Everglide LAP review done by mathew2 for PSXEmu.com.

To get your own Everglide LAP mousepad click here.

Recently I have been reading about mouspepads, and reading many reviews of the Everglide Large Attack Pad aka "LAP". So I decided to get one over to my place for reviewing.

It's avaible with different logos on it. The first is kept in simple white, the second is black and the third has a kickass Q3 logo on it. The LAP costs between 13$ and 19$.

This mouse pad is incredibly hard and often described as a plastic chopping board material, and yes thatís exactly what it seems to be, but I donít suggest you slice your bread with it;)

Shaped so that you can get your hand in the lower arc, enabling you to sweep the mouse from side to side, which is very good for gaming. The mice used for the review with the pad were as follows: Having just had the Logitech mouse delivered, as I was about to write the review delayed things a bit, I will now describe how each mouse performed with this board. Others describtions will follow here soon.

Microsoft Intellimouse Pro PS2
Seemed fine to use with the LAP pad, but seemed to scrape on the pad a little harshly, causing the mouse to be a little less free moving.

Logitech Cordless Wheelman Pro
Very silky smooth operation on this pad, this mouse and pad combination really is something special. The only problem encountered as was I was getting used to the mouse the increased size on this relatively small mousepad caused a few riding over the edges problems.

This mousepad will certainly last, and should prolong the life of the mouse by being washable easily causing less build up of debris in the mechanism of the mouse. Plastic of the pad seems of a nice quality but donít expect the printed Everglide logo to last to long. The pad isnít very high and caused no aggravation to the wrists occurred, due to it sporting nicely chamfered edges.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • smooth
  • Exact steering
  • Logo comes off easily
  • Some mice scrape badly on the pad.

  • Result :
    Especially for gamers the Everglide LAP is a MUST ! Target your enemies faster in 3D shooters, steer your units better in strategy games. If you pay 30$ for a mouse to get more chances, you should also spend about 15$ for this one ! For more informations, reviews and also online ordering head over to Everglide.com !