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  Name :   Sope
  First release :   20/9/2020
  Homepage (host) : (EmulationHQ)
  Minimum system requirements :   X-Windows, Mesa
  Current version (release date) :   0.03.1 released on 05/09/99
  Supported OS's :   Linux
  Special notes :   Currently the only Linux-based PSX emu, runs demos.
  Files :   Binary
  File size :   Binary : 40k
  Downloads so far :   Binary : 1106 times
  Misc. Demos
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  1) Who are you and where are you from ?
  SaD : My nickname is SaD and I'm from Lausanne, Switzerland (french-speaking part).
  2) How did you get involved with emulation ?
  SaD : Three years ago, I switched to Linux to get rid of my nervous breakdowns caused by Windows crashes. I was very happy with it, until I wanted to play some games. Salvation came from Marat Fayzullin's VGB emulator, followed by a few others like UAE and Snes9x... very nice programs indeed. I was simply thrilled by the fact that with a single program, a whole new world was accessible under my favorite OS. And, one day, I decided to take an active part to the emulation movement.
  3) What do you think of the current status of the emulation scene ?
  SaD : To be frank, I don't know much about a big part of the emulation scene, i.e. Windows-based emulators of non-PSX machines. I'm only interested in PSX emulators (of course) and Unix-based ones. Concerning this last category, I'm delighted by the fact that almost all old (>3 years) machines are emulated under Linux/Unix, except the Atari ST :-(. And more modern consoles emulators are on their way with Sope and TrueReality, so the future looks quite bright.
  4) How do you see the emulation scene now, and how do you think it will progress in the current months ?
  SaD : The emulation scene is now very dynamic, and I think it will stay so for a long time. However, with new machines like the PS-2 and the DreamCast being released (and probably emulated in the near future), emulation will become more and more "high-level", closer to Wine than to Snes9x... I guess the fun in emulator programming will still be present, but at another level.
  5) What do you think of the recent law suites against Connectix and bleem, inc. and how do you think they will affect the emulation scene ?
  SaD : I don't really care, because I always considered emulation as a hobby and an interesting challenge. The problems other programmers may have by seeking profit are not of my concern (although I find the move made by Sony a bit useless, as I don't see any threat for them....). I'm more concerned with the lawsuit made to the DeCSS author...
  6) How did your current project get started ?
  SaD : Two years ago, I decided to start a big project, that will fuel my interest in programming for a while. Emulation was an obvious choice, because it has a very precise goal to achieve with a wide range of means, and that's exactly what I wanted. The Playstation came to my mind for many reasons:
  • It is CDROM-based
  • The games' quality are nearly on par with the current standards
  • The 3d aspect should enable the emulator to even improve the quality of the games (with bilinear filtering, enhanced resolution...)
And, last but not least, it would be useful to the Linux community...
  7) What's the status of your current project ?
  SaD : It's on the move again after a long period of inactivity (due to other occupations and other interests). I open-sourced the project last September to boost its development, but it took a while for other developers to contact me (there are now 2-3 other people contributing to the project). We are still needing help from other people, so if you're a PSX guru or just want to have fun programming, contact us. Sope now plays most demos, with experimental sound support. Software and OpenGL renderers should be completed quite soon (there are some lacking features in each of them).
  8) What can we expect from your project in the future ?
  SaD : CD-ROM emulation should be the next logic step. Then, games will be playable, and I guess it will then attract exponential attention from the public, including developers. A reasonable expectation is to see a development acceleration as soon as this is complete.
  9) What do you see as the underlining factors for successful emulators or emulation projects ?
  SaD : Being featured in Slashdot... and receiving more thank you mails than complaints-requests...
  10) Any final words to the 1000s of readers awaiting every new release of your emulator ?
  SaD : The next official release will hopefully bring a lot of interesting changes for all of you. In the mean time, you could set free the hacker inside you and try to participate to the project.

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