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     VGS Review
  After many lawsuits, Connectix finally was able to release the Virtual Gamestation for Windows. Before that, VGS already has been released on the Macintosh - And although it's much easier to program for the Macintosh (windows is a real pain in the ass) Connectix ported it successfully to windows. Virtual Gamestation features all important emulator features like MDEC, input devices, Sound, music and so on. And the best : VGS does this pretty well. MDEC's are running perfect, Sound is synched and playing clear and the input is easy to config.

As for the system specs, VGS varies very much (understandable on a system like the PSX). As a minimum, a PII 266 or any PC in that class is recommed; many games will run good on this configuration. Recommed is a PII 400 with a fast video card - Everything above is usefull.

On the bad side, VGS doesn't enhance the graphic at all - It plays many games exactly as the PSX does. But this feature might be added later. In s/w mode, VGS is a great utility with a high compatibilty for many games. When the games runs, there're nearly no graphic glitches, only some games seem to crash from time to time.

VGS is available in many north American shops as well as online directly from You might also want to try out other online stores as they'll cary it soon as well. The price varies a bit, but you should get the US version for < 30$ and the international version for < 50$ !
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