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Friday, 30 June

  CNET Article On Dreamcast Rips Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:28 EST]  
CNET has posted an article on the recent string of piracy concerning the Sega Dreamcast. The article talks of basic facts most of you already know. They talk of UTOPiA's initial rip and their DC BootCD, then move onto Kalisto's rips, and the speed at which they are coming. The article then moves on to discuss piracy with other software, but then says something interesting:
    The company now acknowledges, however, that there was a "loophole" in the original hardware and software anti-piracy protections. That has been fixed in new Sega-produced games, and the new development tools have been given to outside game companies, a spokesman said.

    "As far as we're concerned, this is an issue that is no longer the case," said Charles Bellfield, director of communication for Sega. "We have made changes to our tool set to make sure it's no longer possible."

    That may or may not be true for the most recent games. According to sites tracking releases, 18 pirated games had already been released in the week following the first appearance of the Utopia hack, with another underground group called "Kalisto" joining in the releases. Some of these games, such as "Evolution 2" and "Marvel vs. Capcom 2," hit retail shelves just a few days ago.
Interesting huh? You can check out the rest of the article right here. Also, here is a link to another article on the DC Piracy, if you are interested.

  FPSE release news Posted by Bobbi at [14:07 EST]  
The FPSE page has been updated with news regarding the release, which originally was promised for this week :
    Sorry but FPSE will be released next week the day 7 July 2020. This in order to correct some bug, and to give way to complete the configurator. Here the news of version 0.08 :
    • FPSECFG program (The GUI to runs FPSE).
    • INI file support (nothing command kilometric lines!) FPSE and Plugin have a new mechanism and, more important, portabile in order to manage the configurations.
    • Many bug fix : the compatibility is grown up.
    • Fully MDEC support.
    • Fully CDROM support except XA-Audio.
    • Support A/R.
    • Best support 4 COFF files.
    • Best support 4 script files.
    • Fix gamepad & memory card.
    • Fix of some of numerous the bug of the GTE.
    • Plugin architecture.
    • Possibility to use GPU and CDR plugin of the PSEMU.
    • Emulation of the serial connectors. U can be connected with a serial cable authentic Playstation with a PC+FPSE!!!
    If you are interested to the porting on other operating systems: Linux/Unix, Amiga, OS/2, MSDOS, MAC, you are the welcomes, that it is always made in the spirit of the open source. ^_^
And the page also got updated with some very interresting news : 10 people will be able to test FPSE 0.08 2 days before the release : You just need to be visitor number 15.000, 15500, 16000, 16500 and so on ... For more details, visit the FPSE homepage !

  *REPOST* [pec] 1.0c Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [09:41 EST]  
Somehow this post got deleted, so I'm reposting it:

JNS released version 1.0 rebuild c of his very popular PlayStation Emulation Cheater, [pec]. New things to mention in this version are some bugfixes, a new compression method for the database, and as usual, more game additions to the [pec] database. Here's a more in-depth look at what's new straight from
    Bugfix - The code type 50 wasn't executed correctly, this caused crashes in certain games

    Bugfix - Master and Jokes codes haven't been executed correctly, this also caused crashes

    Bugfix - Few GotFocus-Bugs in the Main-Window were fixed

    Addition : Changed the database format a bit, now big games can be compressed, so they need less than 10% of the space they used before
You can also read a list of games added to the [pec] cheat code database at JNS also mentioned that the feature "Know of a region code [pec] doesn't know of ? Please submit it here." IS NOT for games you wish to be added to the database, but for games which are already included in the [pec] database but which aren't detected using the Drive Buttons. By submitting games which aren't in the database yet, you cause a lot of useless work for JNS, which could slow down development for [pec], and no one wants that. Please only use the previosly mentioned feature only for what it's meant for.

You can download [pec] version 1.0 rebuild c from our server here.

  Phoenix emu on PSX Posted by Bobbi at [08:32 EST]  
Anthony Ball released an emulator, which allows you to run Phoenix games on your Sony playstation. The author posted this on his page :
    Legally, you need to have the original Phoenix roms! has images of most roms available.
    (For the easiest way to run, these downloads require a Caetla modified cartridge)
    The emulators here are written in 100% assembly language & do NOT use any Sony libraries!
Got you interrested ? Well, you can download Phoenix here. Feel free to mail us your results with this emulator. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

  [pec] edit 1.1 Posted by Bobbi at [07:58 EST]  
Just in time, Aldo released a new version of his editor for [pec], which allows you to easily add codes into the [pec] database. Here's what Aldo said :
    PECEdit is an advanced database editor for PEC the best cheating software available for PSX emulators. PECEdit lets you add or import new cheats not available in the current database, and the favorite feature let you have a smaller database with only the games you own. New in this version: Support for the new format of code extensions lists on PEC 1.0c.
If you don't know what Aldo means with new format of code extensions, scroll down a bit to find the update about the latest [pec] version. You can download the updated version of pecedit at Aldo's page ! (BTW - Aldo also added the VGS modchip for the Mac - You can also find it at his page)

  Another Victory for Connectix Posted by Bobbi at [07:54 EST]  
Early this year, Connectix won a lawsuit against Sony and was able to ship the PC version of their commercial PSX emulator Virtual Gamestation. But, just like in bleem, inc.'s case, Sony didn't gave up and filled a patent claim against Sony.

Today, CNet reports that Sony's claim was dismissed :
    Sony has voluntarily dismissed its federal patent infringement case against Connectix, one day before those claims were to go to trial, Connectix said late today. Sony executives were not immediately available for comment.

    "While we recognize that Sony may still attempt to bring some of these claims back before the court at a later date, this represents the third victory in a row for Connectix in this case," Connectix chief executive Roy McDonald said in a statement. "We hope that at some point Sony will recognize the merits of cooperating with us in giving added flexibility to consumers and fans of the PlayStation."
Well, another victory against big Sony - But for sure not the last lawsuit we'll see against PSX emulation authors ... You can view the whole article here. Big thanks to Jeffrey Randall for the news !

Thursday, 29 June

  PCSX News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:47 EST]  
Expert- is having trouble with his new e-mail account, so don't drop him a mail there just yet ;)

Expert- informed me on IRC that the PCSX homepage had been updated. The update concerns the addition of a new beta tester, PsYcHoJaK, and some updates on the status of PCSX. Here's a clip of the post:
    ...Well we would like to welcome PsYcHoJaK in pcsx beta team. He is the first beta tester for pcsx (and we don't need more now thanks) and he already has a webpage on which you can see his tests :) Check it out here.
    The emu also is progressing nicely. We've worked on cd-rom, SPU, GUI and we hope that we will increase compatibility much more :)
Expert- also said his new mail is, and if you have sent mail to his old address recently, mail it again to him here.

Also, on PsYcHoJaK's page, there are some screenshots of PCSX in action: Toyoton Retsuden 3, Forsaken, FIFA 2000 (just title screen), The Sony BIOS screen, and more. So give his page a look if you are interested.

BTW- I made updates to the VGS Downloads page, and will be making updates to the others later today. Mail me if you notice anything wrong on these pages.

Wednesday, 28 June

  Quick Aldo update Posted by Bobbi at [17:08 EST]  
Just a quick update on Aldo's page. He updated one if his older projects, where he sorts the reviews IGN provides :
    I updated list of IGN reviews and sorted them by Title/Rating/Genre. It's very useful to find which are the best games to rent/buy/lent from a friend/download from "backups" sites. IGN only provide this list sorted by title :o(
Aldo also made a quick update to VGSJoy, which fixes a small bug when using 2 joypads :
    If you're experiencing problems with the VGSJoy 1.8 using it with 2 or more joypads, download it again. I did a small bug fix and added the option to disable the joypads. Note. The file has been available for download since June 26.
Downloads, infos and everything else from Aldo can be found at

  PS2 modchip update Posted by Bobbi at [16:58 EST]  
After making yesterday's newspost, I recived an E-Mail from Paul, webmaster of, which clears up some things on the mod chip :
    Like I mentioned on the post there is major problems with suppliers in Hong Kong (the REAL source of the mod - NOT US/Italy as reported on some sites. It seems to me that there is so much bull going around about the PS2 mod that its totally screwed the market. Most major sites are now advertising a mod that requires no swap AND DVD multi-region - without ever actually seing the mod working themselves. I can confirm that this mod does not exist, and neither does a non swap mod(yet). Our shipment arrived this week and each and every chip (from 9 different suppliers) was the same code - butpresented differently. You may have seen mods on a PCB with a crystal and 2 capacitors - this is just a scam to make the mod look different - the codes on the 16x84 PICS were all the same (we have a £70k laser stripper at our disposal to view the hex). The mod that we are supplying at the moment is a 16x84 NOT on a PCB that requires 11 wires and a simple swap trick (the tray ejects auto after 10 second boot). We are working on an 8 wire 12c508 mod (as PSX) which does work(most of the time) and will be non-swap method but will only be released after the US release because we have no idea what changes Sony intend to make to the mainboard. I can confirm that our mod is compatible with the new SCPH 15000 but we're still working on diagrams/final wiring solutions - this will be posted on our site shortly. Another question that hasn't been addressed is the anti-mod protection. The mods are NOT
    stealth so are not compatible with backups of "anti-mod" games such as Dino Crisis, however cracked versions work perfectly well.
Wau, those are a ton of facts - But good to know this from an expert on that topic - So don't belive everything you read yet ! You can order the current working modchips from !

Tuesday, 27 June

  PS2 mod without swapping ? Posted by Bobbi at [15:01 EST]  
I just got an E-Mail from Raymonde telling me, that now wants to sell a chip which doesn't require swapping any more. Here's what I read on their page :
    Major problems on the PS2 Modchip front. The company that we buy our mods from in Hong Kong have sent us an email stating that Sony have seized all their stock and that the DVD multi-Region mod does not work :( So we have had to make an urgent purchase from another company who have the the most stable modchip available at the moment. We only have 500 of these and most have already been sold. The mod is still very easy to solder (11 wires) and plays all PS2/PS1 imports and backups and does not require a swap trick. We should have them here by Thursday next week so be patient.
Well, this sounds pretty interresting to me, we should know more about this soon. You can check out the page here.

  Cheet! 1.12 update Posted by Bobbi at [09:13 EST]  
After over 3 months of silence, finally some news from the Addon Factory : They released version 1.12 of their commercial cheating utility called cheet!. Here's what they posted on their page :
    Yes, a new version again - now it adds full support for Connectix Virtual Game Station 1.4! Registered users can download the new version here, while new users will have to head to the cheet! page to register.
You can download this compatibility update here (-932k-) If you don't want to purchase cheet! any more, you can also try [pec], a free utility from JNS.

Monday, 26 June

  PSX Emulator status Posted by Bobbi at [15:58 EST]  
Well, since those are slow newsdays, I thought I might post this update on current in development PSX emulators, and what you can expect from them in the next time. If you guys like such updates, I can post them more often.
    Well, AdriPSX is being re-written from scratch right now, but Roor already makes great progress. Just yesterday, he got MDEC (although with many problems) working, what gave compatibility another boost up. But don't expect a release to soon - You should at least wait some more weeks.

    Most propably the E-Mail I had to read most often in the past weeks - When will bleem!, inc. release a new version. Well, to be honest, we don't know as well. I have neither talked to Randy nor to David for ages since it's impossible to reach them after bleem!'s amazing success ... The next news you can expect is either the press release which has been announced weeks ago, or an announcement at the ECTS (4th September).

    It's difficult for me to tell you anything about this emulator, since I don't know the programmer at all (hey, maybe we can have a chat sometime ?). From discussions with other skilled programmers, I learned that the screenshots that they published are mostly from demo CD's - So it may be possible that some people are expecting to much : FPSE is still in early stages, but it seems to grow fast !

    Maybe the most promising upcoming emulator right now (at least from the screenshots). The compatibility is expanding faster than other emus, since this emulator uses the PSEmu Pro plugin system, which is already very optimzed. The compatibility grows every day and speed is already on a high level - Though there're certain problems remaining with the CD-Rom access. Speed will mostly depend on your PC overall speed - Like it did in PSEmu Pro. The programmers keep quite about the release date right now ... "When we feel it is good enough".

    PSMac + ThePi
    Seems to progress VERY slow, since the programmers don't have enough time anymore ... But maybe they'll come out with a surprise soon ... Maybe not :/

    Well, I heard that another programmer just joined Sope so we *should* see some progres soon, although it has been 3 months since the last update of the homepage.

    Well, if we can belive Connectix's announcements, after the last update which mainly fixed PAL compatibility, they should be adding a "big feature now" - What it is hasn't been published yet - Rumors talk about 3D or FF support. But according to the homepage, we might have to pay again for this update - If it has the same quality as the last one, I'll surely be willing to do that !
Well, that's it, the first PSX Emulator status info post ... If you would like to see such updates more often, just mail me and we might see those on a frequent base from now on.

  Unofficial compatibility list Posted by Bobbi at [15:14 EST]  
Maybe you still remember that old compatibility list made by Visuatrox for VGS. When I checked his page today, I noticed that he made several changes to the page.

First off, he refreshed the design, the page looks much nicer now and is also easier to navigate. Talking about navigation, the unofficial compatibility list if now splitted into several sections and can also be searched. A new message board as well as additions in other sections also count to the new features.

And last but not least, the page has a new adress : It can be reached now by going to update Posted by Bobbi at [14:58 EST]  
Some days ago, we reported about being an official partner of bleem, inc. regarding sales of bleemcast!.
Well, I recived an E-Mail from an high person within bleem, inc, and he told that 'they have nothing to do with Lik Sang and have asked ...that he take down anything that gives the impression that they're are "official" partners in any way.

Lik-Sang (the creators of already reacted and changed the headline of the shop to 'The non-official Bleemcast e-store Website'.

Well, what does this mean so far - I can't really tell you. But for now, I'd suggest you that, if you want to pre-order bleemcast, you do it through EBWorld.

Sunday, 25 June

  AdriPSX progress Posted by Bobbi at [06:07 EST]  
The AdriPSX homepage has been updated with some great news. As a reminder : Roor had completly restarted AdriPSX and currently rewrites the program from scratch. Here's what Roor had to say :
    Well.. after an entire night without sleeping not even an hour... AdriPSX now have a basic support for MDEC movies.Movies do not look fine yet, because GPU do not support full 24bit display mode yet... but... hey man! They are working!
    Screenshots from Final Fantasy 7, Tales of Destiny and Rockman X4 will be posted soon.

    A lot of thanks for Calb who showed me the way.
This sounds great to me - Congrats to Roor for this great progress. You can visit the AdriPSX page here.

Saturday, 24 June

  FPSE 0.8 Out Soon Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:43 EST]  
I was over at EmuHQ when I saw that the FPSE homepage has been updated with some very interesting news. !+Mr.Fog+! announced that FPSE 0.8 would be released sometime next week! I'm sure most of you can't wait ;) !+Mr.Fog+! also mentioned the following changes to the site:
  • Some site restyling.
  • All FPSE versions (from FPSE 0.1 to FPSE 0.7) are now available in download section.
  • One new screenshot: now FPSE can read/write memory cards :o)
Well, the best news is that FPSE 0.8 will be out soon, and most of you probably can't wait to see what's new ;) In the meantime, why not drop by the FPSE homepage?

Friday, 23 June

  Aldo 's tools @ June 23rd Posted by Thorgal at [16:07 EST]  
More shiny new VGS tools by Aldo today. First, let's welcome VGS Macro (experimental). Similar to his "general" MacroRecorder tool, this one lets you record keystrokes and then replay them within VGS. Tekken combos shouldn't be a problem anymore :)

Second, Aldo yet again released a new version of VGSJoy, namely v1.8 (DX7a). Here's what's new in his popular joystick support utility :
  • VGSJoy now supports up to 8 joypads.* By default all joypads have the same keys, so you can play as player 1 with any joystick.
    * You must config the keys for the joypads 2 and above for player 2.
  • Joypad config display the assigned keys
  • Small bug fixes in the joypad config :)
VGSJoy is near perfection as far as I can see, tho I wouldn't bet on it for v1.8 to be the final version ;)

Finally, there's also a Portugese translation available for VGSJoy (v1.7 and up). Shouts go out to emulatron and Jenner this time. Você fala o português? Then get yer translation! ;) And ofcourse, a nice link : ... it's all there :) And keep sending in the translations !

  VGSJoy translations Posted by Bobbi at [14:27 EST]  
Aldo released three language files for his utility VGSJoy, which, since the last version (1.7), has multi lanuage support. The new supported languages are German (thanks to me =P), Norwegian (thanks to Christian Auby) and Italian (thanks to Andrea Calabrese). If you want to do Aldo (and many other people) a favour, please translate it to your language.

You can download the updates and get more infos about translating it at Aldo's page, which now also has a messageboard, a poll which asks for your favourite tool and a chat where you can find other people that want to play with VGSNet !

  Sega Dreamcast rips ? Posted by Bobbi at [14:21 EST]  
Another pace of Next-Gen emulation news; I just read this interresting newspost over at Emusphere regarding Dead or Alive 2 on DC :
  1. As we had said ripped Dreamcast games can fit in 74CDs since they had modified the file system
  2. You cannot do a GD-Rom -> CD-R direct copy
  3. You cannot rip your own image files since they uses special hardware
  4. You must discjuggler for burning the boot disc, and for games, CDRWin or any other burning program that can process .bin files.
And here're also some infos that good published in the NFO file that came with this rip :
    "...We don´t need to tell you what DEAD OR ALIVE 2 is, do we? It´s a nice BEAT´em UP for your lovely DC. And it´s the first copyable release ever. Make sure to use only with our previously released BootCD, and recognize that NO additional Hardware changes are required! You can do as many copies of this image as you want using your favourite CDRWIN, but don´t expect to do your own copies! Still we decided what game will be published to the masses! Who ever will come next, always keep in mind: You are only immitating, next time innovate :)..."
Well, I hope I don't need to mention that there's no use in mailing us about this release, we neither can nor would give it to you. But while browsing through the website from two posts ago, I found a link to the download of the boot CD for dreamcast : Take a look on your own at - We won't take that file on our server yet since it's a VERY gray zone ...

  FPSE plays Tekken 3 Posted by Bobbi at [14:11 EST]  
The FPSE homepage has been updated with some more shots, this time they're from Tekken 3 and it's very impressive what good progress this emulator is making (now we'll just have to see a release to check out the speed).


You can get more infos and screenshots on the official FPSE homepage.

  "Bleemcast E-Store" Posted by Bobbi at [13:50 EST]  
JNS just sent me the latest official Lik-Sang newsletter in IRC, and it reads as the following :
    (7) General - Bleemcast! local sales
    Lik Sang is making first steps to the local Hong Kong market. reflects our Hong Kong E-Store start where local customers will be able to purchase the DC Bleemcast! version upon release as far as a couple of other interesting products. The webshop is online in English as well as (traditional) Chinese language and will feature a Chinese discussion forum and other interesting links. The website will be promoted by local magazine and TV advertisement.
You can check out the page and pre-order bleemcast at here. Thanks again to JNS for the news.

Thursday, 22 June

  And the winner is ... Posted by Bobbi at [03:43 EST]  
Hmm, I already thought something like this ... Once telling you guys that a contest is going on, the counter jumped from 960.000 to 1.000.000 in less than 48 hours ... Oh, well, anyway :
    The lucky winner is ... someone called Justin Ledgard (screenshot)
A confirmation E-Mail already went out to the lucky winner, he can expect his price in about 1 month (if bleem, inc. doesn't push the release date forward again of course).

For all of you who also tried to be number 1.000.000, you'll most probably get another chance to win one of the bleemcast! paks - Just stay tuned, here on PSXEmu !

1.000.000 visitors ... Hard to belive, when remembering how everything started ... A small Xoom site with ~5 visitors a day ... And belive me, our current state is still far away from what we imagine right now :) Thanks for their assistance go out to :
  • bwb - For "letting me run his site" =P; without him, PSXEmu wouldn't propably exist.
  • Zach - Another nice guy, he kept me motivated when I was working at my old page.
  • Dan - He ran my first page with me; he was the person that got me interrested in all this
  • Randy Linden - Got me interrested in expending my old page by letting me testing bleem! (that was 1.2 if I'm not wrong ...) Maybe the skilled programmer (and fastest typer) I ever met
  • David - Still a bit angry at him because he stopped the beta program about half a year ago. Oh well, still a very nice person and a skilled manager
  • mathew2 - Joined me directly when we launched PSXEmu in september last year. Although he took several brakes, he's the one who's also responsible that PSXEmu became what it is today.
  • Thorgal - Our current co-webmaster (although I wonder where he is right now ...) He helped with many improvements, is responsible for our current design and much more. A really great person.
  • CDBurnout - Came to us from Extreme bleem! with plenty of time to spend into our page. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to have such nice holidays :)
  • DragonYen + LanGaidin - Technical something from bleem, inc. and two VERY nice persons. They're responsible that PSXEmu came back after that breakdown we had some months ago, and also for many of the exclusiv news we had here.
  • EmuManiac - For being nice when required and not being nice when not required (ehh ... whatever =P) Motivated me to continue PSXEmu when I was close to stopping it and was always a good friend when required
  • JNS, Segu, Roor, Aldo - Our programmers, all are VERY skilled in the languages they programm in. Those are, of course, also responsible that people visit our page daily.
  • i4get, Souledge, gmb, 912, Wormie, gigatron and all other people that visit #psxemu regularly and keep us up to date with news (or something simular to that, ehh 912 ?) and always somehow busy :)
  • And of course YOU, the person reading those pages and coming back on a regular base. Without you, we would already have stopped this all :)

Wau, what a list ... Let's continue this way - Up to 2.000.000 visitors !

  New VGSJoy Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [02:14 EST]  
Aldo released version 1.7 of his popular tool, VGSJoy today. This version includes multilanguage support among other things listed below:
  • Multi-language support: English and Spanish
  • For other languages you have to create a file VGSJoy_your_language.txt (Use VGSJoy_English.txt as reference)
  • Start VGSJoy with Virtual Game Station is now optional
  • Continous Polling is now optional (may work a bit better in ZSnes with some joypads, but don't expect too much)
You can download VGSJoy 1.7 from Aldo's page here, it requires DirectX 7. Don't forget to check out Aldo's page, hosted here @ PSXEmu.

Oh, and Congrats to whoever got the 1,000,000th hit, don't forget to send in the screenshot to Bobbi. Alas, I was only hit number 1,000,049 :( Hehe, I almost forgot about the contest ;) I'd like to thank everyone who's ever supported PSXEmu, and thanks for getting us to 1,000,000 hits!

Now I'm off to sleep... night :)

Wednesday, 21 June

  FPSE News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [17:40 EST]  
!+Mr.Fog+! has updated the FPSE homepage with screenshots of Kula World. !+Mr.Fog+! also mentioned that he updated history section a bit. One final note is that Manta (a demo) runs with FPSE now, with some GTE bugs.

You can check out the homepage of FPSE here. For those of you that don't know, FPSE (Free PlayStation Emulator) is a freeware, open source PSX emulator.

BTW - Last time I checked, the counter was almost at 985,000, so keep on refreshing ;)

  Contest continues Posted by Bobbi at [10:33 EST]  
Hmm, moved it back to the top so everyone can see it and participate ... We're at about 978000 visitors right now ...

First off, the simple rules :
  • The counter is at the bottom of the screen (after 'PSXEmu is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, with a resolution of 1024x768.')
  • A script is installed which lets the background of PSXEmu appear in a different background color once the counter shows 1.000.000 visitors (and only for this visitor). That way, it's impossible to fake the screenshot.
  • If you're the lucky person, just scroll down so the counter is visible, press "Printscreen" and paste the screenshot into any picture program, save it and mail it to

And now, of course the prize : Thanks to the GREAT assistance from LanGaidin, we'll be able to send you one of the first bleemcast's that're available on the market directly to your home. Just here, on PSXEmu. And thanks again to LanGaidin.

Oh yeah, our team can also participate (CDBurnout, JNS, Nick etc. ...) The only persons that can't participate is me and Yoshi !

Well, and if you don't have a dreamcast, we !MIGHT! talk about an alternative price (just send your suggestion with the E-Mail), though I can't promise you anything yet.

And now, have fun ! :)

  Top Ten List Day 6/20 Posted by Bobbi at [10:32 EST]  
Overclicked, well known for sarcastic comics, opened their "Top Ten List" (well, it's not always ten, but who cares about small details ...).
    Top 8 2600 games you never wanted to know aboutTop 5 LYNX games with really juvenile names
    Top 6 NES products we wouldn't be caught dead with
    Top 7 N64 Games we never saw
    Top 7 Things we'll never understand about the Genesis
    Top 9 PLAYSTATION Girls we'd like to date and why
Of course, interresting for our visitors are the Top 10 playstation girls they'd like to date. They also have some details on the PSX and links, so you should check out this new addition to

Tuesday, 20 June

  New VGS comp. style Posted by Bobbi at [10:45 EST]  
The official compatibility list over at the official page has recived a new design, which actually allows MUCH easier navigation of the list. Here's what Connectix told about the new look :
    Our List has a New Look - We've combined our recommended game lists so it's easier for you to find your favorite game no matter what version of CVGS you're using. While the games on the list are recommended, other games not on this list may also work. The list is in alphabetical order, so just scroll down to see if your favorite game is listed. You can also use the find command in your browser to search.

    TITLES CHECK-MARKED ON THIS LIST WERE JUDGED AS PLAYABLE BY OUR QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT FOR THE SPECIFIED VERSION NOTED AT THE TOP OF EACH COLUMN. While they have been recommended, the titles may exhibit some defects. For instance, in order to keep up with the flow of the game, CVGS may need to occasionally skip a frame in the video presentation.
Well, to be honest, the second part sounds a bit funny to me, since they can't promise you that the game can't exhibit some flaws ... Guess's list is still a bit much more informative. Anyway, check out the new compatibility list here.

  New poll Posted by Bobbi at [10:01 EST]  
Well, we're expanding PSXEmu often, but now I wondered, what our future projects should be related to. The possibilitys are :
  • More about Connectix Virtual Gamestation
  • More about bleem!
  • Next-Gen Emu (means that we should cover N64, PSX, PS2, Dolphin and DC)
  • PSX tech docs (information on how to develop your own PSX Emu)
  • Nothing, you rule (so we decide what we change/add etc. ...
Well, this poll will mainly decide what PSXEmu will be related to in the future, so please go voting now !

The results for the last poll are viewable here. From 1416 votes, 681 won't purchase bleemcast!, though 609 will. The 126 of you who don't now what's bleemcast! most propably were to lazy to vote.

  PS2 Article Posted by Nick at [08:16 EST]  
Today at, there was an article about PS2 on your desktop. There's even some cool pics of the modem, monitor and keyboard. Here's a snip from the article:
    Sony has stated that its real intention is to make broadband gaming a reality through the PlayStation2. The company is doing this by incorporating a network adapter (an Ethernet port) into the forthcoming hard drive. This will allow you to plug your existing DSL or cable modem into the PS2 and connect at lightning speeds -- perhaps not for web browsing or email, but rather for advanced online play experiences and downloading movies, music and other goodies provided by Sony. The strategy hasn't been clarified yet, but it does promise huge things -- especially now that Verant is working on an online Star Wars Universe!

Click here now to head over to now to read the full article.

  DC mod chip 2 Posted by Bobbi at [03:33 EST]  
Well, since I got so many E-Mails regarding the mod chip, I thought you all might be interrested in those instructions I read on IRC this morning :
    You start the dc up with the gameshark in, then select start game with no code.It says insert game, so stick the import in and close the lid.Game starts.
    Warning : There still is that 50/60 issue with PAL dc's :(

    What it does : It actually re-enables reading of the cd/gd file system (aha =P)
Thanks to Berzum, Chief_Ug and MrBlonde for this nice describtion. You can still download the modchip here.

Monday, 19 June

  Bleemcast Interview Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:59 EST]  
On IRC I was told that GameFan Online had recently conducted an interview with bleem!, inc.'s Chief Technology Officer, Randy Linden and their Director of PR & Marketing, Sean Kauppinen concerning bleem! for Dreamcast. The interview talks of the ease of coding bleem!4DC compared to bleem!PC, basic info, and some other interesting stuff. I picked an interesting question that might catch your interest. Here it is:
    GFO: How difficult was it to make bleem! for Dreamcast, as compared to its PC brother?

    Randy Linden: Far easier--the Dreamcast's incredibly powerful graphics technology made many things far, far easier than the PC equivalents.

    On top of that, there's no bloated operating system that's saddled with tons of inefficient programs and software all running concurrently--on the Dreamcast, you get full access to the entire machine without similar limitations as on PCs.
You can view this interview from GameFan Online right here. Thanks to FTV for the link.

  Bleem! Interview Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:33 EST]  
Red Green of Extreme bleem!, a bleem! fansite, has conducted an interview with Jesse Cates, Quality Assurance Technician for bleem!, inc. The interview covers some basic facts, but it also ask some interesting questions that most users want to know. Here's a question I thought might grab your interest:
    Q. Why was bleem!'s market choice the Dreamcast market rather than the new PC release? Technology and expansion purposes perhaps? And if a new release of bleem! is planned when do you think it will be released?

    A. We saw an opportunity to expand the number of products we have on the market, and the Dreamcast presented us with the necessary technology and an almost entirely new group of people that had never bought bleem! before. We also do certainly wish to be on the technological cutting edge. Doing what people have claimed impossible just a couple months ago, is something that is definitely cutting edge! However, more importantly than that is the fact that a company cannot survive on a single piece of entertainment software. Even as popular as the game Doom was in the early ‘90s, ID still had to go on to create something new, or they would have gone under. Almost all sales for entertainment software are made in the first six months, and we have long since gone past that point. Making updates for our current customers is certainly a priority, however we needed some new product to keep the company going. Unfortunately, we’re a small company, so working on two products at the same time is difficult. Notice that I said difficult, not impossible. Just because we were working on bleem! for Dreamcast does NOT mean that we were not working on bleem! for the PC during that time, just that it is not at a point ready for release right now.

    And, you know that I can’t answer the last part of that question. :)
The interview is nicely done, and worth the minute or two it takes to read it ;) You can check out the interview here, and don't forget to check out the site that brought you this interview here.

  Aldo Updates Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:05 EST]  
Aldo Vargas has done quite a few things on today, and as usual, I'm here to recap them all for you. Today we've got a comparison between VGS AutoRun and VGS Auto Launcher, an VGS AutoRun update, and some additions to VGS AutoMem version 1.0b. Well, on to the info:
    VGS AutoRun Vs. VGS Auto Launcher
    Aldo make comparisons between his tool, VGS AutoRun and Connectix's own VGS Auto Launcher. He makes some valid points, so it's worth the read for those of you who aren't sure about using VGS AutoRun over VGS Auto Launcher.

    VGS AutoRun 1.1
    Aldo has released version 1.1 of VGS AutoRun. New in this version is support for bleem! and PSEmu Pro (place VGS AutoRun in the emulator's directory to enable use with that emu). Also, as with most other program updates, some minor bugs were fixed.

    VGS AutoMem Additions
    Aldo has updated the default list of codes for specific games. VGS AutoMem now includes codes for over 900 games by default! Check out what VGS AutoMem is all about right here.
Well, that's it for today's Aldo Updates, down forget to check out Aldo's page hosted right here at PSXEmu.

  Promised FPSE shots Posted by Bobbi at [18:15 EST]  
Like promised from the FPSE team, the homepage now got updated with three Tomb Raider 3 screenshots, which show the current stage of the emu. Here's the post that came with this update :
    Naturally this isn't perfect, but we make some progress on GTE emulation...Another notice (!) is that I try to optimize, and after code, some routine 4 FPSE. o:)Last but not last, I would to thanx every1 that send us documents or simply ask us something.. eheh
You can check out the new screenshots at the FPSE page, which can be found at Looks like this emu also starts to make some progress on commercial games (and those MDEC shots look BEAUTIFUL =P)

  pNESx Help Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [12:40 EST]  
I saw over at EmulationHQ that someone has made an instruction page for pNESx, the NES emulator for the PlayStation. The page covers pretty much everything from making the ISO file to editing the config file and more. It even has some pictures to make things even easier for you!

For those you are having trouble getting pNESx to work, this site is definately worth a look. Thanks again to EmulationHQ for the heads up.

  VGS And PSXGameEdit Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [12:25 EST]  
I recently got an e-mail from Adam concerning VGS PC and PSXGameEdit. He spoke that it's possibly to convert VGS PC saves with it, although they are unsupported. Here's a clip of the mail he sent me, describing how to go about doing this:
    To edit PC VGS Memcards with PSX Game Edit is quite easy but can be a tad annoying since it's so easy.... PSX Game Edit already supports MAC VGS so, the PC version uses the same method / format of making a mem card exceptthat it uses 'mem' as the file extention. Just renamefor example: Vgs.mem to Vgs.vgs and then open the renamed mem card with PSX Game Edit.... Easy as that. Something that should be very easy to add PSX Game Edit's main program.... Once done editing the mem card just rename it with the '.mem' extention.... Of course you can use the many other tools converting it to bleem format then editing it that way and using the same program to convert it back. But I'm tired of hearing that "to bad that VSG game saves aren't full supported in PSX Game Edit".

    When actually it is... but no one tried doing it my way... So Cross your Fingers and hope the PSX Game editor will add this easy format to it's program....
Although some of you more advanced users may have known this method before, some of you may not, so I thought it was worth posting here. Thanks again to Adam for that mail.

Sunday, 18 June

  VGS Screens With FSAA Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [20:52 EST]  
Darkwind999, a poster on our message board, has taken some screenshots of Virtual Game Station running with the enhancement of the GeForce 2 GTS's FSAA (Full Scene Anti-Aliasing). While the FSAA doesnt make a huge impact, since VGS is not 3D based, it's software based. There is a slight noticable difference however, and for those interested here's what the shots' author said about the screens:
    On the suggestion of Samor of the PSXEmu board at, I have done these screen shots in VGS, with and without FSAA. The games I used for this are Syphon Filter 2, Gran Turismo 2, and Vagrant Story. These shots were taken on a Hercules Prophet 2 GTS (32 meg version) running the 5.30 Detonators (available at ). The captures were done with Paint Shop Pro 5, but no editing was done to the shots. These were taken in VGS 1.4 (hence the "letterboxing")
You can check out the page with the screenshots of VGS with FSAA right over here.

  Misc. Tools Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [20:22 EST]  
Aldo Vargas has been quit busy on his new page, and has released some new tools. Here's what's new and/or updated:
    SideWinder Profile for VGS v1.02
    Aldo has re-arranged the buttons for a better layout in this new version of his SideWinder Profile for use with VGS. Don't forget, this file requires the latest Microsoft SideWinder Software to run properly.

    PSX Selector 1.0
    PSX Selector is a frontend that can easily launch your favorite PSX emulator with the click of a button, although it has native icons for the three most populars emus (bleem!, VGS, and PSEmu Pro respectively), it can launch any other PSX emu or tool.
You can download both of those previosly mentioned tools from Aldo's new page,

  DC modchip Posted by Bobbi at [10:24 EST]  
Not quite PSX emulation related, but hey, we're also NGEmu (yeah, we are reachable using, what means as much as Next-Gen emulation, so this somehow fits here :

I got a file on IRC which, once burned to a CD using CloneCD (which can be found at, allows you to use it as a DC Mod chip - Simple, isn't it ? I didn't had the chance yet to try out this tool, but if you had any good experiences with it, feel free to mail them to me.

You can download the required file here. Thanks to Sonikku for that link.

  FAQ, Mem. frontend, Autorun Posted by Bobbi at [10:07 EST]  
Aldo just released some more updates to his VGS tools, and this time, he even added a FAQ, which answers most questions about Virtual Gamestation he recived.

Additionally, he released a frontend, which allows much easier use of all his memory card converters using one, easy to navigate frontend. And last but not least, he updated VGS Autorun to version 1.0c, which now resets VGS once you swap discs. You can get all of them at Aldo's great tools page.

Saturday, 17 June

  VGSJoy 1.6b And Debug Version Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:46 EST]  
It seems we missed the release of version 1.6b of Aldo Vargas's VGSJoy. It has a few bugfixes, but nothing major. You can download it right here if you're interested. Aldo has also released a debug version of VGSJoy 1.6b which can display the status of the joypad buttons and directional pad of the controller. Here's what Aldo had to say about the release:
    This is a special version of VGSjoy that display the status of the joypad buttons and D-Pad. Use this program to verify if your joypad is working properly.

    If the values change when you press the buttons, then VGSJoy should work with your VGS. If you're still having problems with your joypad, send to me by email the different values displayed when you press each button in your joypad and I'll try to find a way to fix it (if possible).
You can download VGSJoy 1.6b Debug Version here, and while your at it, why not pay a visit to Aldo's page, hosted right here at PSXEmu.

Friday, 16 June

  PS2 Shortage Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:08 EST]  
I was cruising through Daily Radar when I saw an article on the PS2 shortage. The article explains why it may be quite hard to get PS2 at launch. It shows what factors have contributed to this, and ways you might be able to get yourself a PS2 on October 26th (the PS2's US launch date). Here's a snippet from the article to get you interested:The unthinkable seems to be coming true. Retailers are getting scared, gamers are getting nervous, and the PS2 is getting closer and closer to becoming the next Tickle Me Elmo. With only one million PlayStation2s scheduled to be available in the US for the October 26 release date and demand growing every day, many retailers have stopped taking preorders and started engaging in even more sinister acts. What are the warning signs that there may not be enough PS2 games to go around this Christmas?Well, I've already got one pre-ordered (I was smart and did it a while ago :P), but for those of you that didn't or can't pre-order one I suggest checking out the rest of the article here, as it does contain some tips on how to get one on launch day.

I'd also like to mention that a new Suikoden game is coming out for the PlayStation, entitled Suikoden Volume 1: Swordsman of Harmonia. I'm telling you this because Suikoden and Suikoden 2 are some of my favorite RPGs :)

  Gamehack + emulators Posted by Bobbi at [15:53 EST]  
Well, it's a pretty slow day, so I thought I might as well browse a bit through some sites I normally don't visit on a daily base, and I saw over at that a new version of this memory modiying utility is in the make, with the following infos about it posted on the page :
  • New release-date for GameHack 3: August 2000Manuel is working hard on GameHack 3. He wants to implement a lot of features, suggestions and search-methods. He also wants to make GameHack 3 compatible with Windows 2000.
    If you have any ideas how to make GameHack better, please report them to us!
    We do not want to publish a program containing a lot of bugs. So we will send a lot of time in testing GameHack 3 and fixing all bugs before we release it.
  • Olli changed the GameHack-Tables-section. You will not see any difference, but it will be faster at loading.
  • Olli implemented also a HELP-Icon in the section Tables. Now you get an explanation of the icons used there.
  • Olli changed the upload-formular. You can now select additional operating-systems (the GameHack-table was created on). There you also can select some emulator-programs.
    You can upload now GameHack-tables for games you play on an emulator (like Playstation-Emulator).
This sounds pretty interresting, since Gamehack has some possiblity's neither cheet! nor pec offer so far. BTW - When you order Gamehack 2.0 now, you'll get 3.0 for free - That's a great offer. You can check out the official Gamehack page here.

  FPSE News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:23 EST]  
!+Mr.Fog+! has updated the FPSE homepage with some news that FPSE is advancing, MDEC routines have progressed, and a GTE bug has been fixed. !+Mr.Fog+! also stated that the FPSE team needed help, here's what he said:We need Your help.

Did someone have info about the ROOTCOUNTERS?
Did someone have info about the GTE?

Please note, that this project is open source so if U can help US, we can help the world :-))
So if any of you guys aren't there feel you can help the FPSE team, drop by their homepage.

Thursday, 15 June

  VGS Autorun Updated Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:11 EST]  
Aldo Vargas, who recently opened up his new site hosted here at, has updated VGS Autorun to version 1.0b. What's new in this version you ask? Well, here it is:
  • Detect and monitors multiple CDs
  • Bug fixes :o)You can download this new version of VGS Autorun here (-16k-). Don't forget to visit Aldo's new page hosted right here at PSXEmu.

  •   Aldo tools page Posted by Bobbi at [16:24 EST]  
    Aldo Vargas, our mass tool creator, moved his VGS emulation utilities over to PSXEmu, and also took the time to create a much easier to navigate page design. He also updated his utility VGS AutoMen to version 1.0b. New in this version :
      New in this version: Monitors multiple CD-ROMs and fixed a bug related to changing PSX disk with VGS running.
    Make sure you take a look at his great page at !

      AdriPSX : Good news / bad news Posted by Bobbi at [15:46 EST]  
    Roor updated the AdriPSX page with the following status update :
      I've been working for a while in the new release of AdriPSX. Of course it is still a little far from completion.Several very innovative technologies have been used while coding this new release (register mirroring, MMX, full asm, PC timers, etc)... latest tests shows that new CPU works more than 6 times faster than previous one. Also GPU (software renderer) is being done in full asm. With all this, next release promises to be a big one.Also, I must not forget to say that this time, AdriPSX will be done for DOS, LINUX and WINDOWS... simultaneously released if possible (this depends mostly on the coders we get to help us).

      Well... that why, again, AdriPSX team begin the search for people (coders and artists) to help this time. For coders we are looking for people with PSX coding knowledge and/or ASM coding knowledge. Also, this time we need artists for the design of new GUI, logos and others.
    Well, and this time, we might even hold a contest and send a nice present to the winner. So if you're interrested in helping Roor, go to now.

      Bleem! Update Posted by mathew2 at [13:46 EST]  
    The official Bleem website was updated with news that Bleem! will be at ECTS 2000, in London UK ! Here is what has to say about that:
      "bleem! in London? Yeah baby, Yeah!Please join us at ECTS (at the Olympia, London UK) September 3rd through 5th. bleem will be at booth G102 where we will be displaying bleem! for Dreamcast. You can get more information at their website. []"
    ECTS is a major UK trade event for video game companies, which is running from September 3-5th.
    Here are some of the words from the Official Site:
      "The European interactive entertainment market is now just as vital as that of the US,worth around $5.8* billion in 1999. ECTS is Europe's leading interactive entertainment event, attracting over 20,000 visitors from sixty-four countries in 1999

      ECTS is the European showcase for all the new hardware and software products launched for the crucial Q4 selling season, and the industry converges here to do business

      This year, with the drawing of new technologies, it promises to be even more of a hit. The European market is expected to expand to around $7.8** billion by 2003 so there'll be plenty to target."

  • Check the Official Bleem Site
    And Also
  • Check the Official ECTS Site.

    I hope to see you all there :)

  • Wednesday, 14 June

      Screenshots Of Bleem! With FSAA! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [20:01 EST]  
    Phuzzi of Extreme Bleem! recently purchased a 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP, and he took some comparison screenshots of bleem! with and without FSAA (Full Scene Anti-Aliasing). He took shots of games like: Colin McRae Rally, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Nuclear Strike, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Time Crisis.

    You can check out the page with screenshots here.

    Phuzzi also mentioned that will will take some shots of the card running PSEmu Pro and maybe more.

      PS2 not to be shipped Posted by Bobbi at [15:45 EST]  
    Warning : If you don't know what a joke is, please skip this article and go playing on Everyone else is allowed to laugh :)

    The Gotcha Report: Farewell, PS2, We Barely Knew Ye
    Well, I'll just quote the article now, it talks for itself :

    Under my direction, Sony Computer Entertainment worked very hard to ensure that PlayStation 2's technology would revolutionize interactive entertainment and carry on the high standards associated with the PlayStation brand," said a visibly shaken Kutaragi. "But, as one Usenet user so concisely stated, 'those jaggies suck ass.'"

    In Japan, where a full hardware recall is to take effect immediately, Kutaragi suggested that "these systems will be refurbished and returned to the market as low-end DVD players, as that is roughly the extent of their capabilities based on Internet feedback."

    If this made you interrested, go here and check out this article, it's well worth it ! :)

      VGS AutoMem v1.0a released ! Posted by Thorgal at [08:37 EST]  
    Now, this looks like a really handy tool to me ;) Aldo just released his new tool, VGS AutoMem ! Check this out :
      The features that Connectix forgot to include: VGS AutoMem tool auto-selects the appropiate memory card when you insert a PSX game in your CD-ROM. Forget having several games mixtured in a single memory card, VGSAutoMem keeps your memory cards clean and organized! Ideal for keep an inventory of your memory cards.
    Indeed, this has been a feature that VGS lacked. Not anymore :D For anyone who uses VGS regularly, and especially for several different games, I suggest you download this one to get a nice inventory of your memory card files :)
    You may download Aldo's VGS AutoMem v1.0a right here (28k). Check out our VGS Tools section for more handy VGS, ;)

    Tuesday, 13 June

      Aldo and his tools Posted by Bobbi at [17:08 EST]  
    "What do you expect in a programmer that releases tools in almost a daily base?" was the head of another update about which Aldo informed me. He updated two utilites.

    The first one is version 1.0a of VGS Autorun, which only fixes bugs from the previous release. As a reminder, this utility allows you to automaticly start VGS once a CD got inserted. It can be downloaded here.

    The second update is for VGSJoy 1.6a for DX7, which has the following new fixes :
    • Increased the joypad poll rate
    • Now use CTRL key to activate the "button lock" feature (same as M+Up+Button in the JoyPad)
    • Auto-detect of joypad profiles (double-click on the VGSJoy icon in the system tray)
    • Remember the DOS & Autodetect status
    This big update can be downloaded here. I suggest you to check out Aldo's page at

      VGS special offer Posted by Bobbi at [14:07 EST]  
    *Update* : I just recived the following article from Jesse, which could be found in the last MCV (a magazin) :
      Bleem!'s success against Sony Computer Entertainment in court seems to have given Connectix the green light to go ahead with its Connectix Virtual GameStation improvements. The station allows gamers to play PlayStation games on Mac or PC. To help get the word out on the improvements to its emulator, Connectix today begins a $49 promotion for version 1.4 of the device at its online store at Gamers who purchase the emulator will get a free game. Currently, the choice is between Hasbro Interactive's Frogger and Acclaim's Space Jam, with one or two other titles possibly to be added,
      a company official tells MCV.
    Well, like it wasn't hard to except : A price raising by 10$ for a game which costs 20$ in the US and isn't to popular. Still not a bad idea IMO.

    Maybe you read that post from CDBurnout a week ago about that special offer Connectix has : Purchase CVGS and get a free game. (if you missed it and still want to use that special offer, it can be ordered here until August)

    Now I mailed Connectix regarding that package, and they told me, that you have no possibility to choose which game will be sent to you. (they said it's "pretty much random"). BTW - Their support has good answering times !

      pNesX update Posted by Bobbi at [10:10 EST]  
    pNesX, an emulator, which runs NES games on the real playstation, has had an update today, which brings the following changes with it :
    • Compatibility fell down.
        It hasn't coped with priority of BG and the sprite.
        It hasn't coped with scroll in the middle of the screen. etc.
    • The sprite function of PSX was used for the display of BG and the sprite.
    • The core of 6502 CPU was rewritten with assembler.
    • Add sound.
    • Add the setting of "FrameIRQ" to Romlist. (Please see Romlist.ini)
    You can download the release here or visit the page here. You can also use this emulator to emulate the NES using PSEmu Pro (although that makes no sense =P) or you need a developer PSX.

      More P©SX Shots Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [08:45 EST]  
    I was over at EmuHQ when I saw that EmuForce had posted more P©SX screenshots, and this time of the game Rockman X4! For those who don't know, Rockman is called Mega Man in the US. Here's those screenshots courtesy of EmuForce:Rockman X4 - [1] [2] [3] [4]Well, I'm glad to see another game working, because that's one step closer to a release! Well, back to studying for exams for me (I've got another in 2 hours :/ )

      Bobbi returns again Posted by Bobbi at [06:23 EST]  
    Hey world, I'm back from my vacation (reminder : I was in Spain for the last two weeks). Had some very nice holidays in La Manga, a city in the south-east of Spain. Just read the sad news that Roor lost AdriPSX's source; much luck in getting it back to the state it was at !

    Congratulations also go to PCSX, which starts to run commercial games now that Roor and Pete joined the project and helped improving it.

    For all of those who E-Mailed me during the past two weeks : I'll reply to every mail, just give me some time, I've plenty to answer.

    Monday, 12 June

      FPSE Page Updated Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:45 EST]  
    !+Mr.Fog+! has updated the FPSE homepage with some more screenshots added to the screenshots section. The new screenshots include shot of MDECs from the following games: Spice World, Final Fantasy 7, Tekken 3, Medievil, and more!

    You can check out the updated screenshots page right over here.

    Hopefully we will see a new FPSE sometime in the future :)

      PSMplay New Test Version Posted by mathew2 at [19:30 EST]  
    The popular psx movie player PSMplay was updated with a new public test version. Take a deep breath and swallow the words of the wise man Segu ;)
    • Corrected WAV and MP3 output bugs. (again)
    • The performance of PlayList is improved. (maybe complete)
    • The change of Skin became possible.
    • The top of some buttons was added. (Thanx Stefan)
    • The fullscreen mode was changed on the screen which the desktop whole was covered with.
      A speed at the time of the fullscreen improves by this change.
      The change which relates is the following.

    • The fullscreen mode and the Window mode can be changed with ALT + ENTER during the play-back.
    • The full screen mode is fixed on the desk-top resolution and color depth.
    • The limitation of TIM was done to the desk-top size. It is the limitation of DirectX3.
      (A problem is still left.)

    • CTRL + Open-button is opens Anaylze Data.
    • A menu was added on the image screen. (hit Mouse R Button.)
    • MainPanel can be indicated by the double-click at the time of the fullscreen play-back.
    • The work of Disable MDEC image/Sound was corrected .
    • The Disable option of the level-meter was added.
    • The thing that Page Up/Down wasn't right was modified.
    • The thing that the indication of PlayList was wrong was modified when
      "File -> Close" was chosen from the menu.
    • The performance of Selector is improved.
    • The SKIN definition of Selector was partly changed.
    • File Drop to Selectro was made possible.
    • The thing which became an error was modified when it was canceled
      without doing Start at the time of Analyze of CDROM/DAO.
    • The thing that data were wrong was modified when re-sampling was made effective at the time of the WAVE output.
    • The thing which couldn't indicate the drive name of Selector properly was modified.
    • Output MP3 was added to Selector.
    • Though a file wasn't opened, Output MP3 could be chosen with MainPanel.
    • When Delete All of PlayList was used, the thing which play-back didn't sometimes stop at was modified.
    • It could play-back with the Play button after it was removed with Delete All of PlayList.
    • A panel synchronized with the mouse when the right button was pushed while a screen was moved.
    • Item Entry which shouldn't be indicated was sometimes indicated. (PlayList/Selector/Converter)
    • Some warning messages were added.
    • Two corrected a spelling mistake.
    • When an AVI file was made, it became possible that only an image was outputted.
    • There was a problem when STR which didn't have Sound was converted.
    • The thing that the work of PlayList was wrong was modified.
    • The process when the right button was pushed was modified.
    • With the space key, START/STOP Play-back toggle. (Test implements)
    • It was an error when START/STOP of Convert List was repeated.

    Yes you really did get to the end..Goto Segu's HotBox to grab it and read the full post. Segu reports that users with problems starting and ending, should download MFC42.DLL and put it in the PSMplay directory to make sure that that is not the problem. Now its time to sleep :) I will try to convert his update report into something more coherent later. Why not try skinning it yourself, its quite easy, and i will upload any good skins submitted to me.

      Pete's New D3D GPU Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:48 EST]  
    Expert- informed me on IRC that the PCSX homepage got a little update, and that Pete Bernert has released a new GPU Plug-in! This time, instead of OpenGL, Pete has Released a D3D GPU! Here's what he had to say about his brand new plug-inL
      And now, for something completely different ;) This driver is using D3D (DX7) instead of OpenGL, so it will work a lotta better on non-nVidia cards, I think. The plugin core (and so the compatibility) is at the same level as my OpenGL plugin (that's why the version numbers are the same), just the renderer API has changed.
    Remember, PCSX will support PSEmu Pro plug-ins as well, so once it's released (I'm hoping soon :)) you can use plug-in's like Pete's new D3D GPU!

    Download Pete's D3D GPU Plug-in v1.33 for PSEmu Pro here (85k)

    In PCSX news, on the PCSX site there is a mention of something big happening soon, so let's just hope it's what we all want it to be ;)

      Interesting VGS Info Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:49 EST]  
    Aldo Vargas recently pointed me to a post he made on a message board concerning a file called tnkXfs.dat. I would try to to explain it in my own words, but I would most likely fail miserably ;) So here's what Aldo said:
      tnkXfs.dat is a file created every time you run CVGS and removed when you exit.

      However if VGS crashes, this file of 1804KB remains in your C:\Windows\Temp until you delete it or execute VGS again.

      You should not mark this file (or create one in Temp) as read only, VGS will not work if tnkXfs.dat can't be created.

      Now the real secret!!!
      Try renaming tnkXfs.dat to tnkXfs.exe. You will discover that it gets the VGS icon!!
      It seems that VGS is compressed in some way and this file is the uncompressed one.

      Another trivia note: Using a WindowSpy utility, it shows that the name of Windows Class of VGS is "CVGS Double-Secret-Probation Mutex"

    Aldo also mentioned in a later post that tnkXfs.exe won't run if you double click it. Although I'm not quite clear on what this all means, it sure is interesting ;)

      VGS Autorun! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [13:49 EST]  
    I recently recieved a mail from Aldo Vargas informing me of yet another tool of his, VGS Autorun. VGS autorun autoplay PlayStation CDs whenever you put them in your CD-ROM drive. Here's a bit from the readme which is more in-depth than my explanation:
      VGS Autorun automatically launch your PSX emulator only inserting your PSX disk on the CD-ROM, the same way your music CD autoplays. Additionally you can configure up to 3 additional utilities that may also start when you insert a game.
    Other features and more specific usage is included in the readme.

    Download VGS Autorun 1.0 here (16k)

    Sunday, 11 June

      How To Run PSEmu Pro In Win2K Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:55 EST]  
    I saw over at EmulationHQ that EmuManVR has updated his Win2K Emulator Compatibility List with instructions on how to get PSEmu Pro working with the OS. Here's how:
      Well all that this patch is is a old driver, in order to use it you must set your clock to 1998, Run the setup program then when the computer restarts you can set it back and you should be able to run PSEMU on windows 2000. (Thanks to Xeoneagle for this fix)
    Download the patch here. I don't have Win2K installed currently (although I do have a copy of Win2K Pro), so I can't test it. But please send me a mail if it works for you. Thanks again to EmuHQ for the tip.

      PCSX Runs Commercial Games! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:08 EST]  
    Today on IRC, expert- informed me that PCSX now has CD Emulation!! What does that mean you say? Well, now PCSX can now play some commercial games! expert- tested a few games and some demo discs, and he sent me the screenshots. Here they are:
      Crash Bandicoot - [1] [2] [3]
      Criticom - [1]
      Extreme - [1]
      F1 Racing - [1]
      Grand Theft Auto - [1]
      Loaded - [1]
      Mickey's Wild Adventure - [1]
      NBA 96' - [1] [2] [3]
      Nightmare Creatures - [1]
      Time Crisis - [1] [2] [3]
      Tomb Raider 2 - [1] [2] [3]

      Note: All pictures are from demo discs except Time Crisis and Mickey's Wild Adventure
    This is definately great news for PCSX, and hopefully we will see more and more games working, and with that, the eventual release of this promising emu. Emuforce has also posted on this and has said a PCSX release is nearing, so stay tuned to there and here for any news on that :)

    BTW - expert- informed me that he had Time Crisis running at 170fps!!!!!

    Saturday, 10 June

      VGS Tools Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:50 EST]  
    Aldo Vargas has sent word that he has updated both VGSlide Show and VGSJoy! First, let's take a look at what's new in VGSlide Show, the tool that lets you make screensavers out of your gameplay in VGS:
    • Lets you set an image as desktop wallpaper.
    • Browse images forward/backward (like PowerPoint).
    • Browse midis forward/backward.
    • Let you print an image.
    • Stretch toggle mode during slide show.
    This new release of VGSlide Show brings us up to version 1.3. Now that I've explained that, on to what's new in VGSJoy 1.6:
    • Added a patch for Logitech Wingman joypad support
    • Use M+Up+button to set the button as pressed (like in VGSLazyRacing)
    • Tried to add Force Feedback (but haven't been tested, probably it's not working)
    • Config now shows button number: useful for non SideWinder users
    • Setup of Game Controllers
    As always since version 1.2, VGSJoy requires DirectX, so get it from the link provided if you don't have it. Don't forget to visit Aldo's homepage right here.

    Download VGSlide Show 1.3 here (144k)
    Download VGSJoy 1.6 here (147k)

      VGA Support For PS2? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:53 EST]  
    I was reading this article about the PS2 HD over at Daily Radar, and looking over the possible specifics of the US HD when I noticed a clip at the very end concerning VGA and the PS2. Here's what the article said about VGS support on the PS2:
      We finally got confirmation from a VERY highly-placed Sony source that the PlayStation2 does in fact support VGA and all it needs is a suitable cable -- a cable that Sony will be providing soon after the US launch.

      ....The idea of your PS2 becoming a do-it-all center to your life seems more plausible by the minute. The VGA thing is going to be huge.
    The article mainly speaks about more specific details of the PS2 HD (which I reported on a few days ago), but I thought the VGA bit was worth mentioning. Read the rest of the article for more info on the PS2 HD and VGA support here.

      Misc. PS one bits Posted by Thorgal at [10:43 EST]  
    There isn't much PSX emulation news at the moment, so I might just as well post the following : there seemed to be some misunderstanding about the role of the upcoming portable PS one. According to this article over at The register, it seems that Sony is planning to get the Playstation1 off the market within a few months, completely replacing it with the PS one. This way, they hope to revitalise their 'old' console system. I doubt it the PSX1 will ever be a collector's item though =P
    Now, I somewhere read Sony was not planning to step inside the market of handhelds, such as the GameBoy and the Neogeo Pocket. Although it is alot smaller than its older brother, don't forget it still costs about $140, which isn't the regular handheld price either...

    I also found over at Daily Radar, with its Daily Q & A section, some interesting bits: the LCD screen will most likely not go higher than a resolution of 640x480 and 16-bit color. Also, such a screen will (obviously) not be able to work with the famous PSX un controllers. Ack! No Time Crisis! =P

    That's all for now, let's hope there'll be more emulation-related stuff later ...

      Some VGSlide Show tips ... Posted by Thorgal at [10:28 EST]  
    Let's start with today's news, shall we? First of all, Aldo has updated his site with several tips to get the most out of his latest tool, VGSlide Show. Just to mention a few :
    • TIP 1: If you're a Netscape user, try selecting the directory C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\YourName\Cache.
    • TIP 2: If you're a MSIE user, try selecting one of the directories under C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files.
    • TIP 3: If you want to create animated GIFs of your video games, capture using an interval of 0.1 minutes (every 6 seconds). Then import the JPG images in a GIF animation program, like Animation Shop.
    • TIP 4: If you're a WinAmp user, create a play list of your favorite music and VGSlide will play them during the screen saver show.
    In my humble opinion, 't would be a bit lame to actually mention 'em all here, so I suggest you visit Aldo's homepage for a complete list of tips. Enjoy ! ;)

    Friday, 9 June

      New PS2 Model Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:20 EST]  
    I saw over at Daily Radar that Sony is releasing a new model of the PS2 in Japan sometime this summer. This new model would have a different internal design that would prevent PS2 mod-chips from working. Here's a snippit of the article:
      Sony plans to ship a new PS2 model in Japan this summer. The new model number will be SCPH-15000, up from SCPH-10000. Rumors suggest the new version will have a new internal design that prevents mod chips from working.
    This surely isn't too good for those who want to mod their PS2. You can check out the article over at Daily Radar.

      FPSE 0.7 Not New... Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [17:05 EST]  
    FPSE 0.7 has been out for a while already (it was located on our downloads page), it was just uploaded to the new site, it is NOT a new version. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I realized this yesterday when other Emulation sites had posted the news, and I forgot to inform the other staff. I confirmed this with an e-mail from !+Mr.Fog+!, so it is true. Once again, my apologies.

      Winamp 2.64 Out Posted by mathew2 at [15:04 EST]  
    Well we are a bit behind on this one, but afterall it is a PSXemu site, so i guess you guys are gonna give a bit of slack on this one :). Well its the new version of winamp and heres the heads up on this one:
    • Fix to proxy support for mp3 streaming.
    • Dsp plugin fixes.
    • Justin can't code.

    So it seems this is a bugfix release and everyones machines which starting falling over from 2.63 can grab this release. Head to Nullsoft WinAmp website to grab it, along with the numerous skins a plugins. Grab it here from our server.

    Also totally non winamp related i'd like to give a big shout to my hommies ;). Since all of us here have just been through most (one left i think) of the exams and stuff, and in four weeks all me and freinds at college won't be seeing each other again, all *4* of us (shows the massive interest round here in electronics, college=90% hair & beauty, cooking) are outta here forever. Ok i stop rambling now and just say big shouts to Steve (shortass) T, Rashid (old guy) R, and Ercin (what can i say?) A.

      FPSE 0.7 released ! Posted by Thorgal at [08:08 EST]  
    FPSE is progressing nicely these days :) This one just came a bit too late to grab with yesterday's news: !+Mr.Fog+! updated the (new) FPSE site with the latest binary + source, which makes this v0.7 ! Here's a list of what's new :
    • support Borland C++ Builder / Watcom C++
    • SPU initial work
    • more GTE
    • GPU Sprite&Tile; bug fix
    • compiler NOR opcode bug fix and Improvement by LDChen
    • Now sio, pads (even dual-shock) and memory cards work fully;
    • Interrupt and async events work fully.
    • All memory access are closed to 8 MB (infact 0x00000000 and 0x00200000 point to the same location);
    • GPU dma are closed to 8 MB (see above);
    • Added frame rate limiter to 60Hz (see HW.C for details);
    • Added frameskip and screenshot (see GPU.C for details);
    • Added a primitive but useful debugger ( '-e' option);
    • Added a CDNULL driver.
    • A small fix to root counters;
    • Bios can be used for running demos;
    • Now cdrom can generate interrupts;
    • Some changes on layout of the code.
    Oh, and a new Direct3D bug =P In any case, I'm glad the FPSE development is going fine these days; if you're a programmer (preferrably with an interest in emulation ;) , I suggest you go take a look at the official FPSE homepage. You may also find two tech/info documents there, as well as a nice history log which shows just about any change/progress.

    Note that this release doesn't include the FPSE Configurator 1.0 (= Win9x GUI utility to execute FPSE) just yet. Let's hope FPSE will soon be in a decent shape to show us more commercial games :)

    You may grab the FPSE 0.7 binary or source (about 80k each) directly from our server.

    Thursday, 8 June

      Bleemcast MPEGs! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:48 EST]  
    After encoding the movies he recorded at E3 into RealPlayer format for us a few weeks ago, Sonniku_a has encoded the three Bleem! for Dreamcast videos in the higher quality MPEG format! All three movies will be hosted here at PSXEmu along with their RealPlayer counterparts. Here's the movies you've been waiting for:You can download the movies from the links above or directly from our bleemcast movies page. A HUGE thanks goes out to Sonniku_a for these movies in both RM and MPEG format. Thanks Sonikku!

      Misc. News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:11 EST]  
    A few small things happened recently that aren't really big enough to get their own post ;) Here's the news:FPSE Site Updated - The FPSE site has been updated. !+Mr.Fog+! has finished the history and download sections. Go check it out!

    PSX Comparison Article Down - *UPDATE* Samor has just informed me that Emul8 This! has returned.*END UPDATE*
    Samor has informed me that Emul8 This! is down, and with it, his PSX emu comparison article. Fear not, there is a mirror of the site at And for those of you who missed the article, here is a mirror. Samor hopes that the site will be back up soon (As do I :)).Well, that's it for now, back to writing my fun fun!

      PS2 HDD Revealed Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:32 EST]  
    Over at IGN PS2, I saw an article that stated that SCEI had revealed its hard disk drive/ethernet adapter for the PS2. The article had a few details, and some pictures of the unit itself. Here's a clip from the article
      Sony Computer Entertainment Inc today officially unveiled its plan to release a Hard Disk Drive Unit (HDD) for PlayStation 2 in Japan this winter. The HDD for PS2 includes a high-speed network interface (Ethernet) for connections to broadband network infrastructures and a large capacity disk drive. This unit will connect to PlayStation 2 via the unit's PC Card terminal for the Japanese model of the system and it will make it possible for PS2 owners to form a high-speed, high-bandwidth connection via networks such as Cable Modems or DSL for the direct download of digital content.
    Here are the pics of the unit:You can checkout of the rest of the info on this HDD/Ethernet adapter for PS2 here.

      Misc. Bits Posted by Thorgal at [14:13 EST]  
    A few little things for now. First of all, I found some more PS one sources for ya. You may want to read the official PS one press release over at SCEI (in English). This also includes all specs Sony unveiled today; I suggest you take a look! Several images can be found here (or check out this week's screenshot ;).

    Second, Roor was kind enough to inform me about AdriPSX's current status. Short, but interesting neverthless :
      <Roor> I´m working on a new DynaRec...<Roor> It already works, but it´s not complete yet.
      <Roor> All MMX based.
      <Roor> Seems to run some 8 times faster than normal DynaRec.
      <Roor> But it will take some time before AdriPSX makes a new release.
    - Need I say more? :)

    Now, I could finish this off with a standard Microsoft split-up story. Although judge Jackson has made his 'final' decision, Microsoft will most likely not just give up. In result, this could take several more YEARS. Because of this, I won't go much deeper into this; instead, I suggest you check out this article over at CNNfn or just about ANY other news site you can think of, and read all about the "final" decision.

      VGSlide Show v1.2 released ... Posted by Thorgal at [11:50 EST]  
    A few hours ago I checked if there was anything new. Ah, Aldo got us a new tool within 24 hours afterall. That tool was VGSlideshow. Before I could check CD's post about v1.0, I noticed that Aldo already updated his site with v1.1 of his latest tool. I decided to post it later, but I actually forgot it for a moment. Now, about 5 hours later, I will present you Aldo Vargas' VGSlide Show v1.2 ;) Ahrem, here's what's new :
      What's new in 1.2?
    • Random or sequential display of images.
    • Plays multiple MIDI files if they are present in the VGSlide path
    • Plays Winamp play list (winamp.m3u) if it's present (in its default directory)

    • Mouse is now hidden on slide shows

    • What's new in 1.1?
    • Background music (continuous).

    • Double click on the directory label to open the folder.
    Solutions, solutions, solutions...way to go, Aldo ! :) This one's a pretty cool utility actually, and seeing the list of what's new, I suggest you go get it. [140k]

      Portable Playstation confirmed ! Posted by Thorgal at [07:44 EST]  
    About a month ago, the first 'portable Playstation' rumor suddenly popped up. "How would it work, how does it look like?" were the responses. The most of it was all speculation; if you want to go back in time, check out this article at DailyRadar.

    Well, here we are now, and SCEI officially announced it: the PSOne, as it will be called, is planned to be released this winter. This cool thingie is one third the size of the original PSX, features a nice LCD screen, and it even allows the user to connect to a mobile phone network :) Be sure to check out the article over at IGN-PSX, which confirms their previous article of two weeks ago; here's a snippet for your lazyness :
      By using this mobile phone network connection, users of PlayStation, PS one, or PlayStation 2, will be able to download information, entertainment content and software programs in addition to exchanging date with other users in a variety of ways.The design of PS one is the result of radical size-reduction of the original PlayStation to position it for the mobile network era. As we had previously reported, the unit will be about 1/3 of the size of the regular PlayStation, about the size of a portable CD player.
    Woohoo! I can't wait :) It'll leave your local store for ~$141, but it's a nice alternative to bleem!-on-a-laptop while waiting at the airport =P

      An Enlightened Comment Posted by Wildfire at [06:38 EST]  
    "Why is the public amused to see two companies, worth more than the amused pubic, fight over plastic that half of the pubic can barely afford?"

    -Wildfire on Dreamcast vs PSX2

    Wednesday, 7 June

      More Bleem! Stuff On Pre-Order Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:45 EST]  
    I was over at EBWorld when I saw two items under the Bleem! for Dreamcast description. The firs was the bleempad, which you all know is bleem!, inc.'s controller for Bleem!4DC. Here's the product desription from EBWorld:
      The bleempad is a PlayStation-style dual-analog controller designed especially from bleem! for Dreamcast. Button inputs are logically mapped to Dreamcast equivalents to provide functionality for current and future Dreamcast games, too.
    You can pre-order a bleempad for yourself, or check out the bleempad here. The next item was the bleempod, which as most of you should know, is a PSX to DC adapter for PSX controllers and memory cards. The bleempod also sports support for DC VMUs. Here's the product description from EBWorld:
      The bleempod makes any PlayStation-compatible controller work with the Dreamcast. Unlike other PSX-DC adapters, bleempod accurately sends ALL necessary inputs for full functionality in PSX games. Controls are logically mapped to provide compatibility with current and future Dreamcast games, as well. Designed specifically for bleemcast!, the bleempod also features a VMU port for saved games and a unique adapter that allows for easy file transfers between PlayStation memory cards and Dreamcast VMUs via the pod's controller port.
    You can pre-order a bleempod here. Thanks to FTV for indirectly making me stumble onto this piece of news ;)

      VGSlide Show! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:07 EST]  
    He's at it again ;) Aldo Vargas just sent me a mail stating that he has released yet another useful tool for VGS. This time, it's VGSlide Show. VGS Slide show takes screenshots while your playing VGS, and makes a Screen Saver out of the shots. Here's a bit of what Aldo had to say about this fascinating tool:
      Create your own Screen Saver slide show while you're playing video games!!! Yes, VGSlide Show takes captures of your screen automatically while you're playing. And the included screen saver shows your friends how good (or bad) you play while you're away. What are you waiting to download this jewel??? Check the included readme.txt for more details.
    This tool seems like it could make for some interesting fun ;)

    You can download VGSlide Show 1.0 here.
    Or you can visit Aldo's homepage here.

      FPSE Site Updated Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:57 EST]  
    !+Mr.Fog+! just let me know that the new FPSE site had been updated. The screenshots section has been updated, and includes some pics of a few games running on FPSE. There is also a pic of Configurator 1.0, which lets you run FPSE from a GUI. Here's a clip of the update:
      Ciao!! .. its been a while since this site has update so, in the screenshoots area, U can see some images, like TombRaider3 and Crash Bandicoot, running on FPSE.
      Also, U can find an image of new Configurator v1.0, so U can execute FPSE from a GUI. :o)

      I need your HELP!
      If U have a psx demo, or U know where i can download it, please send me the url (or the demo).
    Check out the new FPSE site right over here. Keep an eye on it for news an updates about FPSE.

      A Comparison Of PSX Emulators Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:47 EST]  
    Samor just sent me a mail saying that he has posted a comparison of a few PSX emulators over at Emul8 This! The article compares bleem!, VGS, and PSEmu Pro to each other. It make some valid points, and is worth the read. Here's the introduction just to get you interested ;) :
      So called 'next-gen emulation' is very popular. N64 and PSX emulators are downloaded a lot. While the PSX is getting an old machine now, the emulation of it is still considered 'next-gen'. PSX emulation also is a commercial opportunity, because unlike N64, which uses carts (roms) it's CD-based. The three best (and best known) emulators are PSEmu Pro, bleem! and Connectix Virtual GameStation (short: CVGS or VGS). PSEmu Pro is well known because of it's quality, the fact that it's not commercial and also because it was stopped when a leaked beta version spread out. In the meantime, bleem! became well known because it was commercial and over-hyped. At the moment many people aren't satisfied with it's current quality (how well it emulates). VGS, also a commercial emulator, is known because it was released for MAC. A lawsuit prevented Connectix from releasing it for Windows earlier. Two other emulators I want to mention are AdriPSX and PCSX, two relatively young PSX emulators which can't compete with the other three yet but they look very promising. While AdriPSX runs a few games, PCSX hasn't been released yet and runs only demo's so far. However, keep an eye on them!
    You can read the whole article from Emul8 This! right here.

    Tuesday, 6 June

      Bleem!4DC Makes Another List Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:54 EST]  
    On IRC I was informed that over at IGN DC, there is an article about the Top Ten "Next Big Things" for Dreamcast. Guess what came in at number 7? Bleem! for Dreamcast! Here's the clip from the article:
      7. Bleemcast – Yeah, I know it’s just a PlayStation emulator, but you have to admit, the thought of playing a little Vagrant Story or Wipeout 3 in high-res is more than little tempting. Adding over 400 games to our Dreamcast line-up this summer, we can’t wait to take a big bit outta Bleem!
    It's seems as if almost everyone is looking foward to Bleem!4DC. Well, at least I am ;) Thanks to PJ for the link.

      Bleem!4DC A Best Seller? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:07 EST]  
    Today on IRC, PJ pointed out that Bleem for Dreamcast had made EBWorld's Best Seller List in their Dreamcast section! As you can see for yourself in the previously mentioned link, Bleem!4DC is number 3 in the top 5! This is definately good news for the bleem! team.

    Thanks again to PJ for the news.

      Funny PS2 Article @ Daily Radar Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:56 EST]  
    I was over at Daily Radar when I saw this EXTREMELY funny article. The article deals with "The 10 Reasons Why The PS2 Will Rule The World". It deals with all the faults of the PS2, and in a very hilarious manner, it combats every one. Check out these examples below:
      Sony is simply smarter than the other guys

      Let's just face it. If the console wars were grade school, Sega would ride the short bus every morning, Nintendo would go to "special" classes, and Microsoft would be the Neanderthal bully that couldn't spell CAT if you spotted it the C and the A.

      Who cares about anti-aliasing?

      If you like games, you shouldn't whine about jaggies. Don't you think you're asking too much from the best videogame console in the world? Haven't you gotten enough pleasure from the PlayStation games you've already played? Quit your whining and suck it up; jaggies never hurt anyone.

      P.S.: Xbox fans -- What good is full scene anti-aliasing if you don't have any games?
      P.P.S.: Nintendo fans -- At least it ain't the Blur 64.
      P.P.P.S.: Sega fans -- Shut up!
    The article also has funny edits by other Daily Radar staff ;) Check out the rest of the article here.

      New FF7 Save Converter Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:32 EST]  
    I just saw over at ZD that Cait Sith has updated his FF7 Save Converter to version 1.2.1. Here's what's new:
    • Now works with Virtual Game Station saves.
    • Extensions for each of the memory card types are now listed.
    If you are an FF7 fan, you should check out this tool right here. Thanks again to ZD for the news.

      Sony to license the PS2 format ! Posted by Thorgal at [08:54 EST]  
    I found another article over at, which is in fact somewhat more in-depth; check this out :
      Jon Peddie, the Tiburon, Calif.-based graphics-market watcher, applauded the move. "I think Sony is demonstrating an extraordinary amount of enlightenment by taking this first step toward opening its architecture," Peddie said. "In my opinion, this will double or even triple the number of Playstation 2 users."
      He pointed out that the basic business model for the game console market involves subsidizing the cost of the box and recouping that loss later by charging a royalty on the software. Allowing independent vendors to clone the boxes will save Sony the cost of manufacturing systems and selling them at less than cost, and the company will generate increased revenues from higher software sales. "I think this is a very clever move," said Peddie.

      But Satoru Oyama, senior analyst at ABN Amro Securities (Japan) Ltd., said that "to make the Playstation 2 platform a de facto [standard], Sony should have got some manufacturers of set-top boxes and TVs as supporters before it made the chip sales announcement."

      The Tokyo-based analyst does not believe the game machine can maintain its brisk sales for long, and that "Playstation 2 will peak in around 2002." In Oyama's view, Sony "wants to recoup a part of the R&D; cost as well as aiming at de facto [standard] establishment by selling chips. The company itself should have started working on Playstation 3 to secure its advantage."
    't was a bit long, but very interesting nevertheless :) As I said before, I believe we'll just have to wait and see. Which side are you on? Feel free to speak out @ the PSXEmu messageboards !

    We seem to have missed this one earlier, but it's interesting nevertheless : according to this ZDNet article, Sony will begin licensing its Playstation2 format, which would turn the PS2 to more than 'just a gaming console'; in other words, Sony is targeting to more than gaming: (internet-)PCs, cable television, and other digital devices included. Here's a snippet of that article :
      The plan, which could begin as early as next year, is the clearest sign yet that Sony is trying to quickly turn its speedy game console into the dominant home-entertainment device for accessing the Internet.[...]"The PlayStation2 ... should be opened to the outside world," said Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Sony's video game unit. "We hope that all of our partners will start thinking about using our technology."
      This could be something more than a game machine, more than a personal computer," said Sony Chairman Nobuyuki Idei.

      Executives didn't disclose details of the plan, but said they will likely offer the PlayStation2's chip sets, software and various pieces of intellectual property such as trademarks.
    No doubt this also has to do with Microsoft's announcement and details of its upcoming gaming console and 'internet-machine', the X-Box. As announced earlier, Sony already planned to boost its PS2 production.( Perhaps this means we could still use it as a military device =P )

    It would all be a great idea, though I'll have to see it in practice first ...

      VGSJoy 1.5 for DX7a released ! Posted by Thorgal at [08:28 EST]  
    I've been thinking lately...perhaps we should start a 'Daily Aldo Roundup' :P Ah well, you know what this is: Aldo Vargas' famous tool for VGS is still being worked on, and he just released version 1.5, which is the latest you can get as of June 6, 14:16 CET :) Here's what's new :
    • Support for multiple custom configurations of the joypad buttons.
    • Auto-Fire is now optional. Prevents enable Auto-Fire when pressing Alt-Tab.
    • New option for "Use M button as Select" fix the Start button on Gravis joypads.
    • This option let you press Select with a single button instead of M+Start combination.
    • However also disables many other features that use M button combinations, see changes in 1.1a .
    If you're a true VGSJoy user, then be sure to grab this one [141k]. Oh, and we might expect a v1.5a within in the next 24 hours ;) Ah well, you never know ...

    Monday, 5 June

      900,000 Hits! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:45 EST]  
    A few have you complained that the image wouldn't show up in your browsers, so don't click on it. On top of that, the image was messed up by Paint Shop Pro and it's barely legible :(

    We got 900,000 hits! Guess who the 900,000th was? Me! I didn't even mean to, I went to check if we had hit 900,000 yet so I could make this post, and I checked the counter and it read 900000. I couldn't believe it ;) If you'd like to bask in my glory, check out the pic I made here (995K!). I'd like to give a shout out to Ryos and Swanton on IRC, because they tried so hard, but failed miserably :P

    Well, it's only around 100,000 till 1,000,000, so keep supporting PSXEmu! ;)

      New PSmplay Public Test Version Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:48 EST]  
    Segu has recently updated the publict test version of PSmplay 0.4. PSmplay is a PSX movie player which lets you view and extract movies from a PlayStation CD. Here's what's new:
    • Corrected WAV and MP3 output bugs.
    • The performance of PlayList is improved. (Un-completion.)
    • Corrected Seek works of FF8's STR bugs.
    • The reading directory of analyze-data (.psm) was held.
    You can download this new test version of PSmplay, dated 06/05, here. Don't forget to check out Segu's page hosted right here at PSXEmu.

      FPSE News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:38 EST]  
    FunkyGallo recently sent me a mail telling me of the FPSE site being updated. The update, posted by !+Mr.Fog+!, says that Bero and LDChen are still working on FPSE, and that a new site design is coming. Here's a clip of the update:
      FPSE is alive. :o)
      Bero & LDChen are still working on FPSE. Stay tuned 4 any news, info, images and the new site.
    It's good to know that FPSE is still being worked on ;) Check out the FPSE homepage here, and the new site design here. Thanks again the FunkyGallo for the news.

    BTW, We are almost to 900,000 hits! Keep hitting that refresh button ;)

    Sunday, 4 June

      New GameHack Release Date Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:55 EST]  
    Recently GameHack pushed the release of GameHack 3.0 to August. GameHack is a cheat tool for PC games, which also works with bleem! (with a bit of work ;P) Here's a clip of what posted:
      New release-date for GameHack 3: August 2000
      Manuel is working hard on GameHack 3. He wants to implement a lot of features, suggestions and search-methods. He also wants to make GameHack 3 compatible with Windows 2000.If you have any ideas how to make GameHack better, please report them to us!
      We do not want to publish a program containing a lot of bugs. So we will spend a lot of time in testing GameHack 3 and fixing all bugs before we release it.
    It's been a long wait for GameHack 3 already, looks like we will have to wait even longer :(

    Also, It's look like we forgot a bleemcast article from Happy Puppy. Check it out here. Thanks to Bleem! Park for the news.

      VGS Lazy Racing Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:34 EST]  
    Aldo Vargas just told me that he released a new tool called VGS Lazy Racing. This tool lets you play racing games in VGS without having to press the accelerator. Here's what aldo had to say about the tool:
      This tool is for playing racing games without have to keep pressing the accelerator key. Now you can drive with one hand! This is great for 2 players on the keyboard: 4 hands in a same keyboard is simply too much!!!! I tried it with Need for Speed: High Stakes and it was really fun drive it with only one hand.
    It doesn't seem like Aldo is ever going to stop making tools for VGS like this, and trust me, that a good thing! ;)

    You can download VGS Lazy Racing 1.0 here.

    Don't forget to check out Aldo's homepage here.

      Connect 2 PSX Pads To A PC Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:17 EST]  
    Aldo Vargas recently sent word of Emulatronia updating it's guide to connecting a PSX pad to PC. The new articles are on how to connect 2 pads at once, and how to obtain 5 volts or 9 volts without utilizing an external power supply. Here's a clip of the news post, translated by Ryos:
      We have received many mails with questions about connecting two Playstation joysticks to the parallel port on the PC. The solution is in the ANNEX of the news article on connecting a Playstation pad to the PC. Also in this same part is how to obtain 5 volts or 9 volts without utilizing an external power supply and the solution to many of the questions that you have done for us. There is an english version, too.
    You can check out this guide in english here, and the new articles here. Thanks again to Aldo Vargas for the news, and thanks to Ryos for the translation.

    Saturday, 3 June

      Bad News for AdriPSX Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:32 EST]  
    A little while ago on IRC, Roor informed me that his little brother had reformatted his entire harddisk, which contained his psx emulation documents, and... his AdriPSX sourcecodes! Roor soon gave me a bit of relief by telling me he had a copy of the sourcecodes at work, but they were quite old, and lacking all the new changes he made. He has added some new features and compiled this code, but it is not as good as the other version he was working on. Here's what he said on the AdriPSX homepage:
      Well... this will be tha last update to AdriPSX page for at least one month, as today my younger brother (who has been already punished, and later murdered by myself) formatted my HardDisk, destroying all my AdriPSX sourcecodes as well as most of my PSX related technical documentation.
      A great luck for me, that I have a copy of "not so updated" source code at my office´s PC, the one I use for "genetic experiments" with code. With that scratches I made up a last release that is quite more updated than the last one, although it doesn´t include my latest works on it (such as new GUI, better compatibility, some works on DynaRec and some major fixes on GTE). Well.. this last release, have ADPCM and CDDA Sound support and is something faster than the previous release.
      I try to look at this as a fresh start... I´ll code AdriPSX from zero now, basing myself on the previous version scratches... now it´s time to code AdriPSX Pro... or something :P
      Wish me good luck, dudes!
    Well, this is certainly some sad news for AdriPSX, but it is also some good news, because Roor is restarting and he is trying to make AdriPSX better than ever! For those who have have no idea what AdriPSX is, check out it's homepage hosted right here @ PSXEmu.

    You can download the recently released AdriPSX v00.06.03 from our servers, here.

    BTW, Roor told me he is looking for help on this fresh restart of AdriPSX, so if you think you are skilled enough to help out, e-mail Roor.

      PCSX Site Updated Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [20:07 EST]  
    The PCSX homepage has just been updated, with some status updates, and some news about the release of PCSX. For those who don't know what PCSX is, PCSX is an unreleased PSX emulator which only runs demos right now (due to lack of cd-rom support), but it is showing a lot of promise. In the page update, Shadow explains a bit about why they haven't release PCSX and when it will be released:
      We know that most of you might think that we hype a lot with the Pcsx emulator, but the real truth is that we think most of you people are not ready for Pcsx. Pcsx is a demos PSX emu for now, something that most might not even care. So the first release will come as soon as we have a respected cd-rom emulation and a great amount of working PSX commercial games.
    Well, at least we know that once it's released, it will already be great :) Shadow also talked a bit about the progress of PCSX, stating that they had rewritten the dynarec core, and it is now 60-70% faster. He also spoke of the GTE being sped-up, and SPU sounds are finally working. You can check out the rest of the info on PCSX at it's homepage. Thanks to expert- for the news.

      New Winamp Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [11:00 EST]  
    Today, Winamp, one of the most popular MP3 players, has been updated to version 2.63. The changes in this version are small, but it's still worth the download. Here's what's new:
    • Language pack improvements/cleanups.
    • Giant (2000+) skin archive bug fixed.
    • Promotional offers on install.
    • Streaming improvements (authentification, proxy authentification, dialogless streaming when winamp is not active, content-disposition usage, etc).
    • Minibrowser start page now live if inet connected.
    • Return of out_wm (WMA writer) -- lets you transcode your WAV/MP3/MOD/etc. files into WMA!
    You can download winamp from's download page.

    Friday, 2 June

      SegaDojo Talks About B!4DC Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:03 EST]  
    I saw on IRC that over at SegaDojo there is an article which addresses some important questions about "BleemCast", or Bleem! for Dreamcast. The SegaDojo staff addresses some very important questions, like the following:
      Besides the actual act of playing PSX games on your Dreamcast, the only real advantages you have with program is a graphical upgrade. Is this really necessary, and it will it improve the quality of gameplay any?
    Check out the rest of this article from SegaDojo right here.

      Free PSX Game With VGS? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:26 EST]  
    I was over at the official VGS homepage, and I saw a button on the left hand side that said: "Get A Free PlayStation Game! With Every CVGS Purchase! Click To Purchase!" So, I did as it said and it took me to the Connectix e-Store. I then took a look at the VGS PC and Mac descriptions look for some info on this deal. Here's what they said:
      On the road, at work or at home, Connectix Virtual Game Station gives you the power to play many popular PlayStation games on your Mac or PC. Get a Free PlayStation® game with each purchase of Connectix Virtual Game Station from May 31, 2020 through August 31, 2020.
    Doesn't give much info about the actual terms, like if it's a pre-selected game or not, or if there is a specific game list to choose from. I checked the rest of the site for info, but I couldn't find any. If anyone has information on this deal, drop me a mail here.

      FF7 Savegame Converter Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:10 EST]  
    Aldo Vargas informed me that Cait Sith has updated his utility which converts FF7 savegames. Here's what's new in this release:
      Version 1.1.1

    • can now quit halfway through
    And for those who never knew this tool existed (like me :P), here's a clip of the readme:
      Converts from and to:

    • Raw PSX Memory Card
    • Dex Drive Save
    • FF7 PC save File Format


    • Only works on existing save slots at the moment! (PSX Saves)


    • Have yet to find any!
    You can download this save converter here. Thanks again to Aldo Vargas for the news.

      PSMplay Test Release Posted by mathew2 at [14:46 EST]  
    Over at Segu's Place, Segu announced that a new test version of PSMplay has been released to the public, Segu did a really great job. This is great news for you psmplay fans out there, don't forget to check out Segu's Site (hosted @ PSXemu) for all the info on this great tool and all of Segu's other promising works. Click Here to download the new version. PSMplay is a multi-function PSX movie file player which will play the movies from your PSX games, it has many advanced features which include converting the movie to any movie format for which you have the codec installed for.

    Thursday, 1 June

      New Memcard Tool Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:01 EST]  
    Today, some of my old friends, Flame and Red Green at Extreme Bleem! released a memory card util that converts VGS memcards to bleem! and vice-versa. Here's some of it's features:
    • Simple, easy-to-use batch file
    • converts memcards from VGS to bleem! or bleem! to VGS
    • Quickly searches for memcard files on HD
    You can download this new utility from our server here, or visit the author's homepage here.

      Sony Quadruples PS2 Output Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:25 EST]  
    According to this article from The Register, Sony is now hoping to target 2.2 million PS2s produced per month. Sony didn't say when it hopes to achieve this goal of 2.2M PS2s per month, but it doesn't seem like it will be very soon, since the company is only producing around 500,000 a month right now. In the article, The Register talks of Sony saying that higher productions rates will bring lower prices:
      Sony does not say when it expects to reach the two million per month milestone - right now, it pumps out 500,000 units per month. But more production will mean lower prices - in Japan, the PS2 retail price is currently Y39,800 - the company says.
    The article also mentions that the earliest there will be a price cut for the PS2 is sometime around March 2001. Well, the cheaper the PS2 is, the better ;) Read the rest of the article here.

      Bleem4DC in Official DC Mag Posted by mathew2 at [18:38 EST]  
    In the latest Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine, Issue : 6 july/august 2000 Page:18, there is a small paragraph about bleem!4dc. It appeared in the DCDIRECT:Dreamcast news network section, and here it is:
      Playstation games on DC
      The impossible has become a reality: Thanks to BLEEM! for Dreamcast, you can now play Sony Playstation games on your Sega Dreamcast. BLEEM! even takes advantage of Dreamcast's power to improve the look of Playstation games, rendering graphics at 640x480(twice thier resolution on Playstation), and adding enhancements like full-screen anti-alaising and bi-linear filtering. The program will be sold in four seperate "bleempacks", with each $19.99 GD-ROM allowing you to play 100 different Playstation games.

    Nice to see the official mag putting in some nice publicity for the bleem guys. Thanks to DCjOeDoG for the information, and for kindly typing that paragraph for me from his magazine.

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