Tuesday, 30 November

  DragonYen vs. Sony [20:55 CET] By Thorgal  

Just a short post today. Matthew Elzer, aka DragonYen (Support/QA), is meeting Sony again today. Looks like Sony's lawyers are going to ask Matthew lots of questions again, though it's not a court date. Good luck Matthew! For more info and reactions, go here.


Monday, 29 November

  Overclocked Bleem! comic [22:30 CET] By Thorgal  

Yes I know, we normally don't post any of this, but this is an exception: Overclocked, famous for its great emulation-related comics, has posted a bleem! related comic today; it's really funny, so I recommend you all go read it here ;)

  PAL compatiblity project [16:54 CET] By Bobbi  

When talking about PAL compatiblity :
This page made a compatiblity list for PAL games only.
    The purpose of this list is to give european Bleem! users the opportunity to compare their experiences running Playstation PAL games. This list is not official nor supported or affiliated to Bleem! nor Sony. All information is provided on a "as is" basis without warranties of any kind.
Sounds interresting, visit their page here.

  New week, new luck [15:49 CET] By Bobbi  

After a really slow weekend, we're getting into the new week with new hopes. And this week, we'll have some specials for you. To be released soon ...:

Blini! is a powerfull tool which allows you to edit the bleem! ini file. With blini!, you can add new games to the ini yourself, edit old entries, clean up the ini and much more ... Check back later for more news ...

You ever noticed that the bleem! ini file lacks of PAL games ? This week, we'll release an pdated ini file with loads of new entries, to allow a much better compatibility check rate. Check back later this week for more abou thtis ...

PSXEmu.com will be redesigned in the next two weeks. Our goal is to allow easier navigation everywhere on the page. One of the first examples were the screenshots page and the bleem! download page, current goal is the savegames page.

Big improvements are on it's way, stay tuned for all of these goodies. Feel free to submit suggestions on our message board.

Friday, 26 November

  Segu's GPU plugin 1.3T [16:58 CET] By Thorgal  

Segu released version 1.3T of his GPU plugin for PSemu, which req uires a video card supporting TnL, and DirectX 7. Here're Segu's notes about it:
    Can you use TnL Device? There is one sample here. Of course, you must choose 'TnLHaL' by using 'Select Device'. It will be slow down when TnLHal Device can't be used. It is said that the game which some speed improvement is shown in is held. For example the 'fight scene of Tekken3' can be given. But, it has some bugs. it is modified later ;)
I don't have a TnL video card, so feel free to email me if you have one and tested Segu's new 1.3T TnL GPU. Download Segu's 1.3T GPU for PSEmu Pro (DX7 and a TnL video card required) here (-56k-).

Also a short Jackal update again; it seems Expert finally takes a break, more news coming up next week :)

Thursday, 25 November

  Cheet! updated [20:51 CET] By Bobbi  

Addon-Factory released an ini update for their product cheet!. Here's what they wrote :
    A new bleem! version showed up today on bleem.com. cheet! does work with it, but you have to wait for the search algorythms to detect its version. If you want to avoid this, you may download the new cheet!.ini file. You must unpack it to the same directory you unpacked the full cheet! and you will have instant detection for bleem! v1.5B. We will try to post future updates like this one within 24 hours from the release of a new bleem! version. Note that cheet! still works without the update; the update is needed just to get rid of the annoying delay.
If you already purchased cheet!, head over to their homepage and get the new ini file or to get your own copy of cheet!.

  Bleem! 1.5B released [14:41 CET] By Bobbi  

Bleem.com released a new bleem! version with some important fixes (for those of you who had the problem of course) : First, an error logic bug with older 3D cards (mostly 3Dfx cards) has been fixed. The other fixed bug caused bleem! to stop running some mid-game.

Download bleem! 1.5B here. Feel free to discuss this on our message boards.

Wednesday, 24 November

  Bleem! Notify [22:45 CET] By Thorgal  

A new Bleem! utility is being developed, namely 'Bleem! notify'. Here's how it works: every time you connect to the internet, Bleem! notify checks if you version of Bleem! is the same as the version on the Bleem! website. This way, everybody can be informed if there's a new Bleem! version available. When a new version is available, Bleem! Notify shows the EULA, and lists all available mirrors, and lets you choose one of them to download the latest version directly.

It's not released at the moment though, since the author would like your comments about the idea of it; therefore, I suggest you go to the Bleem! Notify homepage and check the great screenshots! It sure looks sweet to me...

  Jackal news [22:30 CET] By Thorgal  

The Jackal homepage has been updated again, and Expert really seems to work hard, as new things have been implemented:

    CPU core is totally finished at last (for now!). Needed interrupts, dma 2 and 6 done.
    GPU is 20% done. Gfx output wil be in directdraw and maybe will support fullscreen mode.
Looks nice! Let's hope Jackal will be on its way to running commercial games soon...

Tuesday, 23 November

  Bleem! screenshots page redone [18:07 CET] By General Leo  

I have redone the screenshot page under the bleem section. Now instead of 5 pages, I made one larger page that is easier to navigate. Thanks to all who have sent in pics, they will be up soon, along with countless others that are waiting to be put up. Keep sending them in !

  Cheet! page update [18:03 CET] By Thorgal  

Add-on Factory seemed to have a little forwarding problem with the ordering page., which is fixed now: when you download the full version and click the button in the registration form, it will forward you to the Cheet! order page. Also, cash ordering is now possible; for more details, go here.

On a side note, if you'd still like to have one of the original Bleem! test CD-keys, you better hurry! The first CD auction ends at 23:08:50 PST, the 2nd at 23:09:33 PST; both end today. For more details, go here for the first (A) CD auction (which is currently at a bid of $96.99) and here for the second (B) CD (now at $78.00). And remember, all proceeds go to charities!

Last but not least, there are several things coming up soon - be sure to check out psxemu.com for more updates!

Monday, 22 November

  Bleem! review [15:13 CET] By Bobbi  

Today, ZDNet made a nice bleem! review. Although they got some facts in it wrong (1.5 isn't the second bleem! version ...), it's pretty well written :
    In any case, the difference between the gray console and a PC with a decent 3D accelerator can bring new life to a PlayStation game. We'd given up on some of our faves, simply because they looked so awful compared to the PC graphics we're used to. Running Bleem! 1.5, a lot of the games look gorgeous. And we've got a cheap source of games to tweak on our PCs.
The review is worth a look, check it out here.

  Cheet! released [07:23 CET] By Bobbi  

Addon-Factory finally released cheet!, a program which allows you to use Gameshark codes with bleem!.
    We finally managed to finish the full version of cheet!, the first cheat-tool for bleem!. You could order it now by just pressing on the ORDER-button or check the products-section to get more infos.

    From now on, we will provide updates, news and help on these pages for all our customers. Have fun with our products!

    - The Add-on Factory Team
To buy cheet! and get more infos about Addon-Factory visit their page.

Sunday, 21 November

  Pete's OpenGL Plugin 1.25 [22:09 CET] By Thorgal  

Pete has released version 1.25 of his OpenGL plugin for PSEmu, which has a bug fix for version 1.24 released Friday. Here's what Pete has to say about it:

Tststs... my MS compiler screwed it... that's what you call 'optimizations', Bill? Well, the ChangeDisplaySettings() func worked much faster in version 1.24... of course, because it didn't change any desktop settings at all. Yeah, I didn't notice that bug (I don't use the 'change desktop settings' option very often, and because I didn't touch a line of code in that function, I never thought to test it). Well, thanks to all who reported me that issue, it's fixed.

Get Pete's OpenGL plugin version 1.25 for PSEmu (DX6 or higher required) here (-89k-).

  Jackal news [12:40 CET] By Bobbi  

When talking about Jackal compared to Adri-PSX, here's what's posted on Jackal's homepage today :
    Seems that emutech2000 has an interesting reference to Jackal and another new PSX emu.
    The only thing we have to say is, let's see this new emu first and then speculate about speed!
    Some more development news today! The BIOS has started running within the debugger, although without any gfx output -yet-! Some new screenshots in the Progress status link in the left frame.
Visit the Jackal homepage here.

  Adri-PSX needs help [12:37 CET] By Bobbi  

Emutech2000 searches coders for a new Playstation emulator :
    OK, this is a public appeal for coders to join an existing emulation project. ADRI-PSX is a purely assembler written SONY PLAYSTATION emulator that is being coded by ONE highly talented person at the moment. Due to this - although excellent progress is being made (Including an EXTREMELY fast Dynamic recompilation core), the coder can only dedicate so many hours in the week to it. So basically we are asking for talented and dedicated coders, with experience in ASM to come forward and join the team. The emulator has been in development for quite a while now and runs alot of PSX demo's at good speed - Even faster than JACKAL, even though it isnt using the current DYNAMIC RECOMPILATION (which Jackal is).
Emutech2000 also has some screenshots to prove that the emu is real. Check out Emutech2000 if you're interrested. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

Saturday, 20 November

  ThePI fourth release [12:24 CET] By Bobbi  

The PI, a PSX emulator for the macintosh, got updated again before the author leaves for a couple of weeks. Here's what's new :
  • some GPU bugs fixed.
  • some Interrupts bugs fixed.
  • some CPU improvements
The author also mentions that the next version can be excepted around the middle of december. He also made a conclusion about the current status :
  • 12 of the 45 demos hang :-<
  • 3 of the 45 demos have big problems :-(
  • 6 of the 45 demos work :-)
  • 24 of the 45 demos work perfectly :->
Download the PI fourth release here. Thanks to Zico for the news.

  PSEmu news [11:46 CET] By Bobbi  

I.am/PSEmu finally is running again after more than one month of silence. And they already have some interresting news :
    A recent email from Kazzuya, former PSEmu Pro author, indicated that though he no longer associate himself involved with PSEmu Pro, he doesn't see much excitement for its future development. However, he hinted that "... I'm sure something will come up sometime just because it would be a shame to drop everything like that." What exactly he meant, we don't know. So I guess... just wait... and it depends on you if you want...
Sounds interresting, for more news visit I.am/psemu.

On a sidenote I wanted to thanks all people that supported us in the past weeks/months with savegames and screenshots submittions. Expect a really big update with all these goodies soon. And we also reached 300.000 visitors !!! BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !

Wednesday, 17 November

  Cheet! pictures [21:13 CET] By Bobbi  

Now, that cheet! is pushed forward a bit, I decided to take some pics of the full version and how it runs. Enough of the words, here're the pics :

Cheet! pic 1      Cheet! pic 2      Cheet! pic 3

Check their homepage here for latest news and several other things. Also check out our new bleem! download page with a much easier to understand system. We'll re-design all pages that way this week.

Monday, 15 November

  Cheet! demo update [22:30 CET] By Thorgal  

Addon Factory has updated the Cheet! demo: it now features instant bleem! version detection up to v1.5a.

Oh, and as for the fullversion of Cheet!, please be a bit more patient; you'll get what you want very soon ;)

Download the Cheet! demo here.

  Miscellaneous stuff [19:00 CET] By Thorgal  

[Update] Just wanted to add that in bleem! 1.5a, there seems to be a bug with the Voodoo1/2 fullscreen error window: several people have experienced troubles with it, since it comes back immediately. This can be a bit troublesome when you want to acces the menu. Ofcourse, you can hit ALT + F1 very fast, but to make it easier, be sure to have set your fullscreen settings to 'Always display in full screen', and have the rest of your options set BEFORE you actually start the game, so you don't have to switch to the menu as often.

It's going slowly today..anyways, I've just put up the Voodoo2 page with the best bleem! settings. if you have any comments/questions, feel free to drop me a note.

Also, in case you're interested in messing with your Playstation CDs, PSX-CD is now hosted over at EmuUnlim.com. It also has emulators for the playstation (play NES games at your PSX! ;)

Saturday, 13 November

  PSX Play 1.33 [16:32 CET] By Bobbi  

Hurrican released a new version of his PSX movie player PSX Play. I don't know what's new in this release (anyone can hook us up with those informations ??), so I took two shots of it runnning.

Tekken   Tony Hawks Skateboarding

Download PSX Play 1.33 here (-205k-). Thanks to Vintagegaming for the news.

  New PSX emulation site [19:40 CET] By Bobbi  

A new emulation site called PSX-Extreme got opened over at Exposure2k. It handles PSX emulation in general as well as new game releases and hardware news.

Check out PSX Extreme here.

Thanks to Hav0k for the link.

Friday, 12 November

  Cheet! news [16:32 CET] By Bobbi  

Addon Factory lowered the price for their bleem! cheat addon cheet! from 15 USD to 10 USD. Now this is really a cool price. Some other news about cheet! :

    How to purchase :
    You purchase cheet! online. When you open the program, you'll get to a screen where you're asked to go to a website and to register cheet!. After your credit card number (money orders are also accepted but will take longer) has been verified, you'll get your unlock code via E-Mail. Just enter it and the program is unlocked.

    Copy protection:
    When using cheet!, you'll recive a key for your ID number. This ID number is based on your PC, you can't use it from any others !

Make sure to check back this evening for a preview of this kickass product !

Thursday, 11 November

  Bleem! add-on [21:07 CET] By Bobbi  

Bleem!, bleem! and bleem! again. After the kickass 1.5 and the 1.5a release, there's yet another surprise for all of you bleemers out there : A cheat addon for bleem!. This is another commercial product, and it'll cost 15 USD when it'll be avaible at the 15th November of 1999. Here're the specials of this tool :
  • first cheat-tool for bleem!
  • compatible with normal PSX-cheat-codes
  • powerful search-functions
  • multiple cheat-codes
  • save/load cheats
  • database with tons of cheats
And even better, Addon-Factory (the company producing this tool, even offers a demo version of this tool. Quote from the page :

    "The DEMO will only include the possibility to test the power of cheet! by giving in 3 single cheat-codes. All other function are disabled.".

Download the demo version here and visit their homepage here. Feel free to discuss this at our bleem! message board linked on the left.

  The PI update [19:38 CET] By Bobbi  

People seemed to have problems getting the right files into their release:). Zico did a small error when uploading the new "The PI" release, he uploaded the old version :). Anybody who already wondered WHY the PI didn't changed for him, download the latest version here.

Sunday, 06 November

  New staff member [12:22 CET] By Bobbi  

Thanks guys, you can stop mailing me about this now :). We finally found a new, qualified member for our site. Thorgal will be helping out on our page from next week on. We'd like to give him a warm welcome here at psxemu.com !

And a side comment for all people saying 1.5 sucks : Check out our poll results from 1.5 on the left (and no, we didn't modify it =P)

  Segu GPU 1.1a and 1.3 [12:18 CET] By Bobbi  

Segu updated his GPU plugins for PSEmu. DirectX 6.1 or 7 is necessary to use them. Here's what's new :
  • Palette texture is supported.
  • The improvement of the brightness.
  • FPS indication was made texture.
  • The improvement of screen shot routine.
  • Palette designation, the addition of the option which puts on a MASK.
Download the DirectX 6.1 version (1.1) here and the DirectX 7.0 version (1.3) here. If you need other GPU plugins get them from the Plugins page.

Friday, 05 November

  Page updates [22:12 CET] By Bobbi  

I did some improvements to the page today. I think you all already noticed the new logo at the top. It's from our logo contest, which we started 3 weeks ago. We got several submittions, but Zico's was the best (hey, but next time please only suply ONE =P).

The second change is our new messageboard. It's easier to handle than the old one and looks much better. Check it out under "Main" on the left. Thanks to Brian for all his help with it.

And last but not least : We're still searching for a skilled newsposter to help us with the site. Some knowledge of PSX Emus, bleem! and PC's in general won't be to bad for this job :) Write me here if you're interrested !

  Bleem! 1.5 - "First Look" [22:08 CET] By Bobbi  

ZdNet posted a "First look" on bleem!. They talk about bleem! 1.5 and it's pros and contras. Their result :

Summary: For $29.95 Bleem!1.5 brings a whole host of PlayStation games to the PC.

... Easy install, works with most PlayStation games, delivers "better than PlayStation" graphics.

It's nice written, check it out here or check out the Real Audio version here.

  BleemBoost 0.2a installer fix [22:00 CET] By Bobbi  

Megaman's bleem! support page posted an installer fix for BleemBoost, a tool which speeds up bleem! when running on slower machines. Here's what's new :

You can check "Ignore errors" so that install will continue even if something goes wrong (not recommended)

Changes since 0.2
  • Fixed "system.ini not found" bug

  • This is a small fix, it's only 15 KB. Download it here.

    Wednesday, 04 November

      Another FF8 GF fix ? [23:53 CET] By Bobbi  

    EmuHQ posted another fix for the hanging Guardion Forces in FF8 :

    You know there is a better way to getting bleem not to even hang on the gfs. Beem only hangs on me when i am in full screen and i think the same for every one else. The best thing is to play in window but as for the window being to small that is easy to fix just resize the bleem window it will strech the window and the gfx so it fills the intire screen.

    We tried this on 4 different machines, it worked on none of them. If it works for you, please mail me with your graphic card. Thanks to bwb for the news.

      ICQ skin [23:38 CET] By Bobbi  

    For all of those extrem bleemers or everybody using a normal version of ICQ :
    Thomas7g posted an ICQ skin, one with Kelli, the bleem! girl and one from Katie. To install it, you'll need ICQPlus, get it here (-1680k-).

    Download the Kelli skin here and the Katie skin here.

    All those belong to Thomas7h, thanks to him for this cool work.

    Tuesday, 02 November

      BleemBoost 0.2 fix [07:59 CET] By Bobbi  

    Megaman's bleem! network posted another version of BleemBoost, a program which should speed up bleem!. The only improvement in this version is the installer fix, so if the last version worked good for you, you won't need this one.

    All others, download it here.

    Megaman also mentioned that he's currently working on another bleem! tool pretty simular to PSSwitch :

    I am starting to program an add-on to Bleem! called BleemSwitch. It will allow you to save settings for each game. With BleemSwitch you won't need to got to options and change settings each time, the options will be loaded with a single click.

    Sounds interresting, read everything at Megaman's homepage (which is finally completly back up).

      FF8 Guardian Forces Fix [07:35 CET] By Bobbi  

    Many of you were waiting for 1.5 to play FF8. A small dissapointment, since the game crashes when you use a Guardian Force. But people are still trying and trying and found several solutions to bypass this. Here's one of the best (it requires loads of time but anyway) :

    This works every time I've tried it.
    If bleem stops during a gf call WAIT for a long time... close to 5 minutes and it will start working again. Be careful to watch because you may come back and find yourself dead. If its been a long time since your last save this a great way to keep from reduing it all.

    Big thanks flys out to EB for the hint. Read the whole thread here.

    For all of those who don't want to start from zero again, here're some savegames from all CD's ! Big thanks to devoid for those !!

    Disc 1 saves   Disc 2 saves    Disc 3 saves

    Monday, 01 November

      Message board rules [17:03 CET] By Bobbi  

    For all of those who are using the message board on bleem.com, there're some rules. Please also use them when you're contacting support here or at bleem.com. Here're the most important :
    • ILLEGAL MATTERS : Absolutely NO talk about anything illegal on the message boards. This includes reporting sites that have illegal software, etc. This also applies to things which are borderline legal such as "patches" to PlayStation games and programs which alter the way Bleem! functions.
    • FLAMING : No flaming, members of bleem, board moderators/admins, or members of the board. Heck, no flaming anyone, for any reason. Flaming is the practice of name calling and making derogatory remarks about someone. Please be kind to new users. We were all new users once, and threat them as you would like to be treated.
    • LANGUAGE : Please post in English, while we understand many of you may have different Primary languages, we would like the board to use a universal language so that everyone can participate.
    Read all rules here. Please accept them BEFORE doing anything in that direction.

      Bleem! review [16:48 CET] By Bobbi  

    Glideunderground posted a nice bleem! review.

    What types of graphics are improved in Direct3D mode? Well, just about everything is improved, the grainy textures are all cleaned up and replaced with clean looking textures that have been filtered, depending on what the settings call for. Characters will have a sharper look to them and appear cleaner. Lighting effects are much more enhanced, and colored lighting that wasn't even supported in other games have been added for a given effect. The graphical splendor is in reality, very improved over the original. Although the graphics may not be next generation graphics or up to par with PC graphics, they certainly give a new life and feel to the already classic games.

    It's a cool review, read it here.