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Bio Hazard 3

 Background infos

Background info :
One of the big mysteries in Capcom's Resident Evil 2 was what happened to the cast from the original title, such as Chris Redfield, Barry Burton, and Jill Valentine. In RE3, you learn the answers. You play Jill, who enters the picture likely around the time the good citizens of Raccoon City start turning into zombies. Yes, that means the game's set before RE2, but it also takes place after it too. Confused? Let's explain. Having returned from Resident Evil's T-Virus incident at the mansion on the outskirts of town, Jill, Chris, and Barry found that no one on the force believed them. This was partly due to the fact that all the evidence was blown up when the house exploded and partly to the corrupt police chief being on the sinister Umbrella corporation's payroll. Frustrated, Chris set off for the Umbrella HQ in Europe to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Jill resigned from the S.T.A.R.S. force and was just about to leave town when G-Virus zombies and the other creatures of RE2 invade. That's where you come in, but that's just the start. Halfway through the game, Jill is rendered unconscious and, from there, you'll get to play as another character. Enter the tough as nails Brazilian mercenary Carlos Oliveira, who must get a cure and save Jill (let's just say she's "sick") so that she can continue on her quest. Once she regains consciousness, the time frame of the game is set 24 hours after the events in Resident Evil 2.

Smarter Artificial intellegence. example Nemesis is faster, smarter, and can follow you through doors. Another example is that zombies don't always wander, they may be up against walls playing dead, then they strike. Zombies take more bullets. Due to the fact that they are still new and fresher zombies, they can take the punishment Zombies on screen have increased. Some of the screens show many more zombies, ranging from 7 to ten. The ability to revisit old haunts. You get the chance to go back to rpd head quarters from Resident evil 2 The ability to walk with weapon drawn. A plus if you need to react fast. Larger areas to discover, a sense of more freedom. New places include under ground, a warehouse and a bar More places out doors to discover. More complicated puzzles. Much more detailed prerendered back grounds. 180 degree turns. play the game 24 hours before, and after resident evil 2. The true bad ass, nemesis is the new evil in town.-thanks umbrella corp.

The main hero of the game. She has been the main charcter once before, in resident evil 1. She has resigned from S.T.A.R.S. after no one would believe what occured at that mansion in Raccoon city(this occured because all the evidence was destroyed, partly because of the rpd police chief being payed off by umbrella corp.). She decided to pack up and leave the city, that is before strange things began happening-you guessed it zombies. (this occurs around the time of Claire, and leon's adventure in resident evil2).

Chicken Heart a.k.a Brad Vickers
He was the S.T.A.R.S pilot in Resident evil1, he is really chicken shit, because he feels that he is a coward and proved it at the start of resident evil1. Last we saw him as a secret zombie in resident evil2, BH3 will show his ultimate fate, how he becomes a zombie.

Carlos Oliveira
A charcter that you will actually control in the middle of the game, who has to help Jill in a certain way. Carlos is actually a member of the UBC ( Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure force) a special team sent into racoon city by those bastards at Umbrella corp. to save any survivors. The UBC is actually clueless of the whole umbrella/virus' situation.

The guy kinda looks like the cop that helped out Leon/Claire in the 2nd resident evil. That guy was cool, you knew he would become a zombie, but you didnt care. Anybody who survived after all his friends and fellow cops die deserves to be called one tough mofo. BH3 will probably show what happens to him.

Michael Victor
Part of the UBC with carlos, a russian-he plays only a supporting role.

Nicholai Zinoviev
A part of the UBC with carlos and Michael, a russian- plays a supporting role.
Product of Umbrella corperation. He is one ugly dude, he wheres a black coat like those hellraiser aliens. He has a bazooka and drops by at the most inapropriate moments. he is as fast as humans and can follow Jill into other rooms. His only objective is to kill, thats why he has that Bazooka with unlimited ammo.

Other Tyrant
If capcom doesnt give any information on the "other" tyrant then you know that this guy is going to be big. I hope they send him in a crate via helicopter like Mr. X

Game motivation

 Graphic rating

This game has awesome qraphics!! It works near perfect on bleem except that some background textures are darker than others. The speed is great and the videos play very well. Overall this game looks near perfect on bleem!



 Sound rating

The sound in that game is really cool!! It gives you the feeling that you are in danger. Sometimes the voices became crappy and you canīt understand what Jill is saying as in other games too. But the rest of the sound works perfect. Itīs always good to hear if a zombie is on the way to you... it seems that zombies have sweatfeet !!

Sound rating

 Final word

A really cool game which lets you kill all kind of monsters. You have much fun while playing and you always get scared when a monster jumbs into a window or stands beside you suddenly ! It works almost perfect. Some little graphical fixes here and there and itīs really perfect !!

b! rating
VGS rating

Quick facts

Bio Hazard 3 - Last escape
Order for 44.99$

 b! rating
 VGS rating

Great atmosphere
Kickass gameplay
Fast and clean graphics

background music is bad

The sequel of the great horror adventure serie show once again how keen the makers at capcom are - A must for every horror fan.

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