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Bleem! related downloads

Current version : 1.5B
What's new :
Some graphic card and some hanging fixes

Older bleem! versions

 Bleem! 1.5a (-925k-) 
Bleem! 1.5 (-919k-)Bleem! 1.4a (-600k-)Bleem! 1.4 (-589k-)
Bleem! 1.3 (-464k-)Bleem! 1.2b2 (-355k-)Bleem! 1.2 (-352k-)
Bleem! 1.1b2 (-352k-)Bleem! 1.1 (-352k-)Bleem! 1.0 (-352k-)

Bleem! manual (-256k-)
The bleem! manual, for all of those users who still have some basic questions, though the manual doesn't handleany complex things, you should check out the help section either on or here out then.You'll need Acrobat Reader to view it, get it here.


[PEC] (-708k-)
[pec] is a gameshark like addon for bleem!, Connectix Virtual Game Station, and even PSEmu Pro, which allows you, to enter any gameshark code that normally is used on your playstation with bleem!, Connectix Virtual Game Station, or PSEmu Pro. The [pec] database, now included in the .zip file, already features 1000s of codes that have been entered.


Blini! (-168k-)
Blini! is the first (and currently the only) editor, that allows you to easily edit the flags for games in thebleem! ini file. It also features an online update function, a clean up function and much more. Oh, and if requireddownload the runtimes here (-1305k-).


Dexdrive to Bleem (-12k-)
This is a easy to use tool is to covert Dexdrive save game format files into the Bleem emulator format for using real PSX memcard files on the PC. Written by Aldo Vargas.


VGS to Bleem (-10k-)
This is a easy to use tool is to covert VGS save game format files into the Bleem format. Written by Aldo Vargas.


Bleem to VGS (-10k-)
This is a easy to use tool is to covert Bleem save game format files into the VGS format. Written by Aldo Vargas.


PecEdit (-54k-)
This is a database editor for the freeware [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station. This tool imports directly to [PEC] the cheats from the Game Shark Code Creators Club and GameBuster's Paradise which are two the most complete online databases of Game Shark codes in the world, with hundreds of PlayStation games listed. If you have beta7 don't bother downloading this one just a minor fix for Favorites feature. New in beta8: Support for HTML import from GameBuster's Paradise pages, better compatibility with CMGSCCC pages and international characters, find cheat, context menu for game reviews and related information. Written by Aldo Vargas.


Bleem to Dexdrive (-12k-)
This is a easy to use tool is to covert Bleem save game format files into the Dexdrive format for using emulator save games on a real PSX. Written by Aldo Vargas.


ConvertM (-201k-)
Supports bleem (*.mcd), vgs(*.vgs), DeckData(*.ddf), DexDrive(*.gme), MemImage File(*.mc) and Memory Library file(*.mlb). mlb is the authors own format, it has unlimited blocks and can exchange single memory with other type.Can copy memory to a different type. And also can Convert A card to each type. Features a easy to use interface. Written by Paul Pheonix.


Memcard Tools (-1k-)
Memcard Tools, is two different programs made in DOS, bleem2vgs and vgs2bleem. The program easily search your hard disk for memory cards files, converts them between VGS and bleem formats, and places them in a directory. Programmed by Flame and Red Green of Extreme Bleem! The authors plan on porting the tools from DOS to Visual Basic 6.0 soon, so keep an eye on this tool!


BleemBoost (-1480k-)
BleemBoost is an utility which should speeds up bleem! by replacing the windows shell with bleem! itself, whatmeans you can't stear windows while using that utility. This utility is especially usefull on older PC's withless system power, newer won't get something noticeable out of it.


Cheet! (-124k-)
Cheet! is a program which allows you to cheat in any game which is supported by bleem!. It usesthe normal Gameshark codes which can be found widely spreaded over the web. The demo version only allowsthree codes, the full version costs around 12$.


French Bleem! 1.5B (-1047k-)
For all of the French speaking bleem! users out there, DED and the Top50 released a translated versionof bleem! 1.5B. This packet includes a nice installer as well, but STILL requires the original CD Key to run at all.


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