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Friday, 31 March

  [pec] database update! Posted by Thorgal at [14:15 EST]  
With the new [pec] released yesterday, JNS now has a new code database update for ya! This one includes support for over 60 games, with special attention to the more popular games (mostly U/C codes). JNS also mentioned a certain issue with cheat support for Xenogears U/C and JAP is now solved :D

Be sure to check out the [pec] homepage to grab the new codelist, and for more information wether or not your favorite game's in the list.

  AdriPSX 00.03.26 Posted by Bobbi at [06:18 EST]  
Today, Roor released another update for his great DOS version of AdriPSX, which already plays several commercial games. Here's what he wrote regarding this release :
    Well, this update fix lots of bugs on GTE, that will allow some 3D games and demos to work fine, now, as well as general improvements for speed and enhanced CD reading.
He also noticed that he's currently working on CDXA sound, which should work in the next release. Head over to to get the latest release.

Thursday, 30 March

  2 new tools Posted by Bobbi at [15:08 EST]  
Sorry for the lack of updates in the past two days, I was busy with school and working on a new design for the AdriPSX page here at PSXEmu, which will be up pretty soon. But now, back to the news :

Aldo released [pec] Edit Beta 8 (no typo! =P), which now even emulates the mouse with the joystick (check the readme file included for more info), as well as VGSJoy 1.2, which now supports DirectX 7 - For those of you who are still using 6, he released 1.1a.

Download VGSJoy 1.2 for DX7 here.
Download VGSJoy 1.1a for DX6.x here.
And download [pec] edit here.

Congrats and thanks fly out to Aldo Vargas for all these great tools - Keep up the good work !

  [pec] Beta 2 - Rebuild A ! Posted by Thorgal at [15:01 EST]  
That's right, there's another [pec] for ya! More and more codes are coming up, [pec]'s popularity's growing :) Here's what's new in this release:
  1. Many bugs fixed
  2. New Error handling routines
  3. Now with support for codelists > 4 MB
  4. Compressed with the new UPX v1.00 made by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar.
You may also find a status update about the new database, supported games and more at !

Tuesday, 28 March

  Great referral program Posted by Bobbi at [08:59 EST]  
This is for those millions of alladvantage users out there who alreadyd noticed, that the payable hours are limited to 25, there's a new solution from a provider called Getpaid4. They have many advantages compared to AllAdvantage like up to 75 payable hours, a refferal system with up to 7 levels! and you don't have to be in your IE to earn money - You can also chat or read mails - As long as you're connected to the web you get paid.

To join this great new referral program where you can easily earn +100$ a month, go here now.

  PEC Editor beta 4 Posted by Bobbi at [07:06 EST]  
No, we won't wonder now ... We won't ask ourself what Aldo seems to do all the day ... Anyway, here's the 4th beta of his PEC Editor, which easily allows you to edit [pec]'s database. Here's what's new in this release :
    Better compatibility with CMGSCCC pages, find cheat, context menu for game reviews and related information, it's MUCH FASTER!!! and FAVORITES GAMES!!. Also small bug fixes, support for Jokers and additional validations.
Download the latest version here and visit the authors homepage here.

Monday, 27 March

  [pec] Editor beta 3 Posted by Bobbi at [08:56 EST]  
*UPDATE by Thorgal* This one's sure getting along nicely: beta 3 is out! Yup, within a matter of hours, here's what's new:
    New in beta3: MUCH FASTER!!! and FAVORITES GAMES!!. Also small bug fixes, support for Jokers and additional validations. Much more additional features than the "so-basic" cheat editor included in the latest release of [pec].
I can't say it any better :) Be sure to grab this goodie here (-42k-)!
Shortly after JNS released PEC beta 2, Aldo Vargas released an editor, which allows you easily to add cheats to the database.
    This tool imports directly to [PEC] the cheats from the Game Shark Code Creators Club which is one of the most complete online database of Game Shark codes in the world, with hundreds of PlayStation games listed. New in beta2: small bug fixes, support for Jokers and additional validations. Much more additional features than the "so-basic" cheat editor included in the latest release of [pec].
Download [pec] Editor beta 2 here. Thanks to Aldo for the mail.

  VGSJoy 1.1 released Posted by Bobbi at [08:52 EST]  
As if we wouldn't have excepted it : Aldo Vagras released an updated version of his utility VGSJoy, which allows you to use your sidewinder software with VGS and SNES9x - Without the complete configuration software. What's new in this release :
    This 1.1 version includes an easier graphical configuration for define the keys to the SideWinder buttons, support for DOS applications and new default joystick layout for VGS in Custom setting. Other features are option to swap the L1/R1 with L2/R2 buttons, also M+A press Escape, M+B buttons show VGS preferences, M+Y ejects the CD, M+X restart the game and M+C accept with ENTER key.
Download VGSJoy 1.1 here [-27k-] and visit the authors homepage here.

  Use PS2 to copy DVD Posted by Bobbi at [08:44 EST]  
According to this article by The Register, japanese hackers were able to record DVD's onto VHS.
    The Japanese sites have published schematics of a device that they claim can strip out the Macrovision signal. The box essentially converts the RGB signal to an NTSC (the US analog TV standard) composite signal, but appears to negate the effect of Macrovision too.Of course, the real problem for Sony is not the acts of the hackers, but that it arguably shouldn't have included the RGB port in the first place. The regulations for the licensing of DVD technology, as administered by the industry-funded DVD Copy Control Association, prohibits the use of analog DVD outputs in DVD players.
I wonder what Sony will do now ... They won't recall their consoles - At least they can fix it for the european and US version now. Read the whole article here. Thanks To kilrathi for the link.

Sunday, 26 March

  PSXPlay + PSXdeAVI 1.42 Posted by Thorgal at [15:11 EST]  
It seems that Hurricane never stops, does he? ;) Here's yet another release of PSXPlay, v1.42 this time. FYI, PSXPlay lets you watch motion JPEG and video files from your PSX game CD! Be sure to check this one out ..

And when there's a new release of PSXPlay, there's always a new PSXdeAVI :D This sweet patch for PSXPlay lets you convert the movies into AVI files; it's only a matter of clicks within the PSXPlay GUI itself.

Unfortunately, we don't have the 'What's New" docs translated yet. More about this one soon.

Be sure to grab the latest release of PSXPlay, all-in-a-zip-file here ! To convert all those movies into easier AVI files, get PSXdeAVI 1.42 here !

In case you need a good alternative movie player, get PSmplay and more goodies here!
Thanks to Ben for the news !

  [pec] second release Posted by Bobbi at [14:56 EST]  
JNS just released another beta of his cheating utility [pec], which works with bleem! as well as with Virtual Gamestation. Here is what's new in this release :
  • Many bugs fixed
  • Speed improvments when searching for the PSX-CD
  • Editing of the user database
  • Keeps last activated emulator in memory
To get this new release, head over to JNS also mentioned that the first FULL release might be out pretty soon, so keep an eye on this page.

  VGS CDr patch Posted by Bobbi at [08:05 EST]  
After those hundreds of E-Mails I've gotten regarding a CDr patch for Connectix's Virtual Gamestation, and the others people telling me that they don't need it, I decided to put up those informations to clear up things.

There're many rumors out there. Some rumors say, that all backup's created with Nero Burning ROM work on Virtual Gamestation without any need for a patch. We won't and can't confirm this, try it for yourself.

And now, another IMPORTANT hint : There're actually two patches out there which allow you to play backup's. ONE of them seems to be fake and causes damage to your PC (I heard it's a trojan). The other one seems to work, if you need it, search the web for it and you'll find it. Due to legal reasons we can't put it on our page.

  New bleem! review Posted by Bobbi at [07:59 EST]  
3D-Unlimited posted another bleem! review, which came to the following result :
    Bleem! is for those of you without a PlayStation, but who happen to have PlayStation games lying around. Seriously, the Bleem! team has put a lot of effort into their emulator, and have created something that makes you wonder why other companies haven't tried to clone it.
To read the whole review, go here. Cheers to EmuHQ for the news.

Saturday, 25 March

  New poll Posted by Bobbi at [16:53 EST]  
In our last poll I was asking you : Which emulator do you like most ?. We recived 1330 votes, from which 42.1% voted for Bleem! 1.5B, 30.9% for VGS Win and 21.8% for PSEmu Pro. 5.1% of you don't like those PSX emulators at all ...

Between - We'll post this poll again soon, after a new version of either bleem! or VGS has been released, and compare them again then.

Our new poll asks you "Which is the most promising upcoming PSX emulator ?" - You can decide between AdriPSX, FPSE, PSMac, Sope and The PI. Thanks for voting :)

  GSCCC news Posted by Bobbi at [15:24 EST]  
After yesterdays news that [pec] and GSCCC joined, the GSCCC has been updated with the official confirmation :
    Now, PSX Emulator fans can rejoice!! There is a new type of Cheat Enhancer Program that works for the PC Playstation emulators out there, name Bleem! And Virtual Game Station emulators. We have teamed up with the makers of the PSX Emulator Cheater) (PEC) created by JNS. (A type of Game Shark emulator for the Playstation emulators..) This program is not only great in itself, but it has the Official Game Shark Code Creators Club endorsement, and our codes will be featured in PEC via its code list files. This program is a DEFINITE must for all the Playstation Emualator users out there.
Visit the [pec] page here and the GSCCC page here.

Friday, 24 March

  [pec] and GSCCC Posted by Thorgal at [15:44 EST]  
Great news for U/C PSX users! [pec], a.k.a. Playstation Emulation Cheater (compatible with both bleem! and vgs !) has now got the permission of the Game Shark Code Creators Club (hence 'GSCCC') to integrate their Game Shark codes database in the [pec] DB! Easier said...hmm, no: on second thought, why don't you visit the [pec] homepage yourself ;)

Oh, and be sure to send yer 'LOG.DAT' file to, giving [pec] the chance to activate all those codes faster :)

  Bleem! vs VGS screens Posted by Thorgal at [14:58 EST]  
*UPDATE*: Just wanted to mention that the bleem! screens page now has a couple of very sweet screenshots of Fear Effect; courtesy of Akalies ! The VGS section also has a few Lunar: SSSC screens, and an 'alphabetic jump system' :D
OK, useless update, forget it :P I WOULD like you to note, however, that any submissions are still welcome :) Feel free to send 'em over to !

As this post's title indicates, EmuHQ has put a short (and when I say short, I really mean it :) article, including screenshots of Ogre Battle running with VGS and bleem! (the latter in both software and Direct3D Mode). The screenshots certainly impressed me, as bleem! in h/w mode looks VERY slick, and overall sharper than I would have thought. My one complaint about 2D games in D3D, and especially RPGs, is the degraded color richness, which is caused by the smoothing of the video card rendering the game in h/w mode. Luckily, in the case of Ogre Battle, it doesn't have this that much, as far as I noticed :)

Be sure to check the article here !

In case I managed to get you interested *cough*, feel free to check out the bleem! screenshots section (which has become quite a big 'n slick list ;), or check out the recently added CVGS screens section !

  PCSX news Posted by Bobbi at [08:56 EST]  
Of shit, we missed Shadow's birthday yesterday ! Happy birthday afterwards from the whole PSXEmu team Shadow (PCSX's project leader after NoComp left). Here's an update from the official page :
    23rd of March, and it's Shadow's birthday, the current project leader after NoComp's leave. Happy birthday Shadow! By the way,there're will be held a party at AkumaX's house to celebrate the occasion! And for some more pcsx related news, Shadow made some fixes that made the emulator capable of running 20+ more demos.Stay tuned for an update of the screenshots page in the coming days.
Let's hope we may see a release of this great emulator soon. Visit their page here.

  VGSJoy 1.0c Posted by Bobbi at [08:37 EST]  
And yet another updated tool from Aldo Vargas - this time he updated his utility called VGSJoy, which adds support for the Microsoft sidewinder for VGS as well as for SNES9x. This update includes the following changes :
    This 1.0c version includes an option to swap the L1/R1 with L2/R2 buttons, also M+B buttons show VGS preferences, M+Y ejects the CD, M+X restart the game and M+C accept with ENTER key.
Download VGSJoy 1.0c here and visit the authors homepage here.

  GME save converter Posted by Bobbi at [08:34 EST]  
After the bleem! to VGS converter, Aldo Vargas released another savegame converting utility; this time it converts GME (Dexdrive savegames that can be found on which converts those savegames either to bleem!'s or to VGS's format. Those tools both work in batch format, what means that they can convert whole archives in one step.

Download the Dexdrive to bleem! converter here and the Dexdrive to VGS converter here. If you're in need for savegames, check out our savegame section, where every savegame now includes a bleem! AND a VGS savegame. Thanks to Aldo Vargas for the mail.

  VGS compatibility Posted by Bobbi at [08:26 EST]  
Eric Traut, one of the co-authors of VGS postes some infos on the inofficial VGS compatibility page again. This time, he mentioned this :
    We're working on it. We hope to have Windows NT and 2000 support in an upcoming update
Would be great to see this in one of the next releases. Few the post here.

Thursday, 23 March

  Pete's GPU Plugin 1.30 Posted by Bobbi at [08:09 EST]  
Today, Pete Bernart released a new version of his PSEmu Pro Plugin (which also works with TheImpact Emu). This plugin was originally designed for TNT cards, but now also works with every card supporting REAL OpenGL.

This version is only a small update, an 'Enable Mask bit detection' option has been added. Pete wrote that only very few games use this option, but anyway :)

Download Pete's GPU Plugin 1.30 here.

Wednesday, 22 March

  Great new referrer program Posted by Bobbi at [16:21 EST]  
I just came across a site which is pretty simular to Alladvantages idea - With the difference that you don't watch simple banner ads but something like "small animations"; and get paid much more than with for example Alladvantage - Up to 20$ for one single ! This allows you to earn over 100$ a month.

This isn't fake, CNN and other news channels already reported about it. To use this great chance, go here now.

  PS Memorycard conv. 1.10e Posted by Bobbi at [15:13 EST]  
Guess I forgot to post this yesterday - The PS memorycard converter has been updated to 1.10e - This version adds support for PSEmu Pro ! Now this tool is able to convert any PSEmu Pro memory card to bleem! or VGS and vica versa.

Download the PS memorycard converter 1.10e here. Big thanks to _lr_ again for the mail ! You can find more VGS tools on the VGS download page.

  VGS news Posted by Bobbi at [15:04 EST]  
One of VGS's co-programmers posted a thread here about VGS's feature, and it reads as the following :
  • 2. VGS currently uses the video card to stretch and blur the image if possible. However, some cards don't support this feature or are too slow to use. In those situations, VGS falls back on a software routine. The software version currently doesn't attempt to do any blurring or filtering, but we're considering adding something in future versions. As for full 3D hardware support, Connectix hasn't yet made any public announcements. A 3D hardware mode is necessarily going to be less compatibile than the current software-only mode.
To read the whole post, go here.BTW - There has been much discussion about the #vgs channel on EFNET, since it's runned by the same people controlling #bleem ! To those lamers (I won't name them here yet) telling us that this is unfair and bleem! just wants to get avoid people from buying VGS - You're completly wrong and are just BAD informed - neither #bleem nor #vgs are runned by people being affliated with those companys in ANY way. And those people running a "VGS support site" with a message board spreading URL's for crackz should better think twice before they write something.

  Get your bleem! shirt Posted by Bobbi at [14:45 EST]  
Finally, DragonYen posted the T-Shirt ordering page on for those of you, who wanted to get one of those cool bleem! T-Shirts. But this cool addition if mainly possible for americans - The T-Shirt and shipping to europe costs $73.95 at Digital River - Let's hope there'll be another possibility for other regions as well soon.

For those of you who want to get one of those cool T-Shirts, head over to this page.

Tuesday, 21 March

  Something Off Topic Posted by Wildfire at [00:37 EST] is obviously dedicated to the playstation emulation community, however since things seem a bit slow after a few major changes, I figured i should share something. My girlfriend pointed me to a site that allows internet users to have some impact on saving the rainforsts. I could give you a lecture on why we need the rainforsts, but I would figure that the schools and media have educated a bit on the subject, if not you can always search on the topic.

All you have to do is sign up and visit the site once every day or so. Every little thing one can do to help save the rainforsts, should be done. Please click here to make an impact. While your at it, take a look at Care2 site which provides more ways you and your friends can help the enviroment, and brings you upto date on recent issues that are going on in the world about the enviroment.

Also acts as a decent frontpage too. =P

Monday, 20 March

  VGS section updated Posted by Bobbi at [11:29 EST]  
Today, I updated the VGS section with nearly 100 screenshots and also made some additional improvements - You should check this out if you're a Virtual Gamestation fan. A VERY big thanks flys out to Gigatron, who nearly "bombed" me with screenshots :) Another thanks goes to Yash and CDBurnouT for their BIG help.

If you want to get those tools, screenshots and much more head over to our VGS section. If you want to add something, mail it to me.

  VGS Tester Posted by Bobbi at [11:24 EST]  
_lr_ was kind enough to send me a mail with the utility VGSChecker, which is able to check your PC if it's fast enough to run Virtual Gamestation or if you should upgrade first. To do this, it does a row of self tests, like graphics, CD and more. To use this tool, you need to insert a data CD (no Audio).

Download the VGSTester here. Thanks to _lr_ for this utility.

  More bleem! / VGS savegame tools! Posted by Thorgal at [10:20 EST]  
Aldo Vargas, author of VGSJoy mentioned earlier, has now released 'Bleem to VGS 1.0' and 'VGS to Bleem 1.0'; both programmed in VB5. The use of these tools is obvious: converting memory cards of games saved with bleem! from and to the CVGS format, and vice versa.

Get bleem! to VGS 1.0 here !
Get VGS to bleem! 1.0 here !

In addition, Aldo also put up a 'Bleem to VGS Batch Conversion tool, allowing you to convert ALL your bleem! memory card saves at once!

Get bleem! to VGS Batch Conversion here !

Sunday, 19 March

  PEC database update Posted by Bobbi at [15:15 EST]  
After yesterday's first beta release of the kickass cheat! utility PEC, JNS already fired out another database update, which adds 90! new games with hundreds of codes to the database.
    Like promised, i'm going to publish regular updates - And here's already the first one :
    A new code database with 90 new games, which brings the total list of games with cheats to 1068 - And this all for free. Prepare to see more of these updates soon, so keep an eye on this page.
He also mentioned that the page now can be found at and that the mail for all pec questions is now Get the new update from

  VGS section opened Posted by Bobbi at [13:56 EST]  
Wau, I'm finally done (well, mostly) - The VGS section has been opened featuring screenshots, press articles, reactions, DY's review, some downloads and more - Currently, I'm also working on a savegames section, so make sure to check back soon. We also need more screenshots, so feel free to mail me yours.

A big thanks goes out to Yash, EmuManiac, JNS, DragonYen and all others that helped me with this section !

  PS savegame converter Posted by Bobbi at [13:53 EST]  
_lr_ sent me a notice that he released a tool for converting Virtual Gamestation savegames to bleem! savegames and vice versa. The tool is pretty small, and it allows you to convert any savegame from our bleem! savegame section to VGS, so you can now use over 300 savegames with it - We'll add a VGS savegame section later as well !

Download this cool small utility here. Thanks to _lr_ for this nice tool.

  VGSJoy 1.0 Posted by Bobbi at [06:20 EST]  
Aldo Vargas released another tool for use with the Virtual Gamestation. It's another tool for easier use of your Microsoft Sidewinder - But this time you don't need the Sidewinder software any more. According to the page, it works much better with many Playstation games. Additional, this tool also supports SNES9x.

Download this smart utility here [-10k-] and visit the official homepage here.

Saturday, 18 March

  More bleem! + VGS reviews Posted by Thorgal at [17:09 EST]  
EmuForce has put up two excellent reviews, giving bleem! a total score of 8/10 and VGS 8.5/10 . Be sure to check 'em out, or quickly read the verdicts if you're in a hurry ;)

bleem! - Review - Connectix Virtual Game Station - Review

Naturally, feel free to check out our bleem! Press section for a list of all other bleem! articles/reviews. VGS section coming up!

  PEC has been released Posted by Bobbi at [13:32 EST]  
Finally, JNS released the first version of the KICKASS cheat proggi called [pec] (read more about the name in his post), which supports bleem! as well as VGS !! That's what he posted on his page :
    Oh well, just thought I might update the page with some news ... After many discussions we decided that 'ProjectX' which should have been called 'bleat!' before is now named [pec], what stands for Playstation Emulation cheater. Why that ? Well, after the release, it was an easy task to let [pec] run using VGS as well, so a name simular to bleem!'s wasn't the real thing anymore.

    So did I forgot anything ? ... Oh yeah, we have a first beta release of this great utility ! This release already has tons of functions and a kickass database with over 1000 games in it. For a full list of details read the included readme file as well as for other usefull informations.
Visit the page at to download this great new release !

  PSXPlay 1.41 Posted by Bobbi at [05:09 EST]  
After quite some time of silence, here's finally a new version of the great PSX movie player PSXPlay. As of yet, it's unknown what's new in this release, but we hope to have a translation for you later today. Download PSXPlay 1.41 in handy zip format here and visit the PSXPlay homepage here. Thanks to Gan and Ben-J for the news.

The utility PSPlaydeAvi, which adds an avi convert function to PSXPlay, has also been updated to work with the latest released version. Download that one here in zip format and visit the homepage here. You can find simular tools in our PSX tools download area.

Friday, 17 March

  New FPSE Release Posted by mathew2 at [12:36 EST]  
A new version of FPSE was released. FPSE is a Sony Playstation emulator for Windows 9x. Here is a breif list of whats new.
  • Gamepads are done in plugin format.
  • Added mouse driver.
  • Now memory cards must be in the "MEMCARDS" sub-directory.
  • FULL Rs232 support.
Read the full list of news and download your copy here from the offical page. Or download the latest binary from our server here. Good to see the progress of this promising emulator.

  New PSmplay build Posted by mathew2 at [12:18 EST]  
Segu released a new build of PSmplay for public testing. PSmplay is a mdec player for windows which allows the playback of high quality playstation format movie files.
    Data were being examined to increase the play-back ability of the XA file. It seems that all can't be play-back properly by the specification of current PSmplay. Because a big change becomes necessary, a current test version is introduced to the public.However, the data which couldn't play-back with 0.3 can play-back.From here.Though a written thing was delayed, the source code of BS decode which is the part of the core of PSmplay is introduced to the public in the page of FPSE.Try it if you are interested :)
Goto Segu's Page to get your copy!

  VGS Sidewinder profile Posted by Bobbi at [07:24 EST]  
Aldo Varga has released a microsoft sidewinder profile for use with Connectix's Virtual Gamestation, a new PSX emulator for windows. By using it, you have the possibility to use your sidewinder controller like a PSX controller (in my opinion the sidewinder is even better than the PSX controller).

The page mentions that you need the MS sidewiner software version 3.02 ! If you don't have it yet, get it here. Download the profile here [-1k-] ! Cheers to EmuHQ for the link.

  Buy a bleem! shirt Posted by mathew2 at [07:17 EST] has been updated with some news on the bleem! shirt - Before, only few people were able to get it, but it'll be available for sale soon.
    the sleek black 100% cotton bleem! t-shirt will soon be available to anyone with fifteen bucks. Featuring the bleem! logo on the front and on the back, people will stop you in airports, bus stations, and on the street just to ask 'What's bleem?' Then as if you were a member of an exclusive club (hey quantities are limited), you can smile knowing that they'll never understand and say something snappy like 'I could tell you but I'd have to kill you.' Watch this space for details!
Visit for more details regarding this cool T-Shirt.

Wednesday, 15 March

  PS2 still with probs Posted by Bobbi at [15:17 EST]  
Seems the PS2 problems can't be solved that easy : According to a news story by CNN Sony is taking back few PS2's to see how the problem occured :
    Sony Computer Entertainment has taken back PlayStation 2 game consoles from some users for testing, though it has stopped short of issuing a recall of the hot new product or its memory card, a Sony representative said today.

    "If we weren't able to solve the problem over the phone, we've requested they return the unit for testing," Guernsey said. He estimated approximately 100 units have been returned for testing.
Let's hope Sony can fix those problems real quick, I'm waiting for my PS2 to arrive soon :)

  VGS reviews Posted by Bobbi at [15:03 EST]  
Today, there're two new VGS reviews :

The first one is made by Multi Canal, a french news site. I'm not perfect in french, but what I was able to read out :
    VGS is a very serious competitor to bleem!. From 6 tested games so far, all worked, without any texture bugs or polygon problems. The sound is synched with the picture and it's very easy to configure.
Read the whole review here. The second review has been made by JS and been posted on EmuHQ afterwards. It's an a bit smaller review but still worth to read.
    I started up VGS expecting a very buggy experience, with less compatibility than bleem! was giving me, since the 'suggested' list from Connectix doesn't mention nearly as many games as bleem! does. Well I can tell you that list does VGS no justice. The emulator is nothing short of amazing.
Find it here.Big thanks to EmuHQ for both review links.

  VGS compatibility list Posted by Bobbi at [14:52 EST]  
Sorry, forgot to post this yesterday : Visuatrox created a page with a VGS compatibility list (since the one at doesn't seem to have much use). It already contains many games. And now, the page also features a message board, so if you already played with VGS check out the page at

Between - Our VGS section is nearly finished, I'm just fixing some bugs in the compatibility base script we'll be using - The section already features many screenshots, infos, a comparisation and much more. But we need your help, so if you already took some shots or wrote down some compatibility results please mail them to

  Cheet! 1.1 Out Now Posted by mathew2 at [11:31 EST]  
More news rolls in today, Add-On Factory has released a new version of Cheet. Cheet is a commercial 3rd party application for Bleem and VGS which lets the user cheat in various ways in a large database of games. Quoting from the add-on factory website:
    You might ask yourself: what's new? News are that now cheet! will allow you to use Playstation codes with Connectix Virtual Game System, too! Of course, this is free to registered users and it's downloadable here. If you aren't a registered user yet, go to the cheet! page and get your own registered cheet! now!
Another relase from the cheet guys, seems like a useful application, but if you want my hot tip, wait for Project X from JNS.

Tuesday, 14 March

  New AdriPSX release Posted by mathew2 at [16:42 EST]  
Thought I'd let you guys know that Roor has released a new version of AdriPSX. AdriPSX is a Playstation emulator which is in development for the DOS and Windows operating systems. Some of changes in this release are as follows:
  • CD-ROM handler has been redone to improve compatibility.
  • Also speed for 2D games has been greatly incremented.
  • A good deal of Kernel and BIOS has been already reverse engineered. There has been lost of changed.
  • Developer mode has been erased
Bigup's to Roor for this great news. Head over to AdriPSX Page of PSXemu to find out about this exciting project.

  FPSE news Posted by Bobbi at [13:46 EST]  
I'm not sure if we mentioned the update at the FPSE page so I'm doing it now to make sure we reported it : LDChen updated the FPSE page with some news what we can except from the next release :
  • a new aspi driver with a full CD Audio and bus mastering support.
  • a new plugin (SPUSEAL) based on your source code and compiled with Visual C++ 5.0 (I have it at work).
  • a new graphic plugin (GPUDX3): it uses DirectX 3.0 and D3D, it runs great even on NT4, but it needs to be fixed in some functions. Surprising, I have noted that Execute Buffers are a little faster than DrawPrimitive.
  • I have tested FPSE on WinNT 2000, AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • run under Linux with NULL drivers.
The page also shows some screenshots of the latest version showing the CD error handling screen, so check out their page here.

  Another bleem! fan page Posted by Bobbi at [10:46 EST]  
Just wanted to mention another bleem! fanpage here : Extremebleem! is a page mostly runned by CDBurnout and Red Green - Formally Red Green made!. Their page features many cool things such as regular news, downloads (they even have some movies for download), reviews of many cool games and much more so I'd suggest you to check out this cool page now at

For more cool bleem! pages visit our Links section.

Monday, 13 March

  VGS opinions Posted by Bobbi at [16:31 EST]  
There've been two comments by two people running big emulation websites. The first is by TheFox and the second by Prophet from Retrogames. They read as te following :
    Recently a few sites have tried out the Connectix Virtual GameStation (Commercial Playstation Emulator) and have gave it rave reviews, earlier today I had the privilage to test it for myself and all I can say is WOW! my Resident Evil 3, Gran Turrismo 2, Ridge Racer 4 etc all work with perfect sound and graphics (inc FMV) and the whole emulation core has a very solid feel, the only thing it is lacking at the moment is 3d support. I highly recommend it, and think that bleem! may have met its match in The Connectix Virtual GameStation :)

    After personally testing Connectix Virtual Game Station (PSX emu) at my friend's place all night, all I can say is WOW!!! I'm BUYING this emulator and so should YOU! I brought all my games over, and after messing around with about 25 games, they ALL worked, yielding very good speeds and only a scant few games had some glitches. VGS has a rock solid emulation core, and I really look forward to updated builds with 3D support someday. Connectix r0x!
Read the post at and at

My opinion ? Coming soon in a big comparisation between bleem! and VGS - Keep an eye on this page tomorrow.

  PSEmu page change Posted by Bobbi at [13:01 EST]  
The PSEmu page has been updated - No flying cow this time, but a message linking to the The message reads as the following :
To view the message go here. To visit the Virtual Gamestation page go here. Looks like somebody wants to express his thoughts here :)
Thanks to DragonYen for the link.

Sunday, 12 March

  In Reply to the VGS review Posted by Wildfire at [21:14 EST]  
As with sooo many other people, i read the review given by a friend of the psxemu crew, DragonYen. One can't argue that the points made a VALID, and will take a lot of bull to make those points invalid. However, i read a post over at Retrogames concerning the possible bias towards bleem! as well as the censoring over at the bleem! message board. I will agree with nearly everything that this person posted (won't list them tho =P).

The censorship is obvious, the bleem! message board is for bleem!, not for VGS, thus it doesn't belong, making removal of the post un-argueable. (MY opinion, i didn't read randy's reply)

bleem!'s ability to improve graphics is a key feature to bleem!, as bleem! doesn't aim to replace your PSX, it's to be an extention of the playstation, so it has to do more than what the PSX does. That is why the lack of hardware 3d support was brought up when graphics were talked about.

DragonYen is NOT a rep. or part of the staff for advertisement, he's a simple betatester who sits in the middle of nowhere with no life so he tests 100s of playstation games 100s of times. He's entitled to his opinion, with his experience with bleem!, he can easily compare them both, and he mentioned that he hasn't tested all his games (that's a lot =P).
Lets go to emulation point of view, we compare SNES9x to ZSNES, Genecyst to Kgen, and now VGS vs bleem!, however these comparisons are made by opinions, backed up or not, its still opinion.

Try them both and find which one fits you best.

Here's the post that sparked this fire.

NOTE: This is opinion of the writer of this post, Wildfire. Please send all email to him if you have a problem with this, no one else.

  ProjectX and VGS Posted by Bobbi at [14:01 EST]  
Great news for all of those new VGS users : The cheat proggi which is developed by JNS right now WILL support the Virtual Gamestation when it'll finally be released soon. Those are great news since VGS's compatibility is at a pretty high level. From the post :
    2 days after Connectix released their Virtual Game Station (which is partly better than bleem! in my opinion), I included VGS-support in 'Project X'. What does this mean for YOU ? Well, if you already own this emulator, you can use the more than 700 codes which are already included in the database with VGS as well as with bleem!.
JNS also mentioned that we might see a release in about 7 days. Visit the ProjectX homepage at

  New Dexplorer software Posted by Bobbi at [09:16 EST]  
For all of you Dexdrive fans out there, Interact released a new version of their Dexdrive software called Dexplorer. This version finally gives the tool a much nicer and easier to use interface (check the screenshots below). An important notice from the readme (helped me a lot =P) :
    Usage of AC adapter
    It is recommended to use AC adapter with the DexDrive (especially, while used with the following memory cards) whenever you find abnormal behaviorsuch as failure to detect memory card or failure to perform read/write operation properly.
  • All cards with LED display
  • All cards which contain more than one page

Download the Dexplorer software v2.00 here [-9064k-]. Between : I wasn't able to find this software update on, so I just took it from the german version,

  PSmplay 0.3a RC in testing Posted by mathew2 at [09:12 EST]  
Thought I'd let you guys know that Segu has a new version of PSmplay in testing. Some of changes in this Release Candidate are as follows (Segu's Words):
  • A SCSI command is added. It copes with some CD-ROM drives.
  • The full screen mode is added. (STR)
  • It is modified because the decision of the final position of XA was wrong.(STR/XA)
  • The play-back of VAB/VAG is supported. (But, imperfection :p)
  • Analyze of TIM/VAG/VAB/SEQ is added. But, SEQ can't play-back. A divided VAB form (.vh, vb) can't analyze properly.
Here is a screenshot of the full-screen mode taken from the game Tekken 3, click the image for a closer look:

Bigup's to Segu for this great news. One of the more noticeable features in the new version is the handy additon of a full-screen mode which is really good once witnessed. Head over to Segu's Section of PSXemu to find out about all of his other exciting projects if you didnt know about them already.

  New poll Posted by Bobbi at [08:26 EST]  
Now, some days after VGS's release for Win9x, we wanted to know your opinion regarding the comparisation between bleem! and Virtual Gamestation (and PSEmu Pro as the most advanced free PSX emulator). So I created a poll asking you : Which emulator do you like most ? Please show us your opinion by voting in the poll on the left handed side.

  AdriPSX page updated Posted by Bobbi at [06:25 EST]  
Roor updated the AdriPSX page with some news. He's looking for new coders to speed up development. Here's what he wrote :
    As you all saw, for the last weeks we have made a lot of progress with AdriPSX, for it to run more games, fixing bugs and icreasing its performance in every way possible, but unluckily for us. So, to keep our grown rate as it has been till now, and to speed up Windows version developement, we are still looking for coders and smart people to help us. Maths and Asm knowledge are optional, although preferable. If someone is interested, just mail us.
If you're interrested in joining the AdriPSX project, visit the AdriPSX page here.

To all of you who're a bit confused on the move of the AdriPSX page : The DOS page (Roor) stays here at PSXEmu, and the windows version moved over to Insanegamers. Between - Insanegamers have a KICKASS new layout, I highly suggest you to check it out.

Saturday, 11 March

  SOPE for AmigaPPC ! Posted by Thorgal at [18:50 EST]  
Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund has ported SOPE, the Playstation emulator for the Macintosh, to the Amiga! Today, he's released SOPE v000310 for the AmigaPPC. Although it still lacks a dynamic compiler (which makes this release a rather slow one), it does look pretty interesting to me! Be sure to check some of the screenshots posted at Mathias's homepage. Also, don't forget to check the requirements, since there may be a few things you need like CGFX v3; OpenGL support is a WIP future.

Thanks to The Vintage Gaming Network for the news!

Oh, almost forgot the download link... it's been a looong day ;) Download Sope v000310 for Amiga, in easy .zip format here!

  Emulator tips Posted by Bobbi at [07:20 EST]  
Adrox sent out word that he added a very cool idea to Emusphere : A forum just for tips for nearly every emulator out there. To provide as many informations as possible, users can submit their own hints for any emulator.

Looks like a great idea to me, since this database will feature nearly all important hints for any emulator in a compact format. Go check out the page at

  PSX Tools Translated... Posted by Nick at [07:19 EST]  
Musuke's PICKUP has made many patches for PSX tools and emulators like bleem!, PSEmu Pro, PSmplay and PSXGameEdit. These patches will translate the emulators and tools to japanese. Well, to make thinkgs easier for you guys, I've patched the tools and emulators and zipped it up for you.

Click here to download Bleem! 1.5B-Japanese.
Click here to download PSmplay 0.3-Japanese.
Click here to download PSXGameEdit 1.60-Japanese.

Friday, 10 March

  VGS review !!! Posted by Bobbi at [20:12 EST]  
Finally, the first copies of VGS arrived and DragonYen was able to make himself a picture of this emulator - Can this emu really be a competition to bleem!. To test this, DY made a great review.
    Got my copy of Virtual Game Station for the PC today and I must say that I was impressed. Not as much as the first time I played bleem!, but impressed none-the-less. So I ripped open my FEDEX package like it was Christmas, eager to look at the box and play with my new toy. Most of my review will be based on my preconceived notions of a PSX emu based on bleem! While it may be unfair to VGS to compare it to bleem! VGS has had plenty of time to play with and look at bleem! and further develop any short comings that bleem! may have. As well as they have had much user feedback from the Mac version of VGS.
To check out this great review NOW go here. A big thanks to DragonYen for this great review.

More to come soon : Tomorrow when I wake up I'll set up a screenshots page for VGS games so you can take a look at some as well as a small screenshot comparisation. When you already got your version please mail me your screenshots !

  3dGameForce Review Posted by mathew2 at [11:09 EST]  
3dGameForce has a review for bleem, the commericial PSX emu for the Windows operating system, written by Randy Linden. Here's a snip from the review:
    "Gran Turismo also looks marvelous; far better than anything you�ll see on a PlayStation...
    The interface iswonderfully intuitive. The Graphics menu allows for a wide range of tweaking, as well as deactivating certain effectsif your computer doesn�t quite make the grade."
The review doesn't tell us much new, but if you have yet to buy Bleem, its another opinion to help you with your decision. 3dGameForce gave Bleem 8/10. Still long after its launch Bleem is still attracting the views of the press and media. Read the full review here.

  X-Box finally announced Posted by Bobbi at [05:49 EST]  
I know this is a bit off subject, but it reflect PSX in a way. X-Box claims to be a direct competitor of the PSX's younger brother, PS2. Here's a blurb from the article:

"What's happening here is we've designed the first game console that really takes it into what's going on on the internet, the realism that we can provide, the multi-player gaming, the fact that we've got a disk so you can download game updates," he told the BBC's World Business Report.

Alas, this is an intresting subject; read the full article here. Special thanks to Sonikku_a again =P.

  New Poll Over at Posted by Wildfire at [05:47 EST]  
The question this time is: Do you own a PSX, bleem! or both?
So run over to and participate in the poll.

  Interviews Posted by Bobbi at [14:28 EST]  
Today, I opened a new section here on PSXEmu for "Interviews". Right now, we're trying to get interviews from all recent PSX emulator authors. The first two are from Roor, programmer of AdriPSX's DOS version and shadow + nocomp, (formal) programmers of the yet unreleased PCSX. We're asking all authors the same 10 question to see their different opinions about the emulation scene.

You can check out our new interview section go here. We'll add more ASAP.

  PSmplay 0.3 spanish Posted by Bobbi at [14:14 EST]  
Segu posted a spanish version of his great PSX movie player PSmplay, which plays PSX .str files as well as XA Audio (all channels) and views PSX image files. It also allows you to extract all this data to your HD.

Download PSmplay 0.3 spanish here and visit the official homepage here.

  Misc news Posted by Bobbi at [13:58 EST]  
Since we were closed for nearly 2 weeks, I decided to catch up a bit with the news today, so here's a quick summary of the happenings :
  • JNS released a quick but important fix for blini!, a powerfull ini editor, which brings it to release 4a. Download it at
  • EmuForce interviewed NoComp, who just left the PCSX project because of a new job he got. Read this interview here.
  • The PCSX homepage also gut updated with MANY new screenshots of the emulator running several demos. I tried the beta myself, and this emulator is making real good progress. View the screenshots at
  • Segu released PSmplay 0.3, which has many new great features. He also posted some hints on the page, so check it out now at
Hope we caught up with all the news now, so we can continue to post NEW things now.

  New AdriPSX release Posted by mathew2 at [04:54 EST]  
Roor, the programmer of AdriPSX's DOS version just released a new version of his new emulator. This version finally allows play on all PC's, who are using another CD-Drive letter than D ! Also new in this release :
  • Improved Dynamic Recompiler Core for greater speed
  • Software Graphics Renderer
  • Working MDEC and XA skipping rutines
  • CDROM Decoder Handler that allows AdriPSX to play commercial games
  • Not-as-friendly GUI, which is being worked out a little more every day

To check out this great new release visit now !

Gotta go to work now. Be sure to check back this evening as we'll have some great news for you !

Sunday, 5 March

  PSXEmu back online Posted by Bobbi at [12:21 EST]  
PSXEmu is back online ... Exactly one year, after I started my first bleem! site somewhere on free Xoom hosting space (when I find the URL again I might post it here later)

Well, what was the reason for our downtime ? Since it's over now, I don't want the discussion to start again. Let's say we had some internal team troubles, which should be fixed now, so we can continue to bring you the best emulation news out there.

There was something else that changed ... :) Ah, exactly : We changed to this new design, which has been in development for quite some time. A big thanks goes to Thorgal, who had the original idea and to JNS, who created many of those nice logos everywhere on the page. Though I worked on it through the past few days, it isn't finished completly yet ... Some colors don't fit properly, some pages are missing ... I'll add all those things over the next few days.

A big thanks also goes out to DragonYen, EmuManiac and mathew2, who made this return possible.

Check back tomorrow for some nice specials I prepared over the past days, but which I just didn't got finished. I promise, there're some really interresting facts in it.

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