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General System tools

CD Brake (-510k-)
CD brake allows you to slow down supported CD-Rom drives to any speed. Bleem! users who get choppy sound or movies MAY get a speedup using this tool. .


Direct Control (-106k-)
DirectControl allows you to modify several DirectX options on the fly (without rebooting), like Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectInput and many more. Altogether there are more than 50 settings.


Fraps 1.20 (-22k-)

With Fraps, you can test the frames per second in any D3D game. Since bleem! uses D3D, this may also help you with that one, although we can't verify that yet.


HyperSnap (-1152k-)
With HyperSnap you can easily take screenshots from applications using your 3D card. It has many cool features like for example quick save/copy/print. D3D is supported, as well as Glide and OpenGL. The full version costs 20$, order it from their homepage.


Powerstrip 2.67 (-642k-)
Powerstrip is a very useful utility to tweak your videocard / monitor and put 'em to the max ! Supporting MANY videocards (both PCI and AGP) and different types of monitors, this tool is a must ! Be sure to check out the (long) list of features :)


Screencatcher (-629k-)
Screencatcher is a pretty simular program to HyperSnap. Main difference is that it runs under MacOS, not under Win95. It also allows images to be captured to the clipboard or to Screen Catcher's own windows, where they can get manipulated.


Startup Cop (-528k-)
Startup Cop allows you to enable/disable all programs running in the background. That way, you can free more system resources and play games faster that way. The full version is avaible for 12$.


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