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Wednesday, 31 May

  Misc. PS2 News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:24 EST]  
It's been a slow week so far for news, but I've managed to scrounge up some news for you. Quite a few things have been happening with the PS2 lately, and as usual, I'm here to bring you the latest:
    PS2 Vs. DC Movie - IGN DC recently posted this article with an extremely funny movie depicting the DC and a VMU argueing (even duking it out) with the PS2. It has some mild language, but I highly suggest you check out this movie. View it in QuickTime or MPEG format.

    USB PS2 Mouse - Over at IGN PS2, this article informs us that Sony has announced software for the PS2 that allow you to use a USB mouse with the system. The software, named Bikkuri Mouse, lets players draw artwork on their TV screen with an assorted set of paints and pens. Bikkuri Mouse also features a two-player mode, so both you and a friend can collaborate on a picture together.
The mouse software is a nice bonus, but that movie is hilarious! Thanks to Aldo Vargas for the last bit of news.

Tuesday, 30 May

  Pete's OpenGL GPU 1.33 Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:01 EST]  
I saw over at Emulation HQ that Pete Bernert had updated his OpenGL GPU Plugin for PSEmu Pro. Pete has also "discontinued" his TNT driver (He just dropped the TNT from the title since it works with most OpenGL supported cards). Here's what Pete had to say about the name change:
    Pete's TNT driver is dead! Long live Pete's OpenGL driver :) Hehe, don't panic, I've just renamed my driver to match its name with the used API and not with an old gfx card I even don't use anymore... This PSX GPU driver is using OpenGL, so it will work with any card, if there is a _real_ build-in OpenGL hardware acceleration. Enjoy!
And here's what's new in this version:
  • Sprite mirroring and new detection for uploading screens.
You can download the plugin here, or download right it from our plugins page. Thanks again to EmuHQ for the news.

Monday, 29 May

  PCSX News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:19 EST]  
EmuForce has just posted a PCSX Exclusive. The news is concerning a screenshot of PCSX running Manta (for those who don't know, Manta is quite possibly one of the most difficult demos to get working in a PSX emulator). Check out the screenshot below:
As you can see from the enlarged picture, PCSX is running this hard-to-run demo perfectly at 80 FPS! Also mentioned was that Sound emulation is going to be implemented tomorrow and CD emulation is expected to be ready this week (means commercial games working soon). PCSX also uses the same plugin system as PSEmu Pro, and as EmuForce mentioned, that means at the time of the release you can already expect a great sound and graphics quality. Don't forget to checkout EmuForce and the PCSX homepage. Thanks to expert- for the news.

  Possible Bleemcast Date Change? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [13:55 EST]  
I was cruising EBWorld yesterday, when I decided to check on the bleemcast release date. I noticed it had changed from 6/16/00 to 7/16/00. Someone also pointed out to me on IRC that the release date said 7/4/00 at one time. Although I can't confirm this, the fact still remains that the date changed.

You can checkout the page with the pre-order info here.

It's been rumored That bleem!, inc. is trying for a July 4th release date, but it hasn't been confirmed.

  PSMC v2.00e Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [13:40 EST]  
Well, it's not that new, but I guess we let this one slip by us ;) PS MemoryCard Converter has been updated to version 2.00e, and has quite a bit of new features. For those who have no idea what PSMC is, here's a list of features and what's new:
  • Can convert between the following formats: Bleem! (*.MCD), VGS (*.MEM), PSEmu Pro (*.MCR), DexDrive (*.GME), WinPsm (*.PS), (*.PSX), and MCExplorer (*.MCR)
  • Can convert between NTSC U/C, PAL, and NTSC J formats
  • Batch conversion support
You can download PSMC v2.00e from our servers here.
You can checkout the author's homepage right here.

Sunday, 28 May

  VGS 1.4 Bug Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [12:57 EST]  
I was over at the Unofficial VGS Compatibiliy List's message board when I saw this post, post by the webmaster. The post concerns a mail he sent to Connectix concerning a bug in VGS 1.4. Here's what the mail said:
    There seems to be a new "BUG" in VGS 1.4 for windows. It seems to cut offabout 2cm of the screen at the bottom. Many people have confirmed that they have the same problem at the "CVGS Unocifial Compatibility List Site" ( looks also like a little was cut off the top causing the image to shift upwards leaving more black at the bottom of the screen. It seems that the error depends on which PSX resolution the game is being played. At least the following graphic cards have the problem: ATI AIW 128, TNT2 32MB Ultra, TNT2 32MB M64, Voodoo 3 2000, Voodoo 3 3000.

    you can read more about this at these message board threads.

    The graphic problem is clearly visible in games like Ridgeracer R4. Is there
    going to be a small update to fix this soon?.
And in this post, one of the authors responded:
    Connectix is aware of the video cropping bug, and we should have a fix in the next release.

    - Eric Traut, VGS co-author
I wasn't aware of this bug since I haven't played VGS 1.4 since I upgraded to it, but it's good to know that Connectix knows about it and is working on a fix for it.

  PS2 Incompatibility List Updated Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [12:24 EST]  
Aldo Vargas recently informed me that SCEI (Sony of Japan) has updated their PS2 Incompatibility List. The list has grown from around 15 games to 30. Sony is still testing Japan's 900+ library of PS games, so the list isn't finished yet. Here's a clip from the IGN PS2 article:
    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Sony of Japan) recently updated its official list of the original PlayStation games that won't work on the almost fully backward compatible PlayStation2. There are now a grand total of 30 games on the list (out of over 900 games that were released on the PlayStation in Japan). Sony is still in the process of testing the PlayStation's full Japanese library, so the list still isn't final and will be constantly updated.
You can check out the rest of the article here. Thanks again to Aldo Vargas for the news.

Saturday, 27 May

  PS2 Launch Games Confirmed Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:41 EST]  
It's been a slow day for news, but I managed to stumble on this article from IGN PS2, which spoke of confirmed launch games, straight from the developers themselves. While Sony has been silent about what games SCEA and 989 studios will have at release, IGN has managed to give a general idea of what they will be offering as well. IGN also included a list of games that would most likely make it out before the end of 2000 and they also mention a few that might appear in 2001. Here's a clip:
    We spoke with 25 North American publishers, 11 that told IGNPS2 they have definite plans to deliver their game or games on the day of launch -- not on November 27, not one week after, but on the day of launch. With this in mind, PlayStation 2's launch total tops Sega's own phenomenal launch on September 9, 2020, with 18 games, when it delivered Dreamcast to North America.
You can check out the list of games here. Also, IGN mentioned an article that they will update regularly with games they think will be released at launch. You can read that article here.

BTW, as you read yesterday, Bobbi has gone on vacation for 2 weeks, and will be back soon. In the meantime, he has left me in charge, so any relatively important e-mails, such as news, should be mailed to me here.

Friday, 26 May

  Bobbi leaves PSXEmu Posted by Bobbi at [12:39 EST]  
Well, I decided to leave PSXEmu, and to move on to a new location. After over 100 weeks without ONE free weekend, I decided this is to much, so I'm going now ... (I mentioned I'll be back in two weeks ?)

Well, honestly : I'm leaving for Spain in 2 or 3 hours, and I'll be back at Tuesday the 13th June - In about 2 weeks from now. I'm not reachable during those two weeks, so everything what is important in some ways, goes to CDBurnOut, who'll be the site admin during the time I'm in Spain.

Well, all I can do now is to wish me some happy weeks. If you send me an E-Mail I'll answer it for sure when I'm back in two weeks. So far, cya in mid june again !

  Portable PSX News Posted by mathew2 at [10:16 EST]  
Rumours abound about Sony releasing a portable version of the PSX.

Aldo Vargas sent me the url of Kinox which reported on a recent story from the japanese magazine famitsu (well the image on kinox is linking to famitsu at least). Here it is:
    "..According to information received by CVG today, the new hardware will be literally a quarter of the size of the current generation PlayStation, measuring five inches shorter and an inch thinner. Contrary to earlier rumour, users will still need a screen to plug the unit into; it had previously been believed that the device would take the same physical form as a mini-DVD player, with a flip-up screen.

    Insiders are speculating that the addition of a screen will push the price beyond the target market. There's even talk of a $99 (between £60 and £70) price-point in the US, aiming at youngsters' parents and older gamers with large PlayStation game collections, a penchant for gadgets and enough money to move onto the more serious PlayStation 2.."
Of course this could all be vapour talk, who knows, i for one will believe it when i see it, although it doesnt look that small really. Shouts to Aldo for the news, Kinox for the original story, and CDRinfo for their original translation for kinox.

Massive respects to Ste, my main man in #bleem , the english guy down under, having his birthday party right now. BingUp Ya Chest, hope you get everything which you desire in your life, good luck and best wishes to you.

Thursday, 25 May

  Bleem! lawsuit status Posted by Bobbi at [17:21 EST]  
Sean, the PR manager of Bleem, inc. was kind enough to give us some informations regarding the current lawsuit they fight against Sony.
    How serious do you believe these claims are?
    They will cost us lots and lots of money to defend, which is really the point of it all. This patent lawsuit is more of the same -- Sony wants total control over how people play their PlayStation games. Now that its clear that their first lawsuit is a loser, Sony has come with another anti-competitive lawsuit. Sony understands that every dollar of ours that goes to lawyers is a dollar that doesn't go into product R& D and promotion.
To read all of those informational questions, click here. Again a big thanks to Sean for those infos.

  New PSMplay Soon Posted by mathew2 at [11:15 EST]  
Over at Segu's Hut Segu announced that a new test version of PSMplay will be released to the public next week. I translated Segu's post so it is a little easier to digest:
    "STR and XA implementions are finished. At least the 50% which i thought of. Much more time is still necessary to get it into a releaseable state. But, a public test will begin next week.

    It is not easy for me to take the time to answer your mails. Please see the new implementation of the functions by the public test version, i hope this answers your questions rather than a mail.

    Functions which you would like to be implmented are requested to be sent to me, but i don't make a promise that i will include them :p "
The new version of PSMplay has some amazing features which arent really expected of such a utility, segu did a really great job. Here is a thumbnail which segu posted a while back showing the new interface:

This is great news for you psmplay fans out there, don't forget to check out Segu's Site (hosted @ PSXemu) for all the info on this great tool and all of Segu's other promising works.

Wednesday, 24 May

  PS2 Online At Launch? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:31 EST]  
According to this article from Daily Radar, a console development toolmaker has written a TCP/IP stack for the PS2 which will allow gaming companies to add online support to their games before Sony's network add-on solution is finished. The TCP/IP stack will allow users to use regular USB modems with the PS2. Here's a clip from the article:
    One company, however, bypassed Sony's hazy solution and created its own online alternative. SN Systems, a console development toolmaker for the last 10 years, has introduced a program called SN TCP/IP Stack for the PlayStation 2. In the most basic terms, this toolset enables developers to make PS2 games that can be played online using existing USB modems.
The good thing is, game developers can add support for external USB modems, but still include support for Sony's upcoming network add-on solution. Don't forget to check out the rest of the article here.

  Another Bleem! Interview Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:45 EST]  
I just saw over at EmulationHQ that has interviewed Sean Kauppinen, Director of PR and Marketing for bleem!, inc. They cover most of the basic points about bleemcast, so nothing is really new in this article. Except for this:
    Can you give us a little more info on the adapter pod that will allow for Playstation controllers and memory cards to be used?

    SK: It will let you use PSX controllers, including light guns and steering wheels with the Dreamcast, and it'll cost $19.99 when it comes out in the fall.
The bleem!pod will support light guns, steering wheels and possible more! For more info on bleemcast, visit our bleemcast section. Thanks to EmulationHQ for the news.

  CTW Article Posted by mathew2 at [21:12 EST]  
Emulation HQ posted a article scanned from a UK Trade Mag CTW (shout to all the uk crew). Head to to see that article or click here to view it from our servers. Nothing that we don't know already, but its good to see the bleem! word being spread thickly. Here's what it looks like in thumbnail vision:

As usual click the thumbnail to get the bigger picture. Updated Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [17:20 EST]  
Today on IRC, PJ pointed out to me that's frontpage had been updated. The update concerns a new page about bleem! for Dreamcast under the About section. Here's a clip of the update:
    New in the "about!" section of our site, you can find a bit of bleem! for Dreamcast information. Linked from this page is also the bleem! press section. Keep watching here for future announcements. Click here to see the bleem! for Dreamcast section.
Don't forget to check out this new section of right here. Thanks again to PJ for the tip.

  Great bleem! interview Posted by Bobbi at [16:35 EST]  
Jesse just pointed me to a review by Gamers Republic. They interviewed Paul Chen, Matt Elzer, and Will Kempe about bleem! and some details around it :
    Our product will help Sega sell more Dreamcast platforms. It gives a potential DC owner a wider assortment of games. Plus, it brings titles that were never available on a different platform such as Final Fantasy or Gran Turismo - titles that were only available on PlayStation - now they'll be able to play those games on a better machine with better graphics with quality 3D effects, and open the Dreamcast up to so many possibilities.
    No, not really. We're saying a relase date of July 4th. I don't know if we will be done with testing, but we're saying rougly, July. Sega tests games on an average of 128 hours per game, you know? Where does that leave us? That's one game. You look at the staff we have. We have to test the games in PAL and the other formats.
The interview talks about MUCH more, and it's really worth reading it, what can be done here.

  VGS modchip patch Posted by Bobbi at [15:59 EST]  
After today's VGS 1.4 release for windows, SunTzu7 already released the update for his modchip, which allows you to play your backup's on VGS. Here's a short info on how to use it :
    Usage :vgsmod14 [name of executable]

    For example
    vgsmod14 "connectix vgs.exe" or vgsmod14 "connectix_vgs.exe"
You can download the patch here [-14k-]. Again, credit for this goes out to SunTzu7, which can be found in EFNet, channel #vgs !

  VGSJoy 1.4 for DirectX7a Posted by mathew2 at [14:55 EST]  
Today Aldo released another version of VGSJoy. Here is whats new:
  • VGSJoy now integrates VGSAutoFire and VGSCapture in a single program.
  • To active the Auto-Fire hold down TAB key until Scroll-Lock led is on, to deactive it press TAB key until Scroll-Lock led is off.
  • Press PrintScreen to take snapshots directly on JPG format.
  • Now uses the DirectX 7a instead of reading directly from the game port. It should work now for users with USB joypads and any other joystick devices recognized by DirectX.

Quite allot of new features make it worth upgrading your current version to this new one. Click here to download it from our server, alternatively head to Aldo's Favourite Solutions to see the offical site.

  VGS 1.4 for Win Posted by Bobbi at [00:22 EST]  
Finally, Connectix also released the 1.4 update for windows users and, like promised, the main feature in this verstion is the improved PAL compatibility. Here's a list of the new features of this version :
  • Improved PAL performance, and video (timing and framing)
  • Autolauncher update for users with more than one drive (CD/DVD/CD-RW)
  • Virtual Game Station Home Page Menu Option
We'll report about it's performance later today - For now, you can download the update here. Big thanks to Trevor Walker for the news.

Tuesday, 23 May

  PS3 Trademark Secured By Sony Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:18 EST]  
According to this article, from The GIA, Sony has recently registered their trademark for the PlayStation 3, which isn't due for nearly 5 or more years at the earliest. The logo, which is shown is the article, has barely changed. It is just the PS2 logo with the 2 removed and a 3 in it's place. Here's a bit from the article:
    With the PlayStation 2 yet to launch in the U.S., Sony has already secured a Japanese trademark for the PlayStation 3. Applied for on November 4, 2020, the patent applies to everything "from microprocessors to metronomes." The trademark page even hosts a sketch of a preliminary logo that looks remarkably similar to the PS2's. Readers with Japanese input enabled can check out the logo by typing "PS3" in full-width characters at Trademark Application section of the Japanese Patent Office. It's great to see Sony's creative branding and logo designers take a well-deserved break after the arduous task of naming the "PlayStation 2".
You can view the rest of the article here and the PS3 logo here.

  Aldo news for today Posted by Bobbi at [16:50 EST]  
Oh well, I already expected something like that when Aldo released his new utility and it came true ... Updates on nearly a daily base. Anyway, Aldo released the first upgrade for VGS Mousejoy, which increases the version number to 1.1 ! New in this release :
    Hold down the left mouse button to keep moving in last direction. Hold Shift key in the keyboard to stop moving if left mouse button is still down (useful on Racing games).
Like always, you can either get this release from our VGS download page or download it directly here.

  [pec] v1 rebuild B released ! Posted by Thorgal at [12:41 EST]  
We must be the first site to post this :P Just a min. ago JNS released version1 Rebuild B of his great cheating utility for bleem!/VGS, [pec] ! Here's what's new in this new rebuild :
  • Bug fixed -- [pec] stopped with error-message in Star Ocean - The Second Story (US)
  • GUI redesign, much easier to use now
  • A Print function: select the codes you want to have on paper, print it out, and pass it to your friend!
I just checked out the print function, and I must say it works great! This one's worth the download; be sure to visit the [pec] Homepage to download the new version, and the runtime files when necessary. The database is now quite large, so you may want to check that one as well.

  Emuitalia's bleem! interview Posted by Bobbi at [09:55 EST]  
I just saw over at Retrogames that EmuItalia posted an interview with Sean (PR guy of bleem, inc.) ! Not much new in this interview, just some things you should maybe know :
  • It's months by now Bleem! has stopped at v1.5b.....when will next one come?
  • We will make a formal announcement soon regarding the PC product.

  • What is the meant of bleem! ? I think it MUST have one......
  • You have to wait until we sell half a million copies. We're around 300,000 right now.
The rest of the interview covers old or false stuff. You can check it out here.

  Sega's president to resign Posted by Bobbi at [07:36 EST]  
Looks like Sega has experienced some dissapointments from the numbers of Dreamcast's sold in japan. According to this article from, will the president of Sega Enterprises Ltd. resign to take responsibility for the poor sales of Dreamcast game consoles.
    Citing company sources, the Nihon Keizai newspaper said Shoichiro Irimajiri will become vice chairman of the firm. Company officials could not be reached for comment early Monday.
    Sega Chairman Isao Ohkawa, who is also chairman of Sega affiliate CSK Corp., will succeed Irimajiri and serve concurrently as president, the report said.

    The disappointing sales of the Dreamcast machines appear to have forced Sega to post its third consecutive net loss in the year ended March 31.
You can read the whole article here. Cheers to Retrogames for the link.

  Aldo's VGS Mousejoy 1.0 Posted by Bobbi at [07:21 EST]  
Aldo Vargas just sent out word that he released a new utility for VGS (as if THAT's something new ...) This time it's a utility which allows you to use your mouse instead of your keyboard or joypad for playing with VGS - Surely a VERY usefull utility for certain games. Here's what Aldo said about this release :
    Add a new experience to your VGS!!! Use your mouse to control the game instead of keyboard or joystick. Mouse buttons are very ergonomic, so program the ones you often use for a more confortable gaming experience. Also simulates the D-Pad when you move the mouse, although it's not recommended for playing serious.
Another great tool from Aldo. Download it here.

Sunday, 21 May

  Bleemcast section Posted by Bobbi at [15:57 EST]  
We noticed, that there've been to many images and facts/rumors around bleemcast! - So we decided to open a bleemcast! section which features all FACTS and REAL images that have been published so far. The page features the following parts :
  • Press release
  • Informations (FAQ)
  • Bc! Shots (box, controlller ...)
  • Bc! screenshots (ingame shots)
  • Game movies
  • The press (press articles)
To check out the bleemcast! section, go here. You can also access it by clicking on the bleem! tab and on "bleemcast!" afterwards.

  Review Section Update ! Posted by Thorgal at [10:09 EST]  
Well, I must say it's been quite a busy week for me; in any case, I will present you the revamped Reviews Section today. All reviews are finally 'integrated' into the new design. Also, they're now listed by category and date; quotes and ratings are also included for a quick overview. We now have :
  • 4 Hardware Reviews
  • 7 PSX Game Reviews
  • 1 Software Review
Ahrem, as I was saying, we could use a little help ;) Any reviews written by YOU will be accepted, as long as you keep in mind that we're talking about the Playstation(1) here. Please, do not hesitate to drop me a note !
As for our Tab-system, I fixed all annoyingly wrong links, so all dead/missing links should be fixed now. However, I could be wrong; if so, please mail me and I'll fix it ASAP.

What are you still doing here? Go check out the Reviews Section ! ;-)

  Bleemtendo ? Posted by Bobbi at [05:04 EST]  
Nintendo Nation posted an article about bleem! and bleemcast and they also discuss about the possibility to play PSX games on other platforms :
    Again, nothing confirmed, but the possibilities of Dolphin owners playing Metal Gear Solid 2 from Konami could happen. Keep in mind that Dolphin uses a DVD drive that only reads DVDs. It may not be possible to play a PlayStation game on the Dolphin, but a PS2 game would be very likely. Dreamcast is out of the question since the discs are using a proprietary Sega format. We doubt we'll see a Dolphin emulator on any console, or even PC for that matter, as Nintendo is putting some very high-tech security on the discs, which make them nearly impossible to crack. Nintendo promises hackers will have nearly no chance at ripping the games. Interesting, to say the least.
Well, I guess this article is WAY to optimism. The PSX is already older than 5 years and it's now possible to emulate it. The PSX2 has, when used propably, an enormous speed. Bleemcast! has been possible because there've been many experiences with bleem! on PC before - But writing a PSX2 emulator for the PC which runs at a normal speed is nearly impossible right now; so PSX2 on Dolphin might be something we can see in like 5-8 years IMO. Anyway, you can read the whole article here. Big thanks to Martin for the news

Saturday, 20 May

  New Additions to the PCSX Team Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:38 EST]  
Expert- pointed out to me on IRC that the PCSX homepage had been updated. To my surprise, the update was concerning two new members joining the team! THe two new members are people you probably all know, but some don't so read on:
    "We have two major additions to the pcsx team force. The first is Roor, from AdriPSX fame. He'll do the cd-rom coding now. He'll help us in other things too in the future so concider all this as a collaboration between the two projects and a common share of knowledge for the good of both of them. Of course both projects will stay with their own orientations, (AdriPSX being DOS based is much more low level programmed while pcsx is using 3D APIs and high level languages along with clever programming to achieve a good speed)."

    "The next addition is Pete Bernert of PSemu GPU OpenGL fame. He has help us before, and his plugin is the main GPU renderer right now with pcsx, especially when the latest version has amazing compatibility with all the demos! (see screenshots page). But now he decided to officially support us by promising to make a new customized GUI for the emulator."
Wow! Both Roor of AdriPSX fame and Pete of Pete's GPU Plugin for PSEmu Pro have joined PCSX! Don't forget to check out PCSX's Homepage. Thanks again to expert- for the news.

  Bleemcast and imports Posted by Bobbi at [06:19 EST]  
After I recived like hundred E-Mails about this topic, I thought I might as well explain this here. Many people have been asking how users outside the NTSC U/C area will be able to use bleemcast. Well, here's the solution :
    ...since the bleempaks will lock out games not explicitly supported, what will become of all the great import games not available in the US? In a great piece of news for import fans, bleem has announced that they will follow the release of the four standard bleempaks with a pair of import bleempaks, each supporting 100 games, one for Japanese NTSC games, and one for European PAL games. These should also make it out by the end of the year, but as they are a niche item, will only be available for order online.
This means that PAL and NTSC J users will be locked out first and will have to wait a bit longer than NTSC U/C users will. Hope this clears up that question.

  Pete's fairy-tales Posted by Bobbi at [05:41 EST]  
Hmm, I somehow missed that E-Mail from Ben-J about that topic, so here it is 2 days late : Pete Bernert opened a new section called "Pete's collection of Fairy-tales", where he talks about current emus and development. First one was, of course, bleem! - And Pete hasn't had to much fun with it :
    Well, I don't want to judge the bleem! core or the bleem! sound emulation, but when it comes to the gpu I think I can also talk a few words about it. But first you have to know that I have an original bleem! CD... yup, I am interessed in psx emulation as an hobby and I don't have a problem buying software and games. And I bought bleem! because I wanted to see how good a commercial psx emu can do the job. I've tested it with some games after I bought it, and, I have to admit, I was not very impressed by the hw accelerated bleem! D3D mode. Mmm... but maybe I was wrong? So, after reading that wonderful interview, I decided to search in my pile of CD's for the bleemie one and to do some more serious tests with bleem! to refresh my memory and to see for myself why bleem!'s "hardware accelerated rendering smokes all other PSX emulators". Ok, and here it comes... recorded (more or less) live during my testing session (no need to wonder why I was talking to myself, hey, every cool coder is talking to himself, that's the sign of a real genius on the edge of madness :)
Check out the whole report at Pete's homepage. Thanks again Ben-J for the news.

  Bleem! lawsuit Posted by Bobbi at [04:16 EST]  
I just saw over at The Register another article about the lawsuit Sony just filled again bleem! :
    Sony has fired off another lawsuit against PlayStation emulator developer Bleem! just a week after the software company announced a version of its emulator - also called Bleem! - that runs on Sega's Dreamcast console.
    Well, we said it would happen. Sony's latest suit doesn't appear to target Bleem!-on-Dreamcast specifically - rather it's essentially the same patent infringement case that it launched against Connectix back in February - but the timing is just too close to be coincidental.
You can read the whole article here.

I just noticed the article CDBurnOut posted yesterday about the list which games will be presented in the first bleem! pak. Well, from my (good!) sources, this isn't the list on the first box - It's yet unknown which games will be presented on which box and they most propably won't be in alphabetical order like the current is.

Friday, 19 May

  Possible Bleemcast Game List? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:46 EST]  
Over at Sega Otaku, I saw an article which lists the supposed games from Bleemcast's first "pack". The list only consists of around 50 games, as opposed to the 100 bleem!, inc. said the packs would include. I also noticed that a few of the games on the list are imports, which sways my opinion on the validity of this list. Since bleem!, inc. hasn't confirmed this as of yet, it is still speculation.

You can check out the list for yourself here.

Thanks to PG2G for the link.

  Bleemcast on pre-order? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:34 EST]  
I saw over at Retrogames that EB World has Bleemcast on pre-order already. The release date says: "coming on 6/16/2000". Here's the description of Bleemcast from EB World's site:
    Bleemcast enables you to play PlayStation games on your Dreamcast! Impossible you say? Not any more. Bleemcast gives game-hungry Dreamcast owners the ability to play tons of titles originally written for the PlayStation as they've never been seen before, with Dreamcast-enhanced graphics resolution and effects. This is the first of four Bleemcasts scheduled to hit the market, each featuring the capability of playing 100 different PlayStation games. Check back to see a list of the first 100 Bleemcast-compatible PlayStation games.
Checkout the pre-order page right here. Thanks again to Retrogames for the news.

  BleemCast Images Archive Posted by mathew2 at [08:20 EST]  
We have an absolute deluge of images for you today. Most of them you have seen before, but we have them in various sizes etc, complete with descriptions from the new Bleem! press site for Bleem!Cast. Some arent viewable in a poor viewer like IE, please use a proper viewer like photoshop, although most will be ok. It basically is archiving things we know already, and have already posted, here they are:
I think once you have given those the once over you will have a good idea on what you will feasting your eye's on next from Bleem!

  Bleem! is sued again Posted by Bobbi at [00:15 EST]  
Cerlyn just pointed me to an article written by CNet, which reports that Sony lifted a preliminary injunction that barred Bleem from using images of PlayStation video games in ads.
    Sony has filed numerous other actions against Bleem claiming copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. Bleem creatively countered with an antitrust claim alleging Sony holds an illegal monopoly in the video game business.
    The Bleem case is similar to Sony's ongoing legal struggle with Connectix, whose Virtual Game Station software allows PlayStation titles to run on Windows or Mac PCs. A federal judge recently dismissed seven of nine counts Sony has brought against Connectix, with decisions expected soon on the remaining trade secret and unfair competition claims and a separate patent infringement case.
Well, when Sony can't win with fairly, they'll try it the unfair way - What'd you expect ? Read the whole article here.

Thursday, 18 May

  Interesting PS2 Article Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:03 EST]  
Today on Daily Radar, I came across this article, concerning the thing Sony should be doing to prevent the PS2 from becoming another "high-priced, unused settop box". As always, Daily Radar brings up many valid points, such as the PS2's anti-aliasing problems, the PS2's ad campaign, lack of developmental help, and it's lack of support for it's upcoming peripherals (hard drive and network add-on). Here's one of the statement's I thought was interesting:
    Sony must help developers
    While the game press has made too much of a deal about Oddsworld Inhabitants' complaints about anti-aliasing, it is a perfect example of one of the PS2's biggest problems. The console is very powerful, but accessing that power is not easy. Sony needs to make it a priority to help developers overcome the basic difficulties, and free them up to make great games. After all, this is how the PlayStation beat the Saturn.

    Sony should also be researching heavily to find easy ways for developers to tap into the PS2's enormous power. The more that Sony can do for developers, the more likely the developes will make their games for the PS2.

    Example: If Sony does not address the anti-aliasing problems for developers, it will lose some developer support.
I agree wholeheartedly with pretty much all of Daily Radar's points in this article. Sony needs to put some more effort into this system and stop being so confident.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the article here.

  Fax about bleemcast! Posted by Bobbi at [12:34 EST]  
After many tries, I finally recived a fax from Lauren, which is officially made by bleem!. Since it's sent as a fax, it has a rather bad quality, but it's still readable.


    Making the move to a "next-gen" game console has always had one big problem - there are never enough titles at launch. And after trying out your new system, playing old favorites on your original console just isn't the same any more.New bleem! for Dreamcast ("bleemcast!") changes all that, by opening the door to the huge library of Sony PlayStation games.
    bleemcast! offers more than simple "backwards compatibility" - it actually IMPROVES the original games and makes even older titles look brand-new. You'll see higher resolutions, smoother graphics and more realistic effects - the kind of quality you demand from a next-gen system.
To read the whole fax, click on the images to get a bigger picture of them. Again, thanks to Lauren for the time he took for us !

  Download Sections Updated Posted by mathew2 at [08:39 EST]  
I just finished updating:

  • VGS Download Page

  • Bleem! Download Page

    The following tool's were added/removed:
      Added In Bleem! Download Page:
    • Dexdrive to Bleem!
    • VGS to Bleem!
    • Bleem! to VGS
    • PecEdit
    • Bleem! to Dexdrive
    • Convert M

      Removed Unrelated Tools From VGS Download page:
    • Dexdrive to Bleem!
    • Bleem! to Dexdrive
    Accompanying each link, you will find a small description, link to the authors homepage (or link to email address when the author doesn't have a homepage) and small thumbnail of the gui (click the thumbnail to get a bigger picture). Ok let me know if you think i missed a tool or made a mistake somewhere. Have fun browsing those sections.

  •   BleemCast Article @ IGN Posted by mathew2 at [07:43 EST]  
    IGN posted an article discussing those pictures which we posted yesterday of the bleempods, paks & pads, which they have received from Bleem! also. Nothin new really, they also have the Ridge racer 4 screenshots which everyone seems to have, but they do seem to have one pair of screenshots which i haven't seen before. Here's a snip, and a copy of those shots:

    DreamCast Shot

    Playstation Shot
      "As you can clearly see, the image quality increases by an almost unbelievable amount, and if this holds true for all 400 titles bleem! plans to support, it just may add new life to a line-up that is soon to be left in the dust.
      Also, for those of you who still hate the Dreamcast controller (and rightfully so, we might add), bleem! will not only be releasing their own PlayStation emulating controller, but a converter to use any current controllers as well. See the pics below for a better look, but if all goes well, expect a perfect feel to go along with the more than pixel-perfect look bleem! will provide."
    As usual click the thumbnails to pop-up the full size version, i strongly recommend you do this, since the PlayStation still looks pretty good in such a small size. The article is basically a showcase for the screenshots, read the whole thing for yourself by Clicking Here. They also make a few assumtions and create some new rumours (as if there wasn't enough already) but it is worth a read.

    Wednesday, 17 May

      BleemCast Article @ Gamecenter Posted by mathew2 at [18:36 EST]  
    GameCenter have been talking to the Bleem! PR employee Sean, and described there chat in a very interestting article, heres a snip:
      A controller adapter dubbed the Bleempod is sheduled to ship in July for $19.99 as well. The Bleempod will allow Dreamcast owners to plug any PlayStation-compatible controllers into their Dreamcasts. The pod has a port for VMU units so gamers can even save their PlayStation games on Dreamcast memory cards.

      The Bleempad will be available in August for $19.99.
    Read the whole article at GameCenter by Clicking Here.

    Very interesting, i suggest you check it out. Seems Bleem! are dominating the headlines lately, this product looks like a winner to me.

      BleemCast & Acessories Pic's Posted by mathew2 at [17:23 EST]  
    Bleem! sent us some interesting pictures of designs for the BleemCast! packaging, and some pictures of those mysterious BleemPods. Check it out:






    Thanks to Bleem! for those, as normal click the the thumbnail's to enlarge. Looks very nice, especially i like the pad's.

      VGS Download Page Posted by mathew2 at [15:16 EST]  
    As you can see from our news page we are always announcing and putting up the latest tools for you guys. But the archive pages sometimes get a bit neglected, first off in my updating rampage (All the other download pages are next) comes the VGS Tools Download Page. I added the following to this download page.
    • VGSJoy for DX7a
    • VGSNet 1.0 beta8
    • PecEdit 1.0 beta8
    • VGSCapture 1.0
    • Bleem to VGS
    • VGS to Bleem
    • VGS to DexDrive
    • DexDrive to VGS
    • Bleem to DexDrive
    • DexDrive to Bleem
    • ConvertM

    Visit the VGS Download Page Here

    Accompanying each link, you will find a small description, link to the authors homepage (or link to email address when the author doesn't have a homepage) and small thumbnail of the gui (click the thumbnail to get a bigger picture). Ok let me know if you think i missed a tool and i will add it straight away!

    i know some of the tools shouldn't be at vgs page exclusively, because they are for bleem (e.g. dexdrive to bleem, etc..), but then its easy to duplicate and causes no one a inconvenience. They will be removed at a later date when the other pages are updated in line with this update.

      Gaming age article Posted by Bobbi at [13:21 EST]  
    Steve| just pointed me to a nice article in IRC from Gaming-Age, which talks about bleemcast and Sony :
      While Sony is, of course, pissed off at Bleem for emulating their hardware on a competitor's system, there is nothing they can currently do to stop Bleem. The fact that the Dreamcast has picked up an additional 400+ titles, and features enhancements that even the PlayStation 2's backwards compatibility doesn't offer, must be annoying them to no end. It also, one ups a PlayStation 2 feature, that might have been considered another reason to buy that new console.
    Nice article, worth reading it - Go and check it out here.

      GT2 Movie Stills Posted by mathew2 at [11:18 EST]  
    I noticed a forum thread over at Gaming Age. A guy going by the handle of 'opa-opa' took some stills from our Sonikku_a GT2 movie. They looked interesting so here they are:

    Shot 1

    Shot 2

    Shot 3

    This is useful for those of you who don't have the time or connection to download the whole thing, although i strongly recommend you do. Shouts to Sonikku_a and 'opa-opa'.

      Link Fixed Posted by mathew2 at [07:29 EST]  
    I was looking through our stats just now and noticed 2170 of you guys unsucessfully tried to download Adri-PSX Win version from our playstation download section in the week Wed-10-May-2000 00:00 to Tue-16-May-2000. Ok i checked it out and the file wasn't on the ftp, weird.Apologies for the inconvenience, if anyone notices anything like this in the future, feel free to mail me mathew2.

    - I start to get a bad feeling :).

    For the 330 of you that tried to download Segu GPU Plugin ver 1.3 (DirectX7) in the same period (that i know of) from the PSemu Plugin Page that is now fixed as well.

    Also those 143 who tried to get the other version (DirectX6 version), (Segu GPU Plugin ver 1.1a (DirectX6)) from the PSemu Plugin Page, this was fixed also. Don't forget to let me know if you find anything else on your travels.

      Connectix Triumphant Posted by mathew2 at [06:07 EST]  
    Connectix published a new press release yesterday referring to the outcome of the latest Lawsuit from Sony. The suit was looking into claims made by Sony in relation to copyright infringment in the making and marketing of the Connectix Vitual Game Station. The Court dismissed sonys claims. Heres a quote from the press release:
      "Once again, the court has found that both copyright and trademark law favor broad consumer choice. We are confident that we will prevail on the remaining issues. We hope that this decisive outcome will allow both parties to quickly close this matter and find ways to mutually benefit from our innovative cross-platform technology," said Roy McDonald, President and CEO of Connectix Corporation.
    To read the whole document yourself click here, its an interesting read. For those of you that don't know the Connectix Vitual Game Station is a product rivalling Bleem!. Both are PlayStation emulators for the Microsoft Windows 95/98 platform which allow you to play hundreds of playstation games on your PC. Also on a different subject, check out this little gem which one of my contacts sent me earlier.

    Tuesday, 16 May

      GT2 On BleemCast Posted by mathew2 at [19:30 EST]  
    The PSXemu crew proudly present to you another Sonikku_a production.

    We bring you GT2 on Bleem!Cast in the Real Media Format.

    Filmed from the E3 show by Sonikku_a.The movie is just under 7.5mb in size, and dont forget you will need RealPlayer to view it.

    If you don't know what a bleembag is yet, click here to see eastpak's biggest rival yet ;).
    Also Check out a small sample of the Sega Booth's Space Channel 5 promotion, click here to download that one.

      Omega Boost on BleemCast Posted by mathew2 at [18:03 EST]  
    The PSXemu crew proudly present to you another Sonikku_a production.

    We bring you Omega Boost on Bleem!Cast in the Real Media Format.

    Filmed from the E3 show by Sonikku_a.The movie is just under 4mb in size, and dont forget you will need RealPlayer to view it.

      bleem! FACTS ! Posted by Bobbi at [16:03 EST]  
    Well, this time we want to clear up facts on some of the rumors that have been going around. Let me say this first : Although I won't name all of our sources, those are sources I ALWAYS can trust in, so you can as well :
    1. I just got word from Bleem that they have totally focused on bleencast for the last 6 months and will not not release another bleem for PC until the fall, here is the e-mail I got from them today.

      Partly correct. Although bleem!PC development hasn't been stopped, the main topic was the DC version of bleem!. That E-Mail we posted here actually has been sent from bleem, inc. ! Although we have to mention that no date has been set for a release date and no WILL ever be set !

    2. Like the Dreamcast version, they’ll sell four $20 discs that each have been thoroughly QA’d for 100 Playstation games.

      Well, this is a longer history - What has been posted are thoughts - Possibilitys what might happen - It has never been said that this actually will happen ! To learn more about this, read this post from Randy :
        The new technology is a direct result of everyone's wishes to play more enhanced games overall.Rather than a generalized "this works for most things, but there are some sacrifices to make sure that more stuff works", the new technology says "let's reconfigure the entire engine for this specific game."In other words, each game is tweaked individually (think "super-duper .ini config file") to get the most out of the engine *without* affecting the other games.It takes a lot more time, and involves a lot more work, but this way each game works great -- without any weirdness.

        The best part (the most people seem to be missing here?) -- this technology isn't Dreamcast-specific -- it's bleem!-specific.

        The exact details of the PC version of the new technology are still being ironed out -- which is why we haven't stated anything yet.

        There's no great conspiracy -- no great "ripoff" -- we're just trying to do the best for the most people.

        Consider who benefits most when bleem! users are unhappy -- then you'll know who's behind the rumours and innuendo.

        Do you honestly think that we'd work around-the-clock for months just to make things WORSE? Come on.
    I guess this explains it all - We'll keep you up to date about any REAL decissions that have been made of course ! BTW - Except a new DC movie soon !

      PlaySaver 1.06 beta Posted by mathew2 at [11:46 EST]  
    Yesterday 15/05/00 a new version of PlaySaver was released. This is the software which is used with the homebrew interface for backing up you memcards on your PC using a parallel interface. New in this version is:
    • Auto detection of memory card when inserted or removed from playsaver hardware.
    To learn howto build your own interface visit the PlaySaver Website. For those of you who have already built your own interface adaptor, you can download download the latest beta here from the psxemu server.

    Monday, 15 May

      Bleem!Cast Video! Posted by mathew2 at [17:14 EST]  
    The PSXemu crew proudly present to you a Sonikku_a production.

    Today, Monday 15th May Year 2000, we bring you RR4 on Bleem!Cast in the Real Media Format.

    Filmed from the E3 show by Sonikku_a, this clip, over one minute in length, shows you the glory of the latest work from Randy Linden. Musical maestro's in this production are the 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Love Rollercoaster'. The Director Sonikku_a would like to inform you that.."its encoded at 20fps, but bleemcast was running it at 30, just so people know". The movie is 10mb in size, and dont forget you will need RealPlayer to view it. Tomorrow from the same production team which brought you this awesome movie clip you will be able to download for your viewing pleasure Gran Turismo 2 on Bleem!Cast @ E3.

      Bleemcast pics !! Posted by Bobbi at [15:26 EST]  
    Thanks to our special friend Sonikku_a, we're able to show you the following screenshots, all from this years E3 booth. First off, you surely wanted to know how the team itself looks like :

    Randy Linden

    Matthew (DragonYen)

    Sean and David

    Okay, secondly, here're some screenshots of games - Just click any number to view them :
      Ridge Racer 4 : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

      Omega Boost : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

      Gran Tourismo 2 : [1] [2] [3] [4]
    Again, a big thanks to Sonikku_a for those GREAT pics - Expect a movie within the next hour as well !

      New ConvertM Released! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:49 EST]  
    Today I received a mail from Paul Phoenix, the creator of ConvertM, a recently released Memory card utility. His mail was to inform me that he had just released version 1.01, which mainly has just a few bugfixes. For those of you who haven't heard of ConvertM, here's a clip of the readme:
    • Supports bleem (*.mcd), vgs(*.vgs), DeckData(*.ddf), DexDrive(*.gme), MemImage File(*.mc) and Memory Library file(*.mlb).
    • mlb is my own format, it has unlimited blocks and can exchange single memory with other type.
    • Can copy memory to a different type. And also can Convert A card to each type.
    • This software is easy to use,so I don't think it needs operate help.
    You can download ConvertM version 1.01 from our server here.

      More bleem!PC rumors Posted by Bobbi at [10:15 EST]  
    Okay, first of, please ALL read this carefully :

    What we posted yesterday was an UNVERIFIED E-Mail !
    Bleem, inc. DIDN'T verified that yet !

    Anyway, back to the real news : Computer Games online published another article about bleem! - But with some yet unknown things (didn't say those are facts) :
      The PC version will soon follow a very similar distribution model. They’re dumping the software rendering mode in the PC version of Bleem!, because that’s 900f the compatibility and setup problems these days. Like the Dreamcast version, they’ll sell four $20 discs that each have been thoroughly QA’d for 100 Playstation games.

      But what about controllers? Bleem! may make a controller for Dreamcast and PC that is very much like the Playstation Dual-Shock controller, so you can play the games without weird key setups or without assigning strange button functions to controllers without as many buttons. The PC version of Bleem! should be out this fall, a month or two after Bleem! for Dreamcast, and the controllers may follow a month or two after that.
    The article also publishes a new picture which shows the BACK of a box with already some game titles listed :

    If you can read that, feel free to mail me :) Read the whole article here (thanks Aesti for the easier link =P)

      Misc news Posted by Bobbi at [10:03 EST]  
    E3 is over, so here're some misc news for today :
    • E3 is just over and here's something you shouldn't forget : Today is May 15th, which is the first birthday of PC's bleem! (yeah, it already has been a year ...) - Rumors say something will happen today - Some say nothing will ... We'll see :)
    • 3 more screenshots from the E3 : Bleem! booth - GT2 on BC - BC startup screen.
      Two shots are somewhere from IGN, one is from Sonikku_a's homepage, who'll upload a whole video later today !
    • Still remember Kelli ? Well, here's another paint of her boy friend :) Credit goes to Wormie for that one.
    Okay, and now back to the "real" news :)

    Sunday, 14 May

      VGS Review... Posted by Nick at [19:19 EST]  
    Today, Joe Glass of has just emailed me to say that he has just wrote a VGS review. Comparisons were made between bleem! and VGS and also, check out the screenshots in the review. Here's a snip of it:
      VGS has several fundamental differences from bleem! These differences showthat the programmers for each emulator had different objectives. bleem! can play Playstation games, but it is also capable of exceeding the rendering quality of a Playstation. Playstation hardware isn't as advanced as current PC graphics accelerators. The bleem! programmers evangelized the superior graphics rendering power current graphics accelerators pervasive in PCs. For example, bleem! could take a RIVA TNT 2 and render at high resolutions like 1024x768 at 32bit color with bilinear filtered textures and sprites. However, VGS's main objective is to emulate the Playstation as accurately as possible. This means no high resolutions, no texel and sprite filtering, or added color depth. Even with these limitations, VGS manages to put bleem! in its place.

    Click here now to read the full review. Or you may visit for other news and info.

      bleem! PC infos ? Posted by Bobbi at [12:47 EST]  
    First off, let me tell : This news post below ISN'T verified by bleem, inc. yet, I can't promise (and I don't hope) it's true yet - But see for yourself :

    I recived an E-Mail today from Jim C, with the following bad content :
      I just got word from Bleem that they have totally focused on bleencast for the last 6 months and will not not release another bleem for PC until the fall, here is the e-mail I got from them today.

      "There will not be a new bleem! for PC for a while. Although we have given 7 free upgrades in a year!!!! We have been working on bleemcast for the last 6 months and will completely revamp the PC product in the fall."

      This is from Will at bleem who replied to my e-mail ...
    If this is actually true, should verify this soon - We'll, of course, keep you up to date regarding this issue.

      PSX vs. Bleemcast Posted by Bobbi at [11:41 EST]  
    Dailyrader has done a side by side comparisation between the real PSX and bleem! for dreamcast. The article also mentions that bleem! is going to produce a memory card adapter ! They also made the following feature list :
    • Bleem for Dreamcast lets you play 400 different PlayStation games on your Dreamcast.
    • Bleem for Dreamcast makes all of the supported games look better, with anti-aliased graphics at a higher resolution.
    • Bleem loads into your DC's RAM; you then take out the disc and put in the PlayStation game you wish to play.
    • The software comes in four "packs," each costing $19.99
    • Each pack contains the Bleem emulation software and support for 100 games.
    • The packs contain support for games roughly based on genre, so one pack will have all the driving games on it, for example.
    • Bleem and a still-unrevealed partner will produce an adapter pod that lets you use Sony Dual Shock controllers and PlayStation memory cards on your Dreamcast.
    • VMU/PS memory card swapping may also be possible eventually
    • Bleem should be available by June 15, 2020.
    Quite some unknown facts in that article, go and check it out here !

      "Bleemcast" box ? Posted by Bobbi at [11:22 EST]  
    I just surfed through the web and found a pic of a box, that looks like one of the controllers that bleem, inc. will ship this summer for use with their new product, "bleem! for Dreamcast" as it stats on the box :

    I'd give credit now that page I saw it at, but I lost the URL somehow ... Possible that the name won't be bleemcast, but "bleem! for dreamcast" ? We'll see ...

    Saturday, 13 May

      Caught On Camera! Posted by mathew2 at [15:07 EST]  
    OK here is what you have been waiting for ;). Bleem Cam Images Of Randy Linden (author of Bleem!), and David Herpolsheimer (CEO of Bleem! inc.). I pointed the guys out with arrows to help you identify them.Once again, don't forget to check out the cam page here.

      New Tool, VGS Capture! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [13:25 EST]  
    I just received a mail from Aldo Vargas, telling me of his newest tool, VGS Capture! VGS Capture is some sort of easy to use screenshot tool for VGS and pratically any other Windows application. Here's a short description of the tool from Aldo's site:
      This new tool takes snapshots of your whole screen on VGS and practically *ANY* other Windows application by simply pressing PrintScreen. The snapshots are created in JPG format with a very high compression and stored inmediately in the VGSCapture directory. A beep notify you the capture is done. Ideal for sharing snapshots through email or for posting them on the web.
    VGS Capture is probably the most useful for those with little experience in taking screens with VGS or any other applications.

    Don't forget to download your copy of VGS Capture 1.0 here.

      E3 : PS2 US Details Posted by Thorgal at [08:34 EST]  
    Today's the last day of the E3, and it's time to cover some Playstation2 facts. Sony revealed the PS2 US Launch Details on Thursday, which you may also read in IGN-PS2's article. Here're several interesting bits of the article :
      The PS2 will be released on October 26, 2020 (not September as speculated earlier)...
      As speculated, the US launch price for PlayStation2 is $299 – just like the original PlayStation.
      Sony also announced that the US PlayStation2 will feature an expansion bay on the back of the unit that enables connection of a 3 1/2 inch hard drive and a network card. These two items will be sold separately. The release dates for these two peripherals are currently unknown.
      However, SCEA is differing from Sony Japan’s strategy. The system will launch with the PS2 and one Dual Shock 2 controller, but is not bundled with a Memory Card. Sony justified this switch by saying that the data required to run the DVD driver was now imbedded in the PS2 hardware, rather than resting in the Memory Card itself. The significance of this is two fold. First, with this move, SCEA is attempting to avoid the DVD hacks that caused Sony Japan serious setbacks in customer and commercial confidence, as well as possible lawsuits. Second, Sony can now justify selling the Memory Card separately.
    For more information, be sure to read the rest of the article !Personally, I curiously wonder how the PS2's future regarding DVD playback will look like ..

    Finally, here's a interesting snippet of the 'E3 2000: Marketing PS2' article over at Sony Otaku :
      In what appears to be some what of an odd move by Sony, they are attempting to market the PlayStation 2 not as a gaming system but more as a computer entertainment platform. They are marketing the system as something gamers, movie buffs, hardcore music fans and techies can all enjoy.
    It's interesting to note how Sony targets on a wider public, while Sega, with the Dreamcast and their previous consoles, has always been targeting mainly on the gamers only. (mainly, as you could just as well buy a DC to surf the web only ;) Well, this leads us back to bleem! for DC again ...

      New Napster Posted by mathew2 at [07:50 EST]  
    Of course nothing to do with Playstation Emulation, but a smart utility which allot of people are using. Thought I'd let you know that there is a new version of Napster, Napster 2 Beta 6. It includes the following new features:
    • Instant messaging
    • Play song before download completes
    • Built-in web browser
    • Easy-to-use help
    • Download an unlimited number of songs
    • Advanced search features
    Goto the Napster Homepage to download the new beta.

      JoseQ's E3 impressions Posted by Bobbi at [02:54 EST]  
    JoseQ over at Emuviews finally had the possibility to update his page from the E3 wit the following post regarding bleemcast :
      The curtains rose at about 1:30pm (PST) yesterday letting 3 huge rear-projection-screen visible with Omega Boost running on them. Two of them were running on Dreamcasts and the other one on an original Sony Playstation.
      The difference was visibly and easily noticeable, and it looked really well. Not only did the graphics look really smooth but the motion was super-fluid, just as if the game had been designed for the Sega console. After a while they switched displays to Gran Turismo 2000 which also ran beautifully, and fast. From comments in the crowd I gathered that it looks even better than the PC version.
    You can read the full post here. Thanks EmuHQ for the link.

      Herpolsheimer Speaks to IGN Posted by mathew2 at [02:43 EST]  
    IGN posted a new report here from IGN DC, They interview David Herpolsheimer CEO of Bleem. Here's a snip..:
      "Lastly, we asked about copy protection, and Mr. Herpolsheimer said that they have entirely given up on trying to replicate Sony’s copy protection in bleem!, and one of the deciding factors was when Sony made it apparent during the trial that any attempt by bleem! to implement the PlayStation copy protection and prevent CDRs from being playable, would actually be a direct violation of a Sony patent on their protection scheme."
    Check out the full story here, it answers allot of your questions which we have been receiving in email.

      Back for good Posted by Bobbi at [02:18 EST]  
    Well, I'm back now, after a long week (was up for +55 hours the last 3 days), looking what needs to be done on the page. This week had many private problems I experienced in my own life as well as problems around PSXEmu and all stuff ... Trying to fix it now, after I had 14 hours of sleep I badly required.

    Well, on the news side, I just saw over at's UBB that today, there will be an announcement regarding the PC version today - Please don't beg anyone for more infos, they won't give it to you - And keep an eye at this place for more infos.

    Friday, 12 May

      PSmplay Screenshot Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:46 EST]  
    Today, Segu updated his page with just a link that said, "The Desktop of One Day". Here's the screen:
    This screenshot could mean a new release of PSmplay is imminent. From the looks of it, I hope so! Don't forget to check out PSmplay's homepage here.

      GT Seen Running on DC Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:26 EST]  
    In this article from IGN DC, there is talk about the IGN staff seeing GT running on bleem! for DC side by side with GT running on the PSX. According to them, the results were amazing:
      "And we got to see the difference first hand today at bleem!'s E3 booth. The company was running side by side comparisons of Gran Turismo on Dreamcast and Gran Turismo on PlayStation, and the results were unquestionably impressive. With the high resolution, the texture filtering, and the smooth framerate, the game actually looks very close to GT2000 on the PS2."
    If bleem! for DC is as impressive as IGN says it is, then it is definately worth a try :) Thanks to PJ for the link.

      AdriPSX News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:44 EST]  
    Aldo Vargas recently sent me a mail with a news post from Emulatronia, translated by himself. The post has news about the new version of AdriPSX DOS from Roor himself. Here's the post in full:
      "The next weekend I hope to publish the next version of the emulator for DOS, which supports the 3 types of PSX sounds (ADPCM, CDXA & CDA), as well as let you LISTEN the videos of Playstation (although it doesn't let you watch them yet). Also I made a new GUI, designed in Windows and then converted one by one to GNU C++ (what I'm using for coding). Of course, the speed and compatibility have been improved a bit. Specially because I have added internal checks that will notify and recover any problem caused by the video or sound card. It's almost done, the first SERIOUS version for Windows, although not as advanced as the one for DOS, it's almost as compatible (I mean, it runs the same games of DOS version), although without sound and much slower because it doesn't have dynamic recompiation."
    Good news for those who are fans up AdriPSX, an emulator that shows a lot of promise. Thanks again to Aldo Vargas for the news and translation.

      Blini! Adds 223 New ini-entries! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:59 EST]  
    Today, JNS, the coder of blini!, the ini-editor for bleem!, has finally done a little updating on blini's auto-update feature, after nearly 2 months without any news. This time he added 223 new game entries! Here's a clip of his post:'s ini update is mainly responsible for this update, which added 195 new entries, 23 are from Magic Sam and 5 from Leonidas Ernesto Ramirez Murillo.
    Glad to see JNS has not abandoned blini! Don't forget to checkout the blini! homepage here.

      PCSX Status Update Posted by Thorgal at [19:01 EST]  
    Almost 3 weeks ago since the last PCSX update, and here's another for us to satisfy ourselves for a while :D The PCSX homepage, now temporarily at a different address, has been updated with more screenshots (yay! :P) and demos available! Aside of this, an update of PCSX's current status is also included. Here's a nice snippet for ya :
      For now,the emu has D3D/Glide/OpenGL/Software support,so all 3d cards are fully supported. It's using the gpu plugins from PsemuPro,so you can guess yourself how good the rendering part already is! Many thanks go to Pete,for his continuing support for his d3d/OpenGL plugins,and of course,Lewpy&Kazzuya; for their wonderful plugins respectively, from the PsemuPro times. As for the main emu core,many fixes have been made so even more demos work now (53 in total!). Cd-rom support is coming along nicely,it's the only hinder now for the emulator to start running commercial games. Hopefully Barubary will do his magic on that soon! Also some work on reverse bios calls has been made. That's all for now,let's see when the team will decide to release the emu,before or after cd-rom support? :)
    PCSX is surely coming along nicely ! Be sure to keep an eye on the PCSX page ;-)
    On a side note, I recently received a little mail from the AdriPSX DOS port; a few things still need to be finished, though it's great to know they're actively working on the project :-)

      New PSX MemCard Tool Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:14 EST]  
    Over at EmuHQ, I saw that a new tool for use with PSX Memory Card files had been released. No readme is included with this tool, but I do know that it can convert between the following formats: .mem , .mcd (bleem!), .gme (DexDrive), .ddf (DataDeck), .mc (PSXGameEdit & PlaySaver) and one new format, .mlb (Memory Library), which is a libray file which has no limit on the number of save blocks.

    Download this new tool here.

    Thanks again to EmuHQ for the news.

      bleemcast officially official =) Posted by Thorgal at [11:04 EST]  
    After many 'bleemcast' rumors all over the web, we finally have it : bleem! for Dreamcast has now been officially announced by bleem,inc. Here's a brief description :
      bleem, inc. today unveiled bleem!(TM) for Dreamcast,. a new line of products which gives game-hungry Sega Dreamcast owners the ability to play hundreds of titles originally written for the Sony PlayStation as they've never been seen before, with Dreamcast-enhanced graphics resolution and effects. The announcement more than quadruples the choices available to Dreamcast gamers, with support for over 400 PlayStation titles planned for initial release.
    For more information, be sure to check out the official press release (as if you wouldn't ;) :
      .PDF format * .Doc format [Note: as I don't have access to my main computer at the moment, these will be added on our server in a bit.]
    bleem! for DC looks like a great concept, now all we have to do is wait and see it in practice :)As you may have noticed, the word 'bleemcast' hasn't been mentioned at all, neither in's post nor in the bleem! for DC press release. Though the existance of will most likely mean the 'official' name for many, keep in mind that this has not been officially announced yet.
    Also, I saw over at EmuHQ there's an article over at Well Rounded Entertainment, which speaks about a Playstation-like bleem! controller :
      Additionally, the company is launching a new bleem! controller for the Dreamcast, which includes all the buttons you'd find on a Dual Analog gamepad. It's also rolling out a pod adaptor, which will allow you to not only use your current PlayStation controller, but will let you transfer your saved games over to the Dreamcast.
    You may read that article here. Also note that the bleem! for DC section at's messageboard is now described as 'Coming Soon' :) More about this soon, as I'm a bit in a hurry right now ;)

    Thursday, 11 May

      Misc. PS2 News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:38 EST]  
    According to this article from The Register, Sony's supply of the PS2 for the U.S. most likely won't meet the demand. Here's a little clip to keep you interested:
      'Scuse us, but since Sony is expected to pump four million machines into the US during the last couple of months of 2000 and all of 2001, surely that means either its sales predictions are way out, or quite a few customers are going to have to go without kit until the new year.
    The article also had news of the US and European consoles featuring a expansion port for and Ethernet card and 20-30GB 3.5in hard drive. One last thing the article had to say, concerning Sony's DVD troubles:
      The US and European PlayStation 2s will also ship with DVD software built-in, and not on a Memory Card as per the Japanese model. Faulty MCs prompted a major recall of Cards shortly after the Japanese debut, something Sony clearly wants to avoid this time round.
    Interesting for all those interested in purchasing a PS2 upon it's release in the US or Europe (which is speculated to be around October).

      Live bleem!CAMs @ E3 Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:54 EST]  
    Recently, updated their mainpage and put up a page with three different webcams at E3! Here's a snippet of the update:
      Want to see what is going on? Want to see what we are doing? Want to see all the people who are hob-nobbing with the industry elite? Check out the live bleem! webcams here. If you are anxious to see our big announcement, keep watching :)
    Hmm...maybe this update means we will see something soon. Who knows??? Once again, don't forget to check out the page here.

      HyperSnap-DX 3.61 Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:48 EST]  
    Yesterday, Hyperionics released version 3.61 of their very popular screenshot taking software, HyperSnap-DX. The new features in this version include:
    • Fixed Setup program to default to the same folder as theearlier version 3.xx of HyperSnap-DX.
    • Changed the "capture cancel" handling (e.g. press Esc orright click on Region capture) - now HS-DX window will
      not force itself to front after such cancel, and the old
      picture will be preserved.
    • Fixed the bug in Image/Crop (Ctrl+R), after Tab press the cropped region would be incorrect, usually very small.
    • Added the Ctrl+PrintScreen and Alt+Ctrl+PrintScreen shortcuts, that work just like regular PrintScreen and Alt+PrintScreen (capture full screen or active window), but reverse black and white when Quick Print is enabled
    You can download HyperSnap-DX v3.61 (Shareware) from our server here. You can purchase the full version from Hyperionic's homepage.

      New Bleem! UBB Forum Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:24 EST]  
    Today, added a new forum to it's UBB. The forum, labeled "Bleem! for Dreamcast", is for post concerning speculation about the psx emulator for Dreamcast. I found the description was a bit amusing:
      b!4DC - Fact or Fiction?
    The addition of this forum makes things a bit more interesting. Hmm...the plot thickens ;)

    Wednesday, 10 May

      Playsaver v1.05 released ! Posted by Thorgal at [11:30 EST]  
    After the v1.04 release of Playsaver (developed by Nick Joslin and Stephen Moore) a week ago, version 1.05 is now available! There're several new additions included :
    • Information about a hardware modification that will let some multipage memory cards switch pages via software.
    • Included the improved memory card reading and writing for Playsave.exe.(Main program)
    • Fixed Problem with loading up single game saves to a memory card.
    • All full card Saves now have the mcd bleem extention. [If you have older Playsaver saves rename the extention on them from mc to mcd. If you're using PsxGameEdit remember to save with the mcd extention.]
    This sure looks promising ! Be sure to check out the Playsaver homepage for more information, troubleshooting, and even several gamesaves :)
    You may download the latest Playsaver programs here ! [249k , 62k less than v1.04 ;]

    Tuesday, 9 May

      bleemcast! rumors and news Posted by Wildfire at [22:45 EST]  
    Plain, simple, blunt: Rumors will not be posted here.

    PSXEmu is a news and information site as well as a host of a few PSX related pages. News doesn't involve speculation among facts, piecing facts together belongs in a column or an editorial; News however is a presentation of facts to the public. Rumors are just far fetched ideas and in the rare moment, rumors are true.

    At the moment, bleemcast! is still a rumor, no matter what anyone has told you or what bits and pieces arise. bleem! inc. has not released a press release for it. Wait, like everyone else, for bleem! to unvail its plans at E3. Patience is a wonderful virtue to have, get it.

    The previous posts involving these rumors have been removed, and any further ones will not be posted here. We will try to bring you the facts on whatever news posting here, not it-could-happen crap.

      [pec] Rebuild A Posted by Bobbi at [15:38 EST]  
    JNS just updated his page with some news regarding his cheating utility :
      A couple of things for today. First, I have to apologize for two new bugs found in [pec] final v1.0, which caused [pec] either to crash or to give you an error message. These bugs are fixed now; you may download the new Rebuild A here.
    JNS also updated the database with more cheats and posted some more infos on [pec], so go and check out the page here.

    Another sidenote : Right now, I'm doing some important exams, so please excuse that I don't have that much time to update the page - But CDBuRnOuT, Thorgal and the rest of the crew is still doing a GREAT job, so you most propably won't even notice that I'm away :)

    Monday, 8 May

      More Bleem!cast Speculation Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:50 EST]  
    As I was checking out's UBB, I came across a link to this article, from Segadojo. The article is quite old (dated July 31, 2020), but I thought it was worth posting. For those with not enough time (or will :P) to click the previously mentioned link, here's a clip of the article:
      Gamespot recently had the chance to talk with Bleem! president David Herpolsheimer about the future and possible extensions of Bleem!, the PC Playstation emulator.

      One of the first questions just had to ask was whether he'd consider doing a Dreamcast version (to allow PlayStation titles to be played on the Dreamcast). Herpolsheimer commented that while there had been some discussion about such a version, there aren't any finalized plans. Bleem! was originally developed with the intention of keeping Sony happy - it had even been offered to Sony but was turned down. A product like the Dreamcast Bleem! (referred to jokingly by Herpolsheimer as "Bleemcast") would be in strict violation of Sony's wishes. The Bleem! president also commented that there had been requests for a Saturn emulator on the Dreamcast, but at this point it didn't seem feasible, as Saturn games are nearly impossible to purchase anymore, and the system has a limited audience in the US. Herpolsheimer sees a large future in emulation. He explained how likely it is that future consoles will be able to play software from several different systems through internal emulation.

      So there is still hope for the Dreamcast to have a PSX emulator, but don't look for Bleem! to take the head-on charge on the project.
    Only time will tell, so stay tuned. Don't forget to read the rest of the article here. Thanks to trasixes for the link.

    BTW, mIRC has been updated to version 5.71, find out what's new here and download mIRC 5.71 here.

      PS2 DVD Still Region Free ! Posted by Thorgal at [09:40 EST]  
    Here's something you may find interesting. The Register reports that there seems to be a workaround which lets you play any DVD with your Playstation2, even with the latest drivers (though I wonder why anyone would want to have the latest drivers which made your PS2 region-locked ;). Here's a snippet of today's article :
      Load the DVD into the PlayStation 2. At the browser screen, select the CD icon then press and hold square and then circle until the DVD menu appears, holding both buttons all the time. Then there are two ways to play the movie; you can either select the play icon or the movie start icon which is in the middle to the far left. If one doesn't work the other one will.
    Contrary to their article of 16/3, which was about the 1.01 (latest) DVD drivers, this is very good news indeed :) Check out the new article here !

    Sunday, 7 May

      PS3 News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:56 EST]  
    Around a week ago, DailyRadar posted an article about the PS3, which is due out in 2005. The article talks of how the PS3 will be produced in two forms:
      The Gaming PlayStation3

      This would be a stripped down version of the PlayStation3. It would presumably have the same processing power of the high end PS3, but it would not have the extras that make the other model cost so much. Anything dubbed non-essential for gaming would be eliminated. This model would be much cheaper and easier to produce in mass quantities.

      The High-End PlayStation3

      This model would be the showpiece PS3 for Sony. It would have all the gaming necessities plus other niceties such as digital TV recorders, broadband network connections, and computer-like functions.
    Here's another interesting quote from the article:
      If Sony splits its production like this, it could create a market for PlayStation3s that is similar to today's DVD and electronics market. We may see a whole line of PS3 machines with differing features and qualities.
    The news is a bit old, but interesting to say the least. It's a surprise to see that Sony is thinking that far into the future. Read the rest of the article here.

      Playersaver 1.04 Posted by Bobbi at [03:31 EST]  
    Just saw over at Playersavers homepage, that he updated his control version for this memory card copier to 1.04 ! Here's what's new in this version :
      Corrected slight timing error in playrd.exe and playwr.exe (Now up to version 1.04). This correction will soon be included in a newer version of playsave. The correction improves reading and writing to most memory cards I could test. Please let us know if you find a card works with it now that didn't work with before.
    Download the new Playersaver software here and visit their page at to learn more on how to build one of those neat devices.

    Saturday, 6 May

      New Tool for VGS Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:32 EST]  
    I just saw over at Emulation HQ that Aldo Vargas has released yet another tool for VGS. The tool, VGS Autofire, does exactly what it's name implies, it simulates Autofire, which is the rapid pressing of a certain button on the controller. Rather than elaborating, here's a clip of the release notes:
      A new tool for Connectix VGS that simulates auto-fire (pressing a button several times) when you hold down one of the VGS standard keys for Triangle, Square, Cross, Circle, L1, L2, R1 or R2 (I, J, K, L, I, 1, 2, 9, 0 respectively). To active the Auto-Fire press TAB key until Scroll-Lock led is on, to deactive it press TAB key until Scroll-Lock led is off.
    This is a very useful tool to those of you with sore fingers and thumbs from rapidly pressing those buttons ;) You can download VGS Autofire here. Thanks again to EmuHQ for the news.

      Overclocked: Surprise Posted by Bobbi at [14:49 EST]  
    Just saw over at Retrogames that there's another nice overclocked comic.

    It handles the "surprise" bleem! will reval at the E3 which starts in 5 days. Enough said, go and read it here. :)

      Bleem! at E3 Posted by Bobbi at [10:59 EST]  
    I just saw over at Emucamp, that there're some news regarding last years problem bleem, inc. experienced with Sony :
      As you remember, Sony in coordination with E3 officials forced Bleem! to take down parts of it's product demonstration last year. Well, today the tables have been turned as Bleem! has won a restraining order against Sony. Here's a quote:

      "IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. ("Sony") is enjoined from taking any actions to restrict or interfere with Bleem’s ability to demonstrate its products using PlayStation video games, including PlayStation video games in which Sony claims the copyright, at the E3 2000 trade show. Since there is no potential harm to Sony resulting from this grant of injunctive relief, no bond is required."

      What does this mean? It means that Sony cant touch Bleem! at the E3. A full transcript of the court case will be posted on Emucamp later today. Thanks to Lauren Tascan for the information.
    Thanks to Emucamp for the article.

    Friday, 5 May

      Bleem! Interview Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:12 EST]  
    Recently, pcrave interviewed Sean Kauppinen, Communications Director of bleem!, inc. Pcrave asked some basic questions, but also some pretty interesting ones, here's a clip of the author's conclusion:
      Not too many details were leaked. As much as I tried to squeeze information, Sean skillfully kept a tight lip. However, according to numerous news sources on the Internet, bleem! will debut on SEGA Dreamcast. Is there proof? If you look here, here, and here, you will see that the "" domains have been registered to Will Kempe. According to Console Domain, Will Kempe was a bleem! exhibitor at E3 last year. Would you play Playstation games on your Dreamcast? SEGA is apparently making a strong marketing shift to emulators for the Dreamcast including their previous SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, Playstation, and TurboGrafix-16 via their SEGA Internet online service. Fact or fiction, it's a very interesting notion indeed! Be sure to read our review of bleem! for more information about the emulator. More to come.
    Hmmm... The seems interesting, but it could be nothing, so don't get your hopes up. Don't forget to read the rest of the article here. Thanks to Bleem! Park for the news.

      New poll Posted by Bobbi at [16:25 EST]  
    And now, another poll : I already thought about expanding PSXEmu to become a full emulation news site ... But I think there're already plenty of them, so IF we'd expand, we should cover an area few sites already have.

    After we already collected plenty of experience with next generation emulation (PSX), I thought about creating a site lonely for next-gen emulation; but there's a long way to go, so I wanted to ask YOU, our visitors first, what you think about that idea, so please vote in the poll on the left.

      Bleem! Rumor at DailyRadar Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:47 EST]  
    Yesterday, DailyRadar put up an article concerning Sega's new DreamLibrary for the Dreamcast, a feature which lets Japanese gamers download old Sega Genesis/Megadrive and even NEC PC-Engine/TurboGrafx 16 to play on their Sega Dreamcasts (For a small fee, of course ;)). The article mentions a rumor at the ending concerning a Bleem! rumor, which I've decided to post in part right here:
      There's no word if this DreamLibrary option will make its way to the United States, but the possibility of playing old-school classics is indeed an intriguing notion. Rumors abound that Bleem! will announce its plan to release a Bleem! PlayStation emulator for the Dreamcast at May's E3 videogame convention. The mind simply boggles at the possibility of Sega's Dreamcast system being flexible enough to tap into the vast libraries of the Sega Megadrive, the NEC PC-Engine and the Sony PlayStation.
    Read the full article for more news on the DreamLibrary software here, if you're interested. A PSX Emulator for DC would be great, but remember, it's only a rumor, so don't get mad if it isn't true.

    Thursday, 4 May

      PS2: E3 Game Secrets Posted by cd at [14:37 EST]  
    DailyRadar recently posted an article concerning PS2 games to be revealed at E3. The list has quite a few games on it, most of which I'm looking foward to :) Here's a a clip of the article:
      In just one week, the future of the PS2 will be revealed to us in all its glory, but it seems that some companies are trying to get a jump on the competition. This week, several companies let key titles from their E3 lineups slip out to the press. Here are the most exciting titles we've heard about in the last two days.
    Hopefully there will be more surprises at E3, especially one concerning a certain psx emulator ;) Don't forget to read the whole article here.

      PSmplay [W.I.P] Status Posted by Nick at [10:22 EST]  
    Today, Segu has just posted a [W.I.P] Current status news of PSmplay. He mentioned that he's working on the Large Panel for STR Mode and XA Mode. BTW, there's also some screenshots of the STR Mode and XA Mode @

    And also there's a PlayStation MOVIE & XA converter (ver 1.10), for more info and details about this new program, visit the official site here.

    Wednesday, 3 May

      PSMCONV Released Posted by cd at [16:41 EST]  
    Today, Ben-J mailed me with news of a new tool out called PSMCONV, a PS Movie Converter/Viewer for DOS. Here's some of it's features/requirements (Translated):
    • WNASPI32.DLL necessary
    • ATAPI CD-ROM necessary (SCSI non-corresponds)
    • Main function:
      • The movie image is converted into non-compression AVI or the bit map file
      • XA audio is converted into the Wave file
      • XA of Saturn can be converted
      • Real-time reproduction of full screen (DirectDraw necessary and DirectSound)
    • A CD drive with a fast response is necessary to reproduce in real time
    • Change point from former version
    • An off screen was used in all the screen modes.
    • The item in a set file can have been specified even in the command line.
    • The part (To the shining season for) in the movie of an irregular resolution
    Download PSMCONV v0.90 here. Thanks again to Ben-J for the news.

      Playstation 2 Swap Trick Posted by Thorgal at [13:43 EST]  
    Over at The Magic Box, they've put up a page explaining the so-called Swap Trick for the PS2. Basically, this lets you play import PS(1) games on the PS2. Here's a full explanation:
      A swap trick has been discovered for playing import / backup Playstation games on Playstation 2. The trick is discovered by people in Japan, which only works for PS games (not PS2). The swap trick involves opening the PS2 case, remove the disc spindle lock from the DVD drive, and perform the swap trick during the booting sequences. However, because the swap trick involves disassembling the PS2, it is very risky and could cause permanent damage to your valuable system, and you should only treat this as a reference, we are not responsible for any damages you made to your PS2.
    As you can see, it's hot 'n risky stuff, though I'm sure this won't stop at least some of us ;) For a step-by-step explanation of how to perform the trick (including several handy screens), check it out here.

    Tuesday, 2 May

      Site news ! Posted by Thorgal at [16:45 EST]  
    It's time for a site update...anything new, you might ask? Yes! First of all, I finished a new page for our bleem! section : bleem! - Availability. You guessed it, here you may find a list of several bleem! resellers, sorted by price. This way, our very own bleem! newbie visitors can easily check out where to grab their copy of bleem! if they haven't already ! It sports a nice worldmap, too: select your current region, and off you go! All resellers are sorted by price; this way, finding the lowest price is a breeze, think of it as a 'pricewatch'. Shipping info (when available) and other notes are also included.And now for something completely different (hmm...;) . While browsing the web, searching the web for bleem! resellers and doubling my telephone bill at the same time, I found several other bleem! and VGS articles. Our bleem! - press section now features 26 articles and counting, versus a total of 19 in VGS's favor. Go check 'em out, as they're some very interesting ones out there.One last note: I'm currently working on the hardware reviews, so you may expect them very soon. "Until we meet again ..."

      Sony's 7 E3 secrets Posted by Bobbi at [13:36 EST]  
    There's an article at the Dailyreader regarding "Sony's Seven Deadly E3 Secrets", which, 10 days before the E3 starts, revals some facts about what Sony may be showing :
      Sony's keeping its mouth shut about its E3 plans, but it can't keep everything under wraps. We analyze the seven biggest Sony-related stories that could break at E3.However, in this industry, even the best-kept secrets will eventually leak out, and we're already starting to hear information that Sony is holding until E3. While some of these rumors cannot be confirmed (Sony won't say a word until E3), others are simple givens. Here are the seven biggest secrets ...
    You can read the feature in the complete article which can be found here. Thanks to Bleempark for the news.

      AdriPSX DOS fix Posted by Bobbi at [08:00 EST]  
    Well, I just made a post on regarding the crashing many people experienced with AdriPSX :
      Now Roor told me, what a possible reason for this problem might be : AdriPSX crashes after that fire logo, when it can't find the correct BIOS file in the directory you run it from.
      Important : AdriPSX requires the SCPH1001 BIOS to run at all.

      But remember : Neither Roor and me nor the PSXEmu team will supply you with this file.
    To tell us your results with this info, please go and submit your results at

    Monday, 1 May

      Pete's GPU 1.32 Released Posted by cd at [16:35 EST]  
    Today, Pete yet again updated his OpenGL GPU Plugin for PSEmu Pro. Here's what's new:
    • Ahem... today I've remembered what that 'emergency break' handler was for... Tekken3 is playing fine again ;) Of course all demos I wanted to fix with V1.31 are _also_ working, and some more goodies have been added :)
    Download Pete's TNT OpenGL GPU Plugin here. Thanks to Ben-J for the news.

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