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Smartjoy USB Adapter

December 3, 2020 - By Bobbi

F irst off, what is the USB SmartJoy ? It's a simple to use adapter, which allows you to use a PSX controller with your PC. The advantage is easy to see : You can finally play your emulated PSX games with the kickass PSX controller (in my opinion still one of the best avaible). And it becomes even better now : The joystick also allows you to play your normal PC games with it without getting any additional tools or drivers.

The USB Smartjoy is avaible in two packets : One only includes the adapter and the driver disc and is priced at 27.5 Euro (25 USD). The other one includes the adapter, the driver disc and a Double Shock PSX joypad and is priced at 44,3 Euro (38 USD).


A big plus point for the USB Smartjoy is the easy installation. You simply plug the adapter into the USB port (you can even do this while the PC is running) and the PC automaticly finds it. It asks you for the driver disks, copy some files and is already ready to go then.

This is the adapter itself. The red light signales that a PSX controller is connected correctly.

Now you simply have to plug the controller into the adapter. When windows already installed all drivers, nothing else is required!

And this is how it should look when you're finished.

First steps

After the easy installation, you'll of course try your new joypad. When you first run bleem!, there's a small dissapointment because bleem! doesn't have an auto config for this adapter yet, what means you have to config the buttons yourself. This is a bit difficult since the direction keys are buttons like the Circle and the Square, so you have to try around a bit. A big help is the button assignment in the system configuration, Input devices ! To help you, I made a screenshot of my configuration when it finally worked for me !

The correct bleem! configuration setup for the Smartjoy adapter.

This is the configuration I found after some time.

After finally getting the adapter working, you can see how great the PSX joypad really is ! Especially in emulators, but also in other programs it's a simple to use controller which allows easy control. The only bad points are the complex configuration in bleem! and that it doesn't support the dual shock functions. On the good site stands a fair price, an easy configuration and a kickass function :), so I'll give it 4/5 b!'s.

Quick facts

Smartjoy USB Adapter - Now $29.95


PSX Controller for your PC !
Easy setup
Great Performance


bleem! configuration quite difficult
No Dual Shock support


Aside from a few dissapointments, the Smartjoy adapter works great and is still one of the best adapters on the market.

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