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 Today, PSXEmu is one of the premier PSX emulation sites, updated on a frequent base. On this page, I wanted towrite down HOW PSXEmu was originally founded. To be honest, it was more a random product then a long time project.

One day, when I browsed the web, I saw a request for a file from someone and uploaded it to his FTP. I don't know why, butI left my UIN in the directory, and one day later, the owner contacted me. This was DAN, who became webmaster of the UltraHLE support page some weeks later (BTW - The UltraHLE support page is EmuHQ.com today). DAN became webdesignerand ran the bleem! support as well when they became EmuHQ. But he didn't updated on a frequent base.

I also had a small page at that time, and I first heard about bleem! in february. DAN and I talked a lot about bleem!, if it's reality and all those things the whole emulation scene discussed those days. Then I decided, to adda small bleem! section to my page, and updated it on a daily base - Although nearly nobody visited it :)

One day, I talked with DAN about some news I found, and why he didn't updated his page with it. He got my in contactwith bwb, founder of EmuHQ.com (really nice guy). After a long discussion, I became co-news poster on that page.

That's how I came to http://www.emuhq.com/bleem.I had fun working on that page, and we started to become more succesfull. During the first month, we already reached 8.000 hits. But DAN seemed to loose interrest in running that page, so I took more and more work on it. In 4 monthstime I re-designed the page and MANY sections to the page. But after I added everything I could thought of, I started to get tired about it - Bleem! was really interresting, but I wanted to do more about it and emulation in general.

I thought about creating a bigger project, but couldn't decide for a topic yet, so I wanted towait a bit more. At that time, I also had my first chance to beta test a bleem! version that Randy sent me.This (of course) started to get me interrested again, but I thought that my small support page wasn't enoughyet. So, after weeks of discussions, wrong decissions and so on, I decided to create a general PSX emulationpage, although it still should be mostly related to bleem!. And after even more discussions, I decided toname it after PJ's idea : PSXEmu.com ! And again, after about 1 month of work, on Wednesday, the 6th October,I was finally able to launch PSXEmu. Sadly enough, Zach and bwb, weren't to happy with my leave from EmuHQ ...Well, I guess we got it back to peace today :)

And that's how the first version of http://www.psxemu.comstarted - Still small and with a hard to navigate design, but it was a beginning. People who helped REALLY helpedme with this page (no special order) at that time were PJ, mathew2, DragonYen and Randy - Guess they allmade this possible.

Well, this was the beginning of PSXEmu ... And we were able to work up to become a big PSX emulation page, with more than 100.000 hits a month now. And we're still expanding, so let's see what the future will have for us ...
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