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  Bleem is by far the most advanved PSX emulator out there since it currently runs more than 300 games. Once you bought bleem!, you'll get free compatibility updates forever - Compare this with any other software product. You can join the big bleem! community now by purchasing bleem! in one of the shops (see the list a bit more down on the page) or you can order it directly from Digital River.

On the hardware side, bleem! has some really interresting features. It doesn't only emulate the PSX 1:1 or emulates the PSX controller on the keyboard, it's even able to improve many games using modern 3D accelerators or emulates many different input devices (some even allow you to plug ion your original PSX controller). Although the official system requirements are a P166MMX, we'd highly suggest you a PII 300 with at least 64 MB RAM and a modern 3D accelerator like the TNT2, the V3 or a Geoforce. You can still use bleem! with lower specs, but you might experience some speed problems then. You can also use bleem! with different processors. But for example the K6, although it's a nice processor which has good results in certain areas, lies between the Pentium MMX and the Pentium Celeron regarding speed, so an Athlon or PII would do the job way better.

If you still have questions left, make sure to visit our bleem! support part, where many questions about hardware, hardware troubles and gives informations on many questions. You also might want to check out the bleem! download area which covers MANY usefull additional files/programs which make bleem! even easier and better to use.
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