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  Quick info   
  Name :   PSEmu Pro
  First release :   Unknown
  Homepage (host) : (Emulation World)
  Minimum system requirements :   Pentium, 16 MB RAM, 2x CD-Rom, 2 MB VRAM
  Current version (release date) :   1.0.21 Beta released on ??/??/??
  Supported OS's :   Windows 95/98/ME
  Special notes :   PSEmu Pro is what most call the most advanced freeware emu out currently. With it's innovative plugin system, it lives on even after it's discontinuation. The plugins are still updated, and the plugin system has been incorporated into other freeware emus. PSEmu Pro was discontinued due to a leaked beta, which we will NOT provide. PSEmu Pro also requires the PSX BIOS to function.

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