPU 1.28 [14:00 CET] By Nick  

PeteBernert has released his latest TNT OpenGL GPU plugin 1.28. It has quite a number of fixes and improvements. Here's what's new in it :
  • Support for 3D VR glasses.
  • Bugfix for shaded polylines
  • Slightly faster texture uploading
  • GeForce tweak
You may start downloading Pete's TNT OpenGL GPU Version 1.28 here. Please visit PeteBernert's Official Site for more inf and details about his latest plugin.

Friday, 28 January 2020

  Another short article [15:18 CET] By Bobbi  

JNS sent me another article from a german magazin called "PC Intern". A quick translation :
    The latest generation - Sony Playstation :
    The first playable PSX emulator was PSEmu Pro. But this emu required a ROM image of the PSX bios, which was only avaible on an illegal way. And the emulator requires a really fast PC. But since a half year, there's the legal emulator bleem!, which is far better. Although Sony tried several times to stop bleem!'s market introducing, bleem! is now also avaible on the german market. And bleem! supports nearly all existing playstation games and that with a better support than all other PSX emulator before. All you have to do is to pop a Playstation CD into your CD drive and to run bleem!. The really greatest property of bleem! is the graphic. In reality, it isn't only able to display the graphics the same way the playstation does, but with a much better graphic display. Once you activated the 3D Hardware, the textures of the PSX games are even looking better !
You can read the scan here. Thanks to JNS for the scan.

  Cool bleem! review [15:12 CET] By Bobbi posted a great review about bleem!. They rated it really well. Here's a part from their review :
    Bleem, much to Sony's chagrin, lets you pop a PlayStation CD into your PC to play Final Fantasy, Tekken 3, or any of 300 Bleem-compatible PlayStation games. Sony's copyright infringement suit against the manufacturer of the same name goes to court in July.
Read this review here. Thanks to Don SAM for the news.

  Cheet! update [15:06 CET] By Bobbi  

Some more news on yesterdays post on Addon-Factory. Everybody who previously registered cheet! needs to get a new registration code. Here's their post :
    The registered users need a new unlock code, so, if this is your case, send a mail to with your old registration info attached - you will get a new key by email (for free, of course).
Mail your previous registration infos here and visit Addon-Factory here.

Thursday, 27 January 2020

  Cheet! New Version [12:00 CET] By Nick  

The Addon-Factory, has released a new cheet! version. This new version helps systems with the search related problem. Here's the news from addon-factory:
    We fixed the search related problem that showed up on some systems. If you had any problem with cheet!, then this version is for you. The package also includes the help file and the code databases. Get it here.
If you have this problem with your system, you can get this new version of cheet! right here. For more info and details, please visit addon-factory.

Wednesday, 26 January 2020

  bleem! News [08:00 CET] By Nick  

"1.4(x) worked for me, but 1.5(x) crashes after the disclaimer..." Well, has posted instructions on how to fix this bug. Read the following posted in :
    It has recently been brought to our attention by Lone Star that there is a very small bug in the 1.5(x) series of bleem! that can cause it to have an Invalid Page Fault (or a General Protection Fault) if you had previously been running the 1.4(x) series at a Sound Rate of "8000 Hz". To fix it all you have to do is get an older version of bleem (1.4/1.4a), run it, and change the RATE under SETTINGS : SOUND. Anything besides 8,000 Hz should do the trick. This has been posted to the TroubleShooting board as well. If you no longer have 1.4 or 1.4a, you can download one of them from
Click here now to go to the bleem! downloads page to get your bleem! 1.4 or 1.4a. If you want to fix it or need help for it, you may discuss it in our boards here. For more info and details, visit

Monday, 24 January 2020

  Bleasy! preview [20:32 GMT] By Bobbi  

Remember that screenshot we posted several weeks ago from a program called bleasy ? Well, the program has progressed pretty well and is close to a release now and JNS, programmer of blini!, made a quick preview which can be found at his page here. He wrote the following :
    Here's a little sneak preview of bleasy!, which is coming very soon. It comes from the words bleem! + easy, which is renamed shortformed bleasy!. This is actually a bleem! configuration tool with extra features, such as Save/Load, Auto-Controller config, easier and more user friendly config.... and more will come soon
Check out the preview at Also, keep an eye on those pages for a surprise soon :)

  More on the PSEmu page [20:28 GMT] By Bobbi  

Like you all most propably already noticed, the PSEmu page has an "interresting" picture on the main page ... Now, Emuunlim posted an interresting view on that one :
    I noticed that there was a flying cow @ and i think i know what that means. Coming to the conclusion that has gone down it can only mean one thing. That is: that cow will make an "Impact", if you dont get it by now there is some tie between Psemu and Impact and its starting to show...
Well, another interresting view ... :) Feel free to send us your opinions on that one :)

Sunday, 23 January 2020

  Bleem! article [09:02 GMT] By Bobbi  

The last issue of the german PC magazin "PC Player" featured an article about bleem!. Although their research isn't really 100% correct, they still wrote a nice article. A translated part of the article says :
    With bleem!, a normal PC understands many, many PSX games, and even improves their graphics using modern 3D graphic technology. No wonder, that Sony went right away and sued them - and lost (heheheh =P). The emulator continues living ...
At the end, they gave bleem! 75 out of 100 points. Read the first page here and the second here. Thanks to JNS for the scans.

  PSEmu page updated [08:06 GMT] By Bobbi  

Today, the PSEmu page has been .... something like ... updated. No news or anything, but an interresting pic is covering the page now ... And when viewing the source of the page, you get this message : "The chase is better than the catch". We don't know what this means, feel free to discuss this at our PSX emulation board.

Thursday, 20 January 2020

  Whats new in CD Brake 1.04 [16:30 GMT] By mathew2  

We found out what is new in CD Brake 1.04, the new version supports more drives and remembers the lock state for individual CD's. Visit the CD Brake Homepage here. Thanks to Joern, author of CD Brake, for the information on his new version!

  CD Brake 1.04 Released [09:45 CET] By Nick  

CD Brake 1.04 released. For now, we do not know what's new in this version. So, if you know what's new in it please email me at You may want to visit CD Brake's official homepage for more info and details about it. Click here now to start downloading CD Brake 1.04.

Wednesday, 19 January 2020

  David Herpolsheimer interview [20:36 CET] By Bobbi  

David Herpolsheimer, president of bleem, LLC met with Leo from ZdNet to discuss the legality of emulators. It's an interresting discussion, you'll need the Real Player to view it. To view (and listen) to the whole interview, go here.

Big thanks to Mike for the link !

  Misc things [20:36 CET] By Bobbi  

To finally clear up all the annoying discussions of the last day about the release of 1.6, here's an answer from DY which got posted in this thread on the bleem! message board :
  • Is it in testing : NO
  • Is it close to testing : Yes
  • Will it be out within a Year : NO TELLING
Nothing more to say about it, so please don't mail me any more.

In another thread on the bleem! message board, tmar89 pasted a letter from the current PC Gamer magazin regarding bleem!'s name :
    I believe I know the source for the name of the PlayStation emulator called Bleem!. I heard the word once before in an old "Happy Days" episode that introduced Robin Williams as Mork from Ork. Mork wanted to take Richie Cunningham to Ork and said it would only take a 'bleem' to get there and back to earth. When Richie Cunningham asked how long a 'bleem' would take, Mork replied, "About ten thousand years." So, a 'bleem' is an Orkan measurement of a unit of time.
It's an interresting discussion, join the discussion about "Randy's sheet" (quote from PJ) here.

  Where have you been ?!? [20:36 CET] By Bobbi  

Nope, we're not dead, we're working on a new design for the page, and beside : It's a REALLY slow week regarding PSX emulation news. All the emulators which are in early developement stages seem to be on a hold right now or are developed without any messages to the public ... Oh well, I hope we'll see a life sign from them soon :)

I also had to prepare the visitor number 500.000 contest, which will start in 2 weeks. Prepare for some hard questions and, of course, interresting prizes :)

Friday, 14 January 2020

  Yet another bleem! award! [13:25 CET] By Nick  

MPOG.COM has rated Bleem! "MPOG 1999 Miscellaneous Game / Application of the Year". As far as i know, bleem! is the best working playstation emulator out there for PC users. Here's the news on the site:
    Chances are nobody would have ever heard of this product if Sony hadn't made such a fuss about it in the courts. BLEEM is a software emulator for your PC that lets you play many (but not all) of your Playstation titles on a 3D accelerated PC. The few games I tried (Grand Turismo, Driver, Gex 3, and some others) all worked fairly well. A nice interface lets you map PSX pad controls to your keyboard or any Windows-compatible controller you have plugged into your system (I highly recommend a game pad). While there are several "issues" with sound quality the graphics are stunning and you can drive most games as high as your system will allow which often means 2-4 times the resolution of your Playstation. BLEEM is certainly cheaper than a Playstation but it is no substitute for one.
Want to buy bleem! and not sure where to get it? Visit now for more info and details.

Thursday, 13 January 2020

  HyperSnap-DX 3.55 Released [08:55 CET] By Nick  

HyperSnap-DX has updated it's snapshot utility to HyperSnap-DX 3.55. There are some fixes which may be helpful to you. Here's what's new in HyperSnap-DX 3.55:
  • Corrected an unexpected program shut down on some systems when accessing File/Open or File/Save dialog boxes
  • Corrected a small problem with printing in "best fit" page orientation - for some pictures and printing settings it would switch between portrait and landscape on each print
You may download HyperSnap-DX 3.55 here. Visit HyperSnap-DX's official site today to get your licensed copy.

  GameBoost 1.02 Released [08:05 CET] By Nick  

GameBoost 1.02 has been released by Megaman's Bleem Network. There are many improvements and fixes to the program. Here's what's new in GameBoost 1.02:
  • Fixed double-click event bug
  • Fixed Shut Down screen bug
  • Added SysInfo (in About dialog box)
  • Added protection against Ctr+Alt+Del
  • GB now allows only one instance (you can't run it twise)
Want to download this latest version? Click here now to start downloading. You may also want to read the readme.txt file. Visit GameBoost's official homepage here for more info and details.

Wednesday, 12 January 2020

  Jackal-AdriPSX news official [23:55 CET] By Thorgal  

A few days back we already mentioned that the Jackal Team joined the AdriPSX Team, and this has now been officialy announced at the Jackal Homepage. Here is that part:
    Now for some good and some bad news regarding the Jackal emulation project. The bad news is that Jackal is currently on hold,as Expert has decided to join another PSX emulation project to help further his programming knowledge of the console.That being the good news too,as he has joined the Adri-PSX windows project,(some of you may have already read of it in the Adri interview published at From now on, this site will provide information for Adri-PSX, (official site at and keep track of what is happening to our old project and its developer.And maybe there will be some suprises left here too!Watch this space...
The AdriPSX Homepage hasn't been updated for a while though, be sure to keep an eye on this one...

  PSXGameEdit v1.60 Released [11:35 CET] By Nick  

PSXGameEdit v1.60 has just been released. There are many improvements and bug fixes, even the author can't remember it all. Here's what's new in PSXGE v1.60:
  • Hardware support for XPloder/XPlorer cartridges, and of course still for Caetla etc., DexDrive & PlaySaver
  • Hex-editor which gives you full editing control of game saves!
  • Improved IconEditor, which lets you IMPORT and EXPORT PlayStation Icons to and from Windows Icons (.ICO files)
  • Support for load'n'save of MadCatz DataDeck files
  • Supports PocketStation saves!
  • Supports Virtual Game Station saves on the Mac!
  • Added support for Bleem! saves! Use all saves from the Net on your Bleem! machine!
  • XPlorer cheat code lookup function (WEB)
  • Cleanup memory card images so they can be compressed more and you get rid of the annoying deleted saves that were present in many DexPlorer saves.
  • Lots of other improvements made! I can't remember it all, go download and get rockin'!
Get your copy of PSXGameEdit v1.60 here. Or you may visit PSXGameEdit official website for more info about PSXGE v1.60. Feel free to discuss about it at our message board if you have any questions.

Tuesday, 11 January 2020

  bleem! HQ Moved [14:05 CET] By Nick  

Bleem! has moved it's headquarters and the site was down for awhile. But now, everything is back to normal. Here's the news:
    You may have noticed a different message here earlier stating we were moving the bleem! HQ and that our phones were temporarily disconnected. Well everything is back to normal now, and the phone lines are working again. Thanks for your continued support.
Visit Bleem! for more details and info.

  blini! Beta Release 3 Build 2 [14:00 CET] By Nick  

Blini! has been updated to blini! Beta Release 3 Build 2. There's only a bug fix which might be helpful to some of you. Here's the bug fixed:
  • After editing it GOES BACK to the first game in the list' is fixed now
Get blini! Beta Release 3 Build 2 here, or visit blini for more info about this new release. JNS also mentioned that the full release 3 is coming soon and bleasy may release also.

Sunday, 09 January 2020

  Pete's OpenGL GPU 1.27 released [21:45 CET] By Thorgal  

Pete's OpenGL GPU for PSEmu Pro has been updated to 1.27! Although this plugin has been developed for use with a Nvidia TNT videocard, it should work fine with every OpenGL-compatible videocard. Here's what's new in version 1.27:
  • Optimized 'Dynamic caching'. It will be slightly faster (less cache thrashing).
  • Support for sprite wrapping. Very interesting psx ability. I've seen that just once in one game (yeah, again in BOF3, that game seems to use nearly _every_ feature of the psx gpu). Maybe some other games will also be repaired :)
Get Pete's GPU 1.27 for PSEmu here, or have a visit to Pete's homepage!

  Segu's PSEmu plugin page [14:24 CET] By Bobbi  

I'd like to give a warm welcome to Segu and his PSEmu plugin page here at On his page, you can find several great working plugins for PSEmu. Since the plugins also work with TheImpact, you might be interrested in checking his page out.

Visit Segu's PSEmu Pro Plugin page at When you're also interersted in getting hosted right here at, feel free to mail me.

  Visitor Nr. 400000 [14:20 CET] By Bobbi  

Hey, I guess we nearly missed that one :) We passed 400.000 visitors sometime early this week. Although we didn't had a contest running, we recived the pic for visitor number 400.000 from Expert, formal programmer of Jackal and currently working on AdriPSX. So what did he win ... Well, we'll send him a PSX game of his choice.

For all of you who also want to take part at a contest, we'll start the "Visitor number 500.000" contest soon, where you can win several hardware and software additions for your PC/PSX. Check back when we come close to 450.000 visitors for more details about this contest.

Saturday, 08 January 2020

  Adri-PSX author interviewed [12:05 CET] By Nick  

EmuTech2000 has posted an interviewed with Roor, author of Adri PSX Emulator. There are many questions and answers that you'll want to find out about Adri-PSX. Here's a part of the interview:
    How is the Adri-PSX project going?

    Right now, I hope to have a major speed up in development, as new people have been incoporated into the AdriPSX Team. All of us are working hard on different areas, such as Windows Porting, GTE, SPU and MDEC.
You may continue to read the rest of the interview here, read it now to find out more.

  Memory card Captore Sakura 1.59 And ... [11:05 CET] By Nick  

MemoryCard Captor Sakura has released another of it's memory card editor to version 1.59 which contains many fixes and improvements. Here's what's new in version 1.59:
  • The access speed of the memory card was improved
  • The perfect elimination function of the "Data/Header" of the save-data unit is added
  • Indication or non-indication can be chosen toward the removed data
  • The XOR error check of the save-data and repair function were added
  • Copes with the access which Multi-Tap was used for
  • The psm form of PSEmu can be used
  • An object Window is indicated when data are finished by the un-preservation
  • A number was given to the new card image Window
  • The bug which was as the access lamp of PocketStation is turned on when drag & drops are used was corrected
  • It may not be able to access it properly when a memory card is put in the plural. It was corrected
  • It was corrected though a Window title wasn't changed after a "save as" action
  • The indication of the slot number was wrong
On a sidenote, there's also a english version of MemoryCard Captor Sakura 1.51. If you want to know what's new in version 1.51, read below:
  • The bug that the display/non-display setting of the message bar is not normally preserved is fix
  • The bug in which the display/non-display of various bars is not reflected is fix
  • When one or more window is opened, the bug that "End "File" -" does not operate is fix
  • Additionally, minute adjustment
You may download MemoryCard Captor Sakura 1.59 in handy .zip format here. If you want to have the english version of MemoryCard Captor Sakura 1.51, click here now to download. For more info and details, visit the official homepage.

For some of you who do not know japanese, there's a rough translated homepage of MemoryCard Captor Sakura (be sure to check it out).

Thursday, 06 January 2020

  Happy birthday Rand + New poll [14:04 CET] By Bobbi  

Thanks to DragonYen it came to my attention that today, 6. Januar, it's Randy Linden's birthday !! I don't know exactly how old he became, if I'm not wrong he became 29 ... Anyway :

Happy birthday

from the whole to Randy Linden, with the suggestion to take finally take a free day !

On a sidenote, I created a new poll where I ask you, from which PSX region you're coming. As options, there's PAL, NTSC U/C and NTSC J. That way, we can easier optimize pages for certain visitors. Thanks for voting in advance !

  PSX Pad To PC Connector [12:25 CET] By Nick  

Ever thought of using a dual shock psx pad with bleem? And do you guys also remember a website which teaches you how to make your own PSX-PC connector? Now, if you do not know anything about soldering and all those electronics stuff or you don't understand the tutorial in the website, well, a better way out is to buy ready-made ones. The EmuLition PC-PSX webpage are selling the regular, single control adapter for a price of $25 plus shipping. And for the double control adapter, which allows you to play 2 players, via two playstation controllers, the price is $35.

Visit the EmuLition PC-PSX webpage here for more info and details about buying the ready-made ones. To build your own connector, visit this page.

  Fine Nine '99: bleem! placed 1st [01:35 CET] By Thorgal  

Well, here's something we missed a few days back that you may find interesting: in the 'Fine Nine of '99' article over at Emulation Camp, a great article by lilac in which the best 9 emulators of 1999 are being chosen and ranked, bleem! is at the top of 'em all! Yes, bleem! has been given the 1st place, and here's their story about it:
    bleem! has transformed emulation from an underground hobby to a business. bleem! LLC, founded in 1998, began work on thier Sony Playstation emulator late last year and boasted it would not only emulate the Playstation with a 300 megahertz processor but woudl actually improve the quality of the original games, among other things. Most of bleem!'s promises were dismissed as myths. No one would know for sure until the first release was made earlier this year. While most of the features they originally boasted about were disabled or non-existant in the first version, they have since been added, and the bleem! entering the year 2000 now matches the specifications made in 1999.

    bleem! also became a commercial success over the year. While Connectix beat bleem! LLC to the shelves of software retailers with thier rival product, Virtual Game Station, bleem! gained more attention from the media because of it runs in the Windows PC environment as opposed to Macintosh. The much larger user base was sure to skyrocket sales of bleem! past Virtual Game Station.

    In stepped Sony. The commercial giant had been trying for months to convince the government to prohibit sales of VGS when bleem! first appeared on the market. Sony eventually won, despite several previous losses at court, and immediately persued bleem! as thier next target. Sony has yet to hamper bleem! sales yet has not given up trying. Sony vs. bleem! LLC may go to court in 2000 with perhaps the future of emulation at stake.

    Good luck in the future and congratulations to bleem! LLC for creating, marketting, and defending this year's most influential emulator: bleem!
Yet another 'award' has been given to bleem! Visit the bleem! review of the article here; to start at the beginning of this excellent article, visit this page.

Tuesday, 04 January 2020

  New savegames [23:08 CET] By Bobbi  

Today, I updated again the bleem! savegames page with the following .mcd savegames :
  • Metal Gear Solid VR Mission
  • Chocobo Dungeon 2
  • Southpark Rally
  • Bomberman World
When you're looking for bleem! savegames, check out our big savegames archive here, now with 356 savegames !

  Bleem! review [22:22 CET] By Bobbi  

Well, I guess we missed that one last month : Tech-Arena made a bleem! review in december, and gave them 4 out of 5 arcs. From their review :
    Touted to be a "accessory" rather than a replacement to the Playstation console, Bleem! can currently play 250 titles out of a possible 500 or so since the console's inception. There's a long list of games that run "acceptably" but have graphical and or sound glitches. Surprisingly, Tekken 3 ran whereas Tekken 2 wouldn't work well. Konami's Soul Of The Samurai wasn't working either to our disappointment. However, there are lots more titles that do work and Bleem LLC is constantly upgrading their product via patches that allow for maximum compatibility. One has to wonder if there will be a PSX2 emulator.
If you're interrested, check out the review here.

  Hypersnap 3.54.00 [22:09 CET] By Bobbi  

Today, Hyperionics released another version of their screenshot capture tool HyperSnap. With HyperSnap, you're able to capture screenshots from OpenGL as well as from Glide applications. Although this program isn't freeware you still might be interrested in the demo version. Here's what's new in this version :
  • Corrected the printing bug, introduced in ver. 3.53
  • Corrected DirectX/Direct3D game capture code - it would sometimes not capture games using DirectX 6 interfaces, if DirectX 7 was install on the system.
  • Corrected to not forget the file name, if the image was edited (e.g. cropped, resized etc.)
When you're interrested in this tool, download it here (-1144k-) or visit their homepage here.

Monday, 03 January 2020

  blini! beta release 3 [12:11 CET] By Thorgal  

Thankfully, blini! is still being developed. The blini! homepage has been updated with some important news:
    Some of you may have noticed the lack of new game entries available when using the Online Update Wizard recently. This is particularly due to the fact that we haven't recieved new entries from anybody. We need your support! By sending us new game entries, we will expand the bleem!.ini, making alot of people happy =) You will also be named in the readme.txt file, which is included with blini!
This has been the primary reason blini! beta release 3 has been released today, including the following new features:
  • Mail to blini!" function
  • Update function is based on Winsock now, which gives you another speed-up
Particularly the first one is interesting: you can easily submit any new game entries you've made, so the bleem!.ini can and will be regularly expanded. You may also add any comments/suggestions via the 'Mail to blini!' wizard.

This one is a nice goodie, be sure to get it at the blini! homepage.

Sunday, 02 Januar 2000

  Jackal + AdriPSX [22:01 CET] By Bobbi  

Well, why did we thought that AdriPSX could be fake ? Because we all used PC's with V3 cards, and those don't seem to be compatible with the VESA2 standart AdriPSX uses. And why didn't the windows version run ? According to a skilled friend from the emulation community, there was an error that didn't allowed it to run on any PC.

Now what does the headline mean ? You most propably already guessed it, the Jackal team joined with the AdriPSX team to make a better and faster emu. But how does this team look exactly now ? Well, according to my infos, they'll split work in this way :
  • Roor will still be working on the DOS version
  • FPU, Expert and the rest of the Jackal team will be working on the windows version
No matter how they'll decide, I think this will become a great emulator on which we should keep an eye :)

Saturday, 01 Januar 2000

  Savegames updated [22:01 CET] By Bobbi  

Today, I updated the bleem! savegames section with the following new savegames :
  • Gran Tourismo 2
  • Lego Racers
  • Syphon Filter
  • Um Jammer Lammy
  • Vigilante 8 : 2nd Offense
The latest savegames are marked with a "new" icon - Get them from the savegames page here. Those are all NTSC savegames, if you have another NTSC or, easier (since there aren't that many) PAL savegames, please send them to us.

For those of you who don't want to download every single savegame, I made a zip archive with all 353 bleem! savegames, download it here (-3068k-).

  We're still alive ! [00:42 CET] By Bobbi  

Oh well, looks like we're still alive and our PC's are still running ... Oh well, maybe 3000 ... :)

Anyway, we have two requests : We're looking for people that can verify us if ADRI-PSX runs on their PC ? Maybe you can include your PC details as well as the name of the game you've tested. Thanks in advance.

  Sad blini! news [00:40 CET] By Bobbi  

Oh well, bad new year news from blini! :
    Well, a sad day. After a HD crash I found out that my backup became corrupt in the meantime, I lost the latest blini! source code, and have to re-write everything beginning from Release 2a. Sorry, since this means that there won't be a new blini! version this millennium any more.
Let's hope we'll see a new release of blini! soon. Check out the blinI! page here.