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On Friday, 4th March 2000 we performed an interview with Randy Linden, the only programmer of the playstation emulator bleem!, and found out some interresting facts. But read for yourself ...

  1) Who are you and where are you from ?
  Randy : My name is Randy Linden and I'm from Toronto, Canada (Don't believe it when David and Matt tell you I'm not really human, just a machine ;-)

  2) How did you get involved with emulation ?
  Randy : My first experience with emulation was around 1987 I worked on a program called The 64 Emulator - it was a Commodore64 emulator that ran on the Amiga.

  3) What do you think of the current status of the emulation scene ?
  Randy : I think it's starting to get better -- there was a while there when the scene was just full of rom beggars, lamers, losers and whiners. That's changing now, but the past association with "warez" hasn't helped the reputation of the emulation community much.

  4) How do you see the emulation scene now, and how do you think it will progress in the current months ?
  Randy : The days when emulation was underground are long over - more and more people are learning about emulation, and understanding that it's something that's great -- not something that's bad. A couple of big four-letter companies (that are also four-letter words ;-) are trying really hard to convince people that emulation is illegal, and it's simply not.
I think the next few months are going to bring some changes, but like anything else in the world, change is very slow.
Emulation is still very small compared to the number of people who know (or have heard) about the latest game or software release.

  5) What do you think of the recent law suites against Connectix and bleem, LLC, and how do you think they will affect the emulation scene ?
  Randy : I'd like to say all sorts of things about the law suits (most of which wouldn't be suitable for young children to read), but as history has clearly shown, anything I say, can and will be used against us in a court of law ;-)

  6) How did your current project got started ?
  Randy : In early 1998 I thought it would be neat to write a fast Playstation emulator that improved the games, rather than just emulating them.

  7) What's the status of your current project ?
  Randy : We're still going strong -- there's lots of games out there, and we're working hard to get more and more of them happy with bleem!

We've got some really neat surprises that we'll be announcing over the next couple of months, leading up to some major news (yes, MAJOR) in time for E3.

  8) What can we expect from your project in the future ?
  Randy : What most people expect -- more compatibility, new features, faster emulation ... what everyone wants from every emulator!

There's so many neat things that are half-written in bleem!, but I just don't have the hours to complete the logic, so the feature gets put on hold and disabled when we do a release build. Eventually, I get all the code done, and we enable the feature, and no one realizes that it's something that we've been working on for a while -- they just think that it was written between the last version we released!

  9) What do you see as the underlining factors for successful emulators or emulation projects ?
  Randy : Lots of persistence! It takes a huge amount of work to write an emulator, and there's never enough time to finish everything you want, and even less time to finish what everyone else wants -- do it because it makes you happy, and because you enjoy the challenge.

Sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's easier knowing that the light is indeed there at all.

  10) Any final words to the 1000s of readers awaiting every new release of your emulator ?
  Randy : GT2, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Tomb Raider 3 :-)

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