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Wish Technologies' Adaptoid

February 18, 2020 - By mathew2

Recently there has been a large influx of controller adaptors released by various companys, some well known for their accessories for various systems, others are start up companys. From this group of start up companys, we look at the 'Adaptoid' from Wish Technologies, a USB controller adaptor for N64 controllers.

It doesn't look like much but offers a lot of features unavailable on other competitors devices.

When the Adaptoid arrived I was quite surprised, being unable to actually see the item before receiving it, and by looking at the pictures on the wishtech website, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The inards of the adaptoid are nice also, a nice smt board, not a big mess of wires.

The adaptoid came in a small hard box, with the unit itself wrapped with bubblewrap. Often companies are packaging items very poorly and a customer can often have to return the goods to the manufacturer for replacement. Wish Technologies seems to have realised that the post services around the world throw our stuff around like trash, and packaged the adaptoid well. This is especially reassuring for international customers who, being one myself, know what its like to receive bad goods.

There have been quite a few USB N64 controller adaptors, and many of them had flaws. Some didnt work with all the buttons, none worked with the rumble pak, and none worked with the controller pak. Wish Technologies has ended all this by supporting all of those features!

The setup of the adaptoid is simple. For use of the Adaptoid the user must be using Windows 98 only. For normal operations, just plug it into your USB port and windows takes care of the rest. When I was installing the adaptoid I was prompted for the windows98SE CD. Once I inserted the disc windows copied the files it needed and that was it. I quickly headed for the control panel to see how it had installed itself, and as expected all buttons were showing and the axis. The standard calibration needed no tweeking as Wishtech promises on their website.

If you would like to use the advanced features of the adaptoid, you need to download some special drivers from the Wish Technologies Website. The drivers come in a self extracting zip archive, once I extracted the drivers, I followed the instructions in the readme.txt. The driver installed fine and place a small icon on my desktop which when clicked brought up a explorer window showing the status of the adatoid, and any files contained in the memory cards in the adaptoid. These files are stored in a custom format and can be dragged and dropped on the hard drive of the users PC. I have 2 4 page memory cards, one from interact, and one from Gamester which has a built in no batteries rumble pak. The interact card worked fine, but the memory card on the gamester refused to work with the adaptoid reporting it as a rumble pak. If you are planning on buying an adaptoid, I recommend you dont buy the gamester, the original Nintendo Pak assures compatibility. The Rumble part of the Gamester pak worked fine though, without hitch. If a rumble pak is present when you click this icon a rumble pak appears for the status.

The rumble function works for games with Direct X Force feedback operations, so I was unable to test this function with Bleem! although the N64 controller itself worked fine with Sony's games! I tested the rumble function using a copy of Star Wars Episode One Racer. Wishtech modified the performance of the Direct X force feedback because this sensation was originally intended for the vibration of the the actual joystick on pc controllers, therefore there maybe some problems with certain games. I didn't experience any.

The adaptoid is available exclusively from Wish Technologies Website and they ship worldwide. The adaptoid is a easy to use controller adaptor supporting all functions of the n64 controller. The product isn't cheap for what it is at $30, but it works well, and is quality made. Also remember it might not work with all your 3rd part mempaks and rumble paks's. This product comes recommended and worked fine on all programs i tested. The adaptoid gets 4/5 b!'s.

Quick facts

The Adaptoid - Now $29.95


High quality
Many features, including Force Feedback
Easy setup


High price


Although it's priced a bit high, the Adaptoid is a well-made product, supporting all features you expected.

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