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Everglide Giganta Pad

February 20, 2020 - By mathew2

Following on from our previous Everglide LAP Review we now review Everglide's latest and greatest mousepad, the 'Everglide Giganta'.

Looks a lot like the last one, but the new greatly increased size is definitely advantageous.

When the Giganta arrived the first thing that startled me was the colour, this bright blue is a limited edition colour which looks quite smart in my setup. The limited edition colour is sold for $21, while the other colour available, black, sells for a cheaper price of $18.95. The Giganta is made from a resin and therefore can be bent slightly, but only when using pretty excessive force. When your Giganta arrives there's a good chance you will have to put it over your knee to straighten it out so it doesn't wobble on the desk.

The Giganta was packaged in a Jiffy bag and is pretty much unbreakable in the post.

During testing I refrained from using all my mice as I didn't see much point, the mouse used for testing is unquestionably the best mouse i have ever seen, Razer's BoomSlang 2000. Watch out for a review of that product soon on PSXEmu.com.

The Giganta has 5 small rubber circles on the bottom placed around the pad to stop it moving on its target surface. The giganta was much better than the LAP in this respect. The heavier properties of the pad ensured that the pad didn't move at all during testing. This is important when playing games, when the mousepad is moving, the user has no control.

The size of the Giganta is definitely overkill for the maximum sensitivity setting of the Boomslang although this is not a bad thing. One problem with the LAP and my old Logitech Cordless Wheelman Pro is that even on the highest sensitivity setting often i could feel the mouse creeping over the edge of the board. Once this happens the angle of the mouse alters causing the mouse ball to loose contact with the pad. This was quite an important improvement with the Giganta.

The accuracy that was possible with this mousepad was excellent. The increased size and weight only proved to make the Everglide product a better one. The pad is excellent in all applications. I used the pad in most situations that you will find yourself in including CAD, Games, Word Processing, Graphic Design and it proved itself in every genre.

The logo on the Giganta is much smaller than the previous product from Everglide, which is another plus. I found that where the logo was last time caused the mouse not to have such a good contact with the pad. Also the logo soon disappeared from the pad through use of the mousepad.

The Giganta is available from Everglide's Website and they ship worldwide. The Giganta is a far superior product to a cloth mousepad, or for that matter a LAP pad, and is worth the extra money. The product isn't cheap for what it is at $21.95, but it works well, and is quality made. The giganta is the first product to be reviewed here at PSXEmu.com that gets 5/5 b!'s.

Quick facts

Everglide Giganta - Now $16.95


Increased size and weight
No pad-moving/wobbling
Smaller logo


Fairly high price


The Everglide Giganta mousepad proves to be far superior to the 'regular' mousepad you may have right now. The Giganta certainly comes recommended !

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