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Come and join #bleem for more support

There's a chat room on EFNet called #bleem for even more support than on all the pages. But before you can join you need to prepare some things :
At the beginning, you need a program to access EFNet. The easiest to use program out there is probably mIRC, get version 5.71 here (-1096k-). If you're already an experienced chatter, you might be interested in ircN, a useful addon for mIRC, get version 7.24 here (-372k-).

After you installed and started mIRC, you should come to a screen asking for some informations. Select an EFNet server from your area (check that the server begins with EFNet; [location]). Below the server field, type in your real name, your e-mail adress and the nichname you want to use (many are already used, so better type in a second nick).

Now click on "Connect to IRC server!" and wait until you come to the screen below, which asks you which room you want to join. To get into #bleem, just type "#bleem" in the field on the top and click on "Join".

Now you should find yourself in the chat room. Remember those facts : #bleem ISN'T an official channel from bleem, LLC ! You'll meet beta tester and other friendly people there who can help you, but don't except them to be there all the time !

There are some simple rules in #bleem (like in every other chat room) :

1) No colors, and no bold/underline/reverse messages
2) No repeating : Either nobody knows the answer or your question was stupid
3) Don't ask for betas or warez versions : The channel isn't for trading illegal stuff !
4) Think befor you write something : Also usefull in real life
5) Accept that not everybody is as intelligent as you. If somebody asks something you know, don't talk as if you're the most intelligent chatter out there !

Problems :

When I enter the chatroom I got banned immediately. What did I do wrong ?
Most propably somebody before you using the same Internet service Provider was an asshole and got banned from that room. We're sorry, but to prevent such people from flooding the channel we had to ban the whole domain.

I got the message that I wasn't able to connect to the IRC server.
Select another EFNet server, some are down sometimes. Just try another one and you should be able to enter.

The room is empty ! What's wrong ?
Either you're on a splited server (means the server isn't connected to the others any more) or you're not on EFNet. In both cases, try changing the server !
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