Null's SPU Plugin
     Segu's Toolbox
  We're hosting several other pages here at PSXEmu, which are either dedicated to certain programs or from certain programers. Below is a small summary of the pages. If you'd like to get hosted here at as well, just mail Bobbi.

AdriPSX is a PSX emulator, which follows the row of other PSX emus running commercial games. There're two versions of this neat emulator, although the windows version is a bit "behind" the DOS version, which already kicks ass. Find the page at

Blini! is the first and, resulting through that, the most powerfull editor for bleem!'s ini file. To it's features counts a clean up function, add/remove of ini entries, an online update function which reqularly downloads the latest compatibilty updates from the PSXEmu server. When you add a game entry on your own, blini! also allows you to mail it to the developer automaticly. The latest updates also contained a great speedup to the loading procedure of the program. The homepage, which also features some other nice things related to bleem!, can be found at

Null is another skilled programmer from japan. He also started a plugin for PSEmu. In his case, it's a SPU plugin, which already is in work for some time. The current version already has MANY features and also has a low CPU usage. Although there're still some bugs left, is this a plugin all you PSEmu fans out there should try out. You can visit his homepage, which is mainly written in english and features some informations on the plugin and has some japanese infos (sorry, can't understand it :)) at

This tool is a gameshark addon for bleem!, simular to cheet!. It allows you, to enter cheats the same way you do on real playstations. Since they're even using the same format, you can find thousands of them on those big cheat sides on the web. This tool has already seen several releases and JNS is improving the program itselfas well as the database (which includes the cheats) on a regular base. You can find the homepage with the latest version and database at

Segu is a skilled programmer from japan. He didn't only create plugins for PSEmu (which also run with TheImpact), he also did the best movie player for playstation movies, which can also play audio from many playstation CD's, even if they're in a compressed format. It's highly recommed that you check out his page at to check for new updates.

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