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The crew

Bobbi - Webmaster
Founder of PSXEmu.com. Formally runned the bleem! support page over at EmuHQ. First hit the emu scene in 1997.Got interrested in bleem! in January 1999. Loves playing soccer and deathmatches (what already caused severalhigh telephone bills).

Thorgal - Co-Webmaster
Thorgal later came into the team and supplied us with some cool ideas. This new design also was his idea,we're glad that he's with us ! Don't think he ignores you when chatting with him, he's just a bit slower fromtime to time :))

Mathew2 - Good question ...
Mathew2 already was in the PSXEmu team when PSXEmu.com wasn't even opened yet ... What he does here ? Hard tosay, he's running through all sections doing all sort of jobs (every team needs someone like him). Loves theidea to review hardware :)

JNS - Programmer
Our VB programmer here at PSXEmu. Never wanted to learn anything else, but he's able to do everything in hisVB ... (crazy =P). Already created several projects like blini! and [pec]. Don't come close to him when aprogram enters the beta stage :)

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