Null2's software mixing audio driver for PSEmu Pro

  Any Windows95/98/2000 or later compatible computer with DirectX 3.0 or later installed and PSEmu Pro v1.0.21 or before.


  • 2020/1/29
    + linear interpolation
    + fixed mono CD-XA
    + added correct timing switch
    + some bug fix
  • Configuration:

    1. minimum edititon
      +Attributes: 22000Hz 16bit
      +buffer length: 50ms
      +block: 2ms
      +correct timing: no
      +use 32bit mixing: no
      +envelope test: no
      +reverb: no
    2. normal edititon
      +Attributes: 22000Hz 16bit
      +buffer length: 40
      +block: 2
      +correct timing: yes
      +use 32bit mixing: yes
      +envelope test: yes
      +reverb: no
    3. my edititon
      +Attributes: 48000Hz 16bit
      +buffer length: 30
      +block: 3
      +correct timing: yes
      +use 32bit mixing: yes
      +envelope test: yes
      +reverb: yes

    Known problems/todo list:

    + to complete loop. (please wait next PSEmu:)
    + more speed
    + to support anti-aliasing
    + to fix some critical bugs(page fault, hanging up)
    + more reliability (currently heavy load gives OS damage)


    From author - Please read in Japanese(^^;