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  PSX emulation is finally starting to grow more and more, the same way N64 emulation did last year. UltraHLE had to proove that good N64 emulation is possible, 4 months later bleem! followed and showed, that it's quite possible to emulate many PSX games at a good speed on todays PC's. Although PSEmu Pro already showed this some months before, bleem! was the first PSX emulator with such a wide compatibilty.

But there aren't only windows compatible PSX emulators. Although all free emulators for other platforms don't play commercial games yet, the money you'll have to invest to be able to play PSX games on the Macintosh might be well worth it.

Right now, this section isn't very advanced, but we're already working to get more screenshots, compatibility reports, usefull tipcs and interviews with the authors online with you, so make sure to check back regularly here. When we forgot to list an emulator here, you can always mail us and we'll add it here ASAP (but please don't report emus like PSX'98, they're just dead and wouldn't have much use).
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