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  Although bleem! for dreamcast ("bleemcast!) hasn't been released yet, it already caused much attention. First being announced at this years E3, there've been many rumors about it and, related to it, many speculations what will happen with the bleem! PC version.

Bleempark will be sold in so called "bleem! paks" for 19.95$ each. Each pack will provide support for at least 100 games. Every game will run perfectly - That means no graphic, sound or controller flaws at all, every game runs with 100% compatibility. Every pak itself will have a varity of the best games from all different genres - So you can select which paks you'll buy !

Now you might ask yourself : How should I use the Dreamcast controller with PSX games although the PSX controller has 2 more buttons than the DC has ? Well, additionally to the bleem! paks, bleem, inc. will sell controllers and adapters for the PSX controller for usage with the dreamcast as well. All those things can be expected sometime this summer, so stay tuned here.
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